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I've got some things to explain about this story, first is that all the guys live in america (Ryou's british but moved to america) but i'm using japanese name because they sound so much cooler than the dub names (Katsuya sounds so much better than Joey in my opinion lol). Finally is that all the places they visit throughout the story are real, however some of them I haven't been to for years and years so they may not be completely accurate (I've tried to make them accurate but i'm relying on the internet (which wasn't helpful) and my fuzzy memories lol). Oh and the title will probably make sense later in the story...maybe, I've only got to chapter 10 and am nowhere near the end lol...and the yamis have their own bodies.

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Warnings (again, apply to all chapters): some OOC-ness (probably), shounen-ai (Seto/Jou, there are some hints of Yami/Yugi and Ryou/Bakura, however they are so subtle not even I would be able to tell they were there unless I had them pointed out to me, they might get more focus later on) and some swearing sometimes (not in all chapters)


Chapter 1

It was 5AM on a Friday in March. The morning was dark, cold and the air was filled with an annoying light misty rain.

Seto Kaiba's limo pulled up in front of the school, people were mulling around in small groups busy chatting to each other.

A very annoyed looking Seto got out the limo, walked around to the boot and pulled out his suitcase. He'd learnt from experience that travelling long distances in trench coats was highly uncomfortable and that buckles tended to set off metal detectors in airports which led to highly embarrassing situations, so he was wearing a navy blue t-shirt, a fine, black cashmere v-necked jumper, straight cut, dark jeans and smart black shoes.

The stupid school thought it was a good idea to send the entire year group (consisting of two classes of 25) off to England and make them spend two weeks in a castle probably doing things to 'improve their friendship'. It sounded like something Anzu would come up with.

After 15 minutes of hanging around in the cold they were finally let onto the coach which would take them to the airport.

"Everyone please sit in alphabetical order!" Mr Ransire, an old, skeletal, bald and incredibly boring history teacher who was also the form tutor of the other class, told them as they climbed up the steps into the coach.

The first impression of the coach was brown, the seats where brown, as was the floor and the ceiling and the over head lockers. Even the driver seemed to be brown! The bus stank of a mixture of sweaty feet and cigarette smoke.

Great, Seto thought as he got on and sat in a seat near the middle of the bus next to the window, the bus is colder than outside. He gazed out the window the realised his seat was slightly damp. What the hell! He thought and looked around to see where the water could be coming from, then he saw the window was leaking and the water was running down the glass right onto his seat, well leg at the moment, but before he had sat down it had been drenching his seat. He was about to stand up to find another seat, but realised someone had sat next to him, "What are you doing Mutt?"

"We have to sit next to each other," Katsuya Jounouchi said, not looking happy about the seating arrangement "you at the start of 'K' and I'm at the end of 'J', therefore we have to sit next to each other."

"Great," Seto muttered sarcastically as he pushed himself as close to the dripping window as possible.

"I don't have fleas you know!"

"I'm not willing to take the risk."

"Why do you always have to act like you're better than me?!"

"Because I am better than you, Mutt, live with it," Seto hissed turning to look out the window again.

The reason for them to sit in alphabetical order soon became clear, the teachers had obviously realised that the year group would be so noisy that they couldn't get the register done. So by sitting everyone that way meant that they could easily find out who was there and hand out the cards, which informed the student of their room at the castle.

Jounouchi glanced over at Kaiba's card and cursed under his breath when he saw they were in the same room.

"I wonder what we'll be doing," Jounouchi said more to himself than to Kaiba, who was busy ignoring him.

To his surprise Kaiba answered, "something pointless," he sounded exhausted, I don't want to go on this stupid trip to England, well I guess it's my fault we're going, but that's not the point! He thought bitterly.

Neither Jounouchi nor Seto talked during the rest of the drive to the airport. Seto spent most of it staring out the window watching the miles of road zoom past listening to his ipod, which was on full volume to try and drown out the incredibly annoying music the driver was insisting on blasting through the coach's speakers.

After a couple of hours they reached Domino City airport, after 30 minutes of dragging the suitcases off the coach and general messing around as the teachers handed out plane tickets and everyone tried to find their passports they had to face the worst part of air travel, check in.

I hate check in! Seto thought as he waited, his feet hurt from standing up for so long, I bought a private jet so I would have to bother going through this torture. Looking around at the rest of his class mates he saw they were all as bored as he was, most were sitting on their suitcases or on the luggage trolleys, listening to music or playing on portable games consoles. No one was talking much; they all seemed too exhausted from their long coach drive and early start. Seto's eyes fell on Jounouchi who was sitting on one of the trolleys with Yugi Motou; both were fast asleep, leaning against each other so not to fall over. He looks kind of cute when he's asleep...hang on; why the hell did I just think that? Stop thinking stupid thoughts, Seto cursed himself and looked away.

There was a small cheer as the first member of the year group reached the check in desk and after about 20 minutes the whole year was checked in and heading to the next thing airports had invented purely to make travelling by plane hellish, security.

"I hate going through security," Ryou groaned as they waited in the queue.

"Why?" Katsuya, who had never flown anywhere before, asked.

"Because I always get bleeped," he replied sighing, "and then get searched."

"Are you excited about going back to England?" Yami asked Ryou, who nodded enthusiastically.

"He hasn't shut up about it since we got the letter," Bakura sighed, wrapping his arm around his hikari, Ryou blushed.

"When I lived there I lived in London," Ryou said, "but we'll be going to Northumberland, which is next to Scotland."

"Cool," Honda said, yawning.

A few moments later Katsuya burst out laughing, "Kaiba's being searched," he said through his laughter and pointing through the metal detectors to Kaiba, who was looking extremely embarrassed but was trying to cover it by giving everyone around him death glares. Apparently Kaiba was the first person in the year to get bleeped by the metal detectors, and the rest of the year giggled as the search was finished and Kaiba stormed off to the departure lounge.

To his immense surprise Ryou didn't get bleeped as he went through the metal detector, although this was because he had taken off nearly everything with metal in them and out them through the x-ray machine. Bakura wasn't so lucky and was bleeped and searched, during which the security guards found that the metal detector had been set off by the many buckles on his leather boots.

"Are you okay 'Kura?" Ryou asked as his yami stomped up to him.

"The next person who searches me is getting a one way trip to the shadow realm," he hissed in reply.

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