The First Time

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Dean – 7 Sammy – 3

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Dean bounced excitedly by the back door of Pastor Jim's house, as he watched the older man help Sammy into his winter gear. They'd been staying that the pastor's home for the last couple of days, dad was gone but had promised to by back by Christmas. As impatient as Dean was to see his dad again, he'd awoken to a wonderful surprise that morning.

Sammy looked at him with bright wide eyes, "There you go Sammy," Jim said with a warm smile as he pulled a warm hat onto Sammy's head.

"Are you ready?" Dean asked his little brother, reaching out a mitten covered hand.

Jim slowly stood, and stepped over to the door, "Stay near the house boys," he warned opening the door for them.

"We will," Dean assured seriously, before heading out side with Sammy hot on his heels.

"Wow…" Sammy said breathlessly, looking out over the winter wonderland.

Dean felt just as amazed, it was their first time seeing snow, at least this much of it. Dean had never seen more than the lightest layering of the white stuff, and Sammy wouldn't even have memories of that. Together they rushed out onto the pristine lawn easily falling into the soft powder. Large flakes continued to fall from the grey sky above.

Sammy laughed as he tried to walk through the deep drifts of snow, falling continually onto his hands and knees. Dean moved to help his little brother back to his feet, before they both fell back onto the blanket of snow laughing. Picking up a handful Dean squished it in his hand, and found that his became a tight ball sticking to parts of his mittens.

"What to build a snowman?" Dean asked his little brother, already sitting up to gather more snow for his ball.

"Frosty!" Sam replied excitedly, clearly remembering the movie Jim had showed them last night as he gather snow to make his own ball.

Dean couldn't wait for dad to come home and see what they'd made.

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