Disclaimer: I do not own Jimmy Neutron, of course. The song that inspired this fic ("My Skin" by Natalie Merchant), isn't mine either, but it gave me a wonderful idea, so to that I owe it thanks.

Author's Note: This took me quite a while to type out, so enjoy it.

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A voice

In the wind

It sang across the fields



It seemed to sooth her and urge her forward.

She looked about confused for a moment, wondering where she was.

She looked at her hands suddenly feeling strange. She didn't quite feel like herself, but she felt no panic, just an odd curiosity.

Maybe it was this place. There was something about it that made her want to twirl in the sun's soft rays and rest in the fields, the breeze a whisper on her skin, grass swaying gracefully in its wake.

And suddenly that's what she was doing, soaking up the warmth of the sun in the fields, the breeze soft on her skin and the grass a picture of grace all around her. She was grateful for this sudden peace even though she was unsure of how she got there.

Something caught her eyes and she thought she saw Goddard. She sat up and looked around.

Jimmy? she called.

He wasn't there.

Thinking about him now, her heart grew heavy. Did they have to fight so much? For a while she really thought they could move on and quit their bickering, but as time went on it seemed to become harder and harder. Maybe she just stop wrestling with her own emotions and finally admit that she truly cared for him.

She sighed and heard the voice again, full of song



Soft as the breeze blowing through the field

The breeze whisked her hair and she found herself wanting Jimmy's touch. What was this? Why. . ?

But her thoughts drifted. Their fighting didn't cease and the more they did, the more Cindy felt like a disease. He didn't even want to come near her. Why would he ever want to touch her?

And yet, this feeling of unwantedness and sadness, made her feel. . .alive. Was that sick? Was it wrong? She longed for his touch, but without this heaviness in her heart, she'd have nothing and there would be nothing between them. This was the only connection they shared.

It was strange but she needed this feeling of the wilting flower. She needed to feel this

sweet feeling turned sour

Oh, how she needed this feeling of being


She needed this. . .

Maybe someday soon Jimmy would come to her. Not in an illusion of mutual love, but for real. Then maybe he'd look at her and smile sweetly and hold her tight until the sky burned out, until the universe just stopped moving.

That was all she really wanted: her unrequited love would finally become mutual.

Maybe then these feelings of bitter sweetness, sadness, and weakness, would lift, leaving nothing but joy and peace in their wake.

That would be just wonderful .Then she wouldn't have to hold onto these dark emotions anymore and her and Jimmy could finally be together and so she made her mind. She would tell him. She would tell him everything and then maybe he would see that she was more than he expected.

Cindy. . .

She stopped and looked around. Was that. . .?

Jimmy. . . she called, her voice was dream-like. She barely recognized it as her own and then she realized that her mouth kept forming his names, but her voice was not present.

And suddenly there he was. . .

In the open field, his hair billowing in the soft, cool breeze


Cindy. . .wait for me, he said, but his mouth did not move, he simply smiled as his voice traveled through the breeze.

The wind blew

Her hair flew in a haze around her face

Her feet moved on their own

The voice spoke

Jimmy. . .

Her pace quickened, but she moved in slow motion

Her movements were as soft as the gentle swaying of the long grass in the summer breeze.

Jimmy. . .

There was a piano. . .


Emotions. . .


Jimmy. . .

Cindy. . .wait for me

I'm coming

Wait for me

Almost there



As she made it toward him, he began to fade.

No, she said. I'm almost there.

Wait for me, he said and this time his mouth moved in time with each word, but she could barely hear his voice.


She awoke, startled, sitting up in her bed. She looked about.

She was in her room, the light from the crescent moon shinning through her window.

"Just a dream," she said and gently fell back into bed. She thought of Jimmy again and smiled.

"Tomorrow, first thing," she said to herself. "You'll tell him."

She closed her eyes, a smile on her face and fell into another slumber.