Twenty Facts About Todd Casil

Rating: G

Warnings: None

Disclaimer: Not mine. Owned by Jhonen Vasquez

Notes: Pepito/Squee

Enjoy! :)







1. His dreams are either very good or very bad.

2. Nny gave him his very first Christmas present. It was a telescope so he could spot the aliens when they came. His neighbor said he found it in the car of one of his victims, a stout man with a cane and sallow skin, but Todd saw the roll of wrapping paper peeking out the side of his garage.

3. He doesn't like writing in cursive. Or in pencil.

4. Shmee doesn't talk much anymore, but every valentine's day Todd offers him some of his little sugar hearts anyway.

5. Todd kissed Pepito first.

6. His mother is indifferent to most things, but before that she grew roses. He has since taken this task upon himself and behind the garage is a healthy bush blooming with bright red flowers.

7. Cleaning helps clear his mind.

8. His competitiveness surprises him sometimes. Not with average things like sports or card games, but simple things like who blew the biggest bubble or who can set the table faster.

9. He likes his bath water just short of scalding.

10. The only thing Todd's father has ever given him is a pocket watch passed down from one Casil to another. He shines it every month and also when he wakes up from nightmares.

11. He doesn't have a favorite color. They're all nice.

12. He does have a favorite shade of brown though, which may or may not also be the color of Pepito's human eyes.

13. With the first paycheck he gets Todd plans to buy bedsheets without smiley faces.

14. One day he hopes to get published.

15. When his coin jar fills up he treats himself to new acrylic paints.

16. Todd doesn't sing in the shower, but he does pray.

17. Todd hopes one day Pepito asks him to marry him. The day they do, he will give back the pocket watch and shine his wedding band instead.

18. He has a shoebox under his bed filled with newspaper clippings of Johnny's victims.

19. It's not that he likes being scared. He just breathes for intrigue.

20. Some days Todd thinks he's the insane one.