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"Chuck..." Blair moaned roughly into his ear as her body writhed beneath him. She needed him inside of her now, and yet she had to stop him.

"Chuck, no you've got to stop. Someone might walk in," Blair pleaded unconvincingly.

"Shh. No one's coming. They know better," Chuck said as he took her mouth with his own and kissed her wildly. His lips were warm and wet, soft and hard. He angled her head perfectly and attacked her with his lips and tongue. The man was made to kiss her. He drove her insane with only his lips.

"Chuck, I don't think Dorota would be too happy if she found out we were doing this only a few hours after I got released from the hospital."

"Please. Dorota knows better than to come up here. I think everyone has seen me walking around with an erection for the past three days. I've been dying to get you in bed for some time now, and no one, not even Dorota, will dare mess with me," Chuck said more seriously than Blair expected.

Blair let out a small laugh. She could feel his penis throbbing against her thigh. Chuck was dead serious.

"You've been feigning for this too, Waldorf. Admit it," Chuck said as he began to undo the buttons of Blair's shirt.

Blair only managed to moan in pleasure as his hand cupped her breasts over her bra. Chuck licked his lips in anticipation as he slid off her shirt and unclasped her bra. Staring down at her, Chuck's eyes filled with a hot lust as his head shot forward and claimed her anxious nipple into his mouth.

Blair groaned.

Chuck moaned.

He nipped, sucked and licked on her breasts, working diligently on one before moving to the other. Blair squirmed and gasped, tangling her fingers in his hair as he brought her close to orgasm by simply sucking on her breasts.

She needed more.

"Oh, God, Chuck. More," she begged as she pulled his head up and looked into his dark eyes. Chuck smirked seductively as he slid his hand around her butt to cup her. Pulling her closer to him, he ground his hips against hers and let out a primal growl as his aching erection made contact with that soft, warm part of her he wanted to ravage.

Carrying her wrapped around his waist to the bed, Chuck removed her skirt and panties.

"Should I do the honors, or do you want to?" he asked as he reached for his shirt buttons.

"You. Go. Quickly." Blair could hardly speak, too overwhelmed with the heat coursing through her body. She was wet. Hot. Ready to feel him deep inside of her.

Chuck needed no more instruction. He ripped his shirt off and removed his slacks and underwear in one swift motion. Blair sat up on the bed when she spotted him naked before her. He was beautiful. Gorgeous. And incredibly hard.

Slowly, she extended her small hands and wrapped them around his dick. Chuck sucked in his breath and hissed at the contact. Smiling softly, Blair leaned forward and took him in her mouth. He was warm and hard between her lips, and he tasted of his unique Chuckness. She missed having this with him. She felt him shift beneath her as her tongue began to tease the tip of his penis. Her lips sucked and pulled on him until she felt him grab her shoulders and push her back. Looking up, she saw the desperation in his eyes and knew he no longer wanted to wait.

Which was perfect. Because neither did she.

"Move. Lay back." Blair would normally take offense at being ordered about. But this was Chuck. And she'd be a fool to protest when they were both so close to be satisfied. Besides, she liked when he got a little rough in the bedroom.

Laying back on the bed, Blair opened her legs as Chuck climbed onto the bed. Staring down at her before moving closer, Chuck ran his hands up her thigh and stopped right before reaching her warmth. Blair's breath caught. She couldn't breath. Couldn't move. All she could focus on was the heated trail traced by his fingers. His hands moved upward still, leaving her with an unquenched desire as he wrapped his hand behind her neck and laid atop her an kissed her. As his mouth penetrated her own with his tongue, he nudged himself forward and in one quick thrust, impaled himself to the hilt.

Blair's screams were muffled by his mouth as he continued to kiss her and coddle her until her body relaxed and accepted him within her. He began to move as he felt her walls flutter and widen. He wasn't slow. He wasn't cautious. He moved fast and desperate. He had needed her for so long. The turmoil of what they'd gone through in the past few weeks made the contact with each other all the more special. She was back in his life and she was alive. They had gotten another chance to be together and he was not going to let her go.

Blair began to move anxiously beneath him, her body bucking and thrusting, her hips ramming and lifting against his. She's lost all control, lost all inhibitions. He loved when he brought that side out of her. She was no longer Blair Cornelia Waldorf. She was only a woman who had found the most exquisite of pleasures in the arms of her man.

"Oh, God. Oh, God," Blair screamed as she felt herself reaching a climax.

Chuck felt like praying too, but for patience. He wanted and needed to hold on. He couldn't let go yet. He wanted to enjoy this moment as much as possible. Slowing down, he attempted to draw back only to have Blair's nails bite into his back.

"No, no, no! What the hell do you think you're doing?!" She was frantic and she sounded crazed, but she didn't care. She needed to lose herself in him. Now. Right now.

"Baby, if you don't slow down, I'm going to bust any second," Chuck tried to rationalize as her nails increased the starving sensation in his body.

"I don't care. Come. I want you to. Come with me," Blair panted as her hips began the same intense motion that he'd abandoned seconds ago. "Please, Chuck," she whispered seductively, "come inside of me."

He lost it then. Ramming hard and fast, Chuck took her body like a man possessed. His grip slipped and slid as he took her savagely. Blair screamed out in pleasure as she attempted to match his pace. They were frantic. They mated like animals. And finally they found the sweet release in their bodies.

She was home. She was alive. She was with the man she loved.

"I love you."

She smiled. He said it so easily lately. Finally.

"I love you too, Bass."