Title : My Dear Devotion

Summary : Kairi returns after five years. Many things have changed. While Amu is losing somebody close to her, she seems to be getting closer to somebody else. Kamuri - KairixAmu

Rating : Teen

Warnings : Possible (Multiple?) Character Deaths

Disclaimer : Shugo Chara! does not belong to me. Peach Pit, TV Tokyo, and Satelight are the responsible license holders. This is just a work of fiction :D

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Chapter One

A lot can change in five years.

That was all Kairi had thought as he strolled casually down Amu's street, slowly approaching her house. He still had Musashi with him, as he glanced his way and forced a smile. His parents had finally agreed for him to live with his sister, who has been married to Yuu Nikaidou for two years now. See? Many things can change over the course of five years. Kairi had spent this time training to become a man, and Musashi claimed he had certainly become one. He fought not just to have excitement in his life, but to defend good people. He spent a lot of time working out, giving him a new slightly muscular build and a bit more height on him. And yet, he was still the same Kairi. The Kairi who overanalyzed many things, the Kairi who wore glasses and got embarrassed easily, and the Kairi who was still in love with Hinamori Amu.

Amu and Kairi had kept in touch a little bit over the past five years. They frequently sent letters back and forth and called each other once in a blue moon, but that was about it. Kairi claimed this was for two reasons. The first one was that Amu did have a life, and he didn't want to interfere in it to much. The second one was because he didn't want to sound so pushy. Yet, Amu had always been on his mind. He just hoped it wasn't too late to steal her heart.

He reached reluctantly towards the buzzer, but since he was a 'man', he rang it without hesitation.

"Yes? This is the Hinamori residents. Who might this be?"

Amu's mother? Amu's sister? Amu herself? He couldn't tell.

"Um, this is Kairi Sanjou. I actually moved away when I was in the fourth grade. I'm here to see Amu,"

"Ah, Kairi, the first person who confessed to Amu-chan right? Let me get her. You can come right in."

The door opened to reveal Amu's mother. She smiled at him and held open the door. Once they were inside she gestured to the couch. Kairi just shook his head though and stood by the shoe rack.

First person? You don't mean to tell me there were more after..?


Kairi recognized that silly nickname of his and immediately snapped out of his trance. He stared at Amu with a smile. Five years really did bring a lot of change.

"A-Amu. You look beautiful.."

Amu blushed and made Kairi sit down and put on some slippers.

"Y-You look nice too. Have you finally become a man?"

Kairi nodded as he quickly got up and stood in front of Amu. It seemed that even if she was two years older, he still had the height advantage.

"I've been wanting to see you. I'm living with my sister and brother-in-law Nikaidou at the moment. And I'll be enrolling in your high school next week."

Amu looked fairly surprised, but even Kairi could see the hints of happiness on her face.

"Really?! That's amazing, Iinchou. I mean, Kairi. Come with me up to my room."

Amu lead Kairi by the hand up into her room. Even after these five years, this was the first time Kairi had stepped foot into a girl's room besides his mother's and sister's. The first thing that caught his eye was the bracelet he had given her so many years ago.

"You still have that thing?"

Amu laughed and slipped it on.

"Yeah.. It reminds me of Elementary School. Back when things were so simple.."

"A-Amu, what are you talking about? When things were simple?"

Amu looked into Kairi's eyes with a tint of sadness glowing in them.

"Yes. You see, since this is my last year of High School, soon my dreams will come true and I'll loose my charas. Ikuto and Utau have both lost theirs already, and I think I will be soon. Ran and the others are out right now, to try and get away from it all. They're growing sadder and sadder with every day because soon they won't be here anymore.."

Kairi nodded every once in awhile, afraid to interrupt Amu's story.

Finally, he took her hand and softly stroked it. The gesture was shocking, even for Kairi as he said.

"Just remember, that I still love you. Even if you have already found another man, even if your wedding day was tomorrow. I will always love you."

Amu blushed a bit as she eyed her hand intertwined in Kairi's.

"Well I did go out with Tadase for two years, but we broke up three years ago. It was due to Ikuto.. Apparently he was jealous of us and he sneakily got closer to me, telling Tadase that I wasn't interested in him anymore. That wasn't the truth, at the time. Tadase and I have already moved on, our relationship just a thing of the past. At least for me. I'm not too sure about Tadase.."

Kairi knew he didn't want the answer to the next question, but he asked it anyway.

"Amu, tell me honestly, what's your relationship with Ikuto?"

"He calls me his girlfriend. Well called is more like it.."

"I don't understand Amu, what are you talking about?"

Amu's eyes suddenly became engulfed with her own tears as she held Kairi close.

"He forgot about me, Kairi. He forgot about what we shared. All those years together are lost. Kairi, Ikuto is dying and there's nothing I can do about it."

A/N : Poor Ikuto TTTT. Sorry that I'm maybe killing Ikuto off D: Who knows? Maybe part of Kairi becoming a 'man' has to do with putting Amu's sake before his own. I don't even know yet xD. Please R&R Chapter two coming soon 8D