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It took a few days for the injuries to finally heal up. For the rain and the mud to dry up. For the air outside to feel cool and fresh again. For the sunny skies to make the days feel sunny.

But in here, it was anything but that.

Naruto was seen walking down a long dark hallway, surround by black-reddish brick walls. Small foot wide windows in the walls held by steel bars let in only little amounts of sunlight from the outside up above. Here the air was very sticky and humid. The guard lead Naruto to the end of the hall, and opened a steel metal door.

"You sure you want to talk to her?" the guard asked.

Naruto looked up to him with a sad and disappointed look.

"I have to. There's no other way." Naruto responded nodding.

Although Naruto and Hinata's injuries healed quickly, it took several days more for the medical ninjas to heal Sakura of the injuries she got from Naruto.

After being healed enough, Sakura was immediately thrown behind bars. Tsunade ordered she was have to serve an indefinite amount of time in the village prison for trying to kill Hinata. She was deemed mentally unstable because of her actions; her feeling for Naruto, her hatred toward Hinata and all her sorrow, had made her an emotional wreck. Until they could decide she's suffered enough or emotionally stable, Sakura would remain trapped in this cold dark prison for what she'd done. For all they knew, Sakura would be here for up to a month or several months or a year.

"I can't tell you what kind of mood she'll be in just to for warn you." The guard said. "She's been very mentally unstable the past couple days."

"Don't worry, I'll be alright." Naruto looked to him confident.

"We'll be right on the other side, in case she cracks or something happens." The guard said.

Naruto took a deep breath. He needed answers. He needed to make sense out of what Sakura did. His heart was pounding; not knowing what to expect from her; not knowing what outcome might do to him; not knowing if he would still feel for her.

"She's down at the end of the hall. The very last cell on your left. She's the only prisoner we have in this hall." The guard explained. "So the two of you will be alone."

Naruto nodded again, taking another deep breath. "Thanks."

Finally the guard opened the metal door and Naruto walked thru. The guard shut the door behind him with a loud shriek and slam.


Naruto had to turn one corner, then walked on. There were only six cells in the hall, all on the left, metal bar cages with only a bench to sleep on. The other wall was where the small windows were, letting in the dim sunlight and the hot sticky air. Naruto walked on to the end.

And there she was.

Sakura in the cell on the other side of the bars, sitting up in the floor looking at the ground, her back turnes, her pink hair and red clothes all rugged with dirt in them.

"Who is it this time?" her low downed voice echoed.

Sakura had already had several rough visits from Tsunade, Kakashi and of course Hiashi Hyuga; all shaming her for what she'd done. She was too hurt, too depressed, too miserable and ashamed to look and see who it was now.

"You mean they didn't tell you?" Naruto echoed back.

Surprised, Sakura recognized his voice and turned around. Seeming upset and sad at first, Sakura looked at Naruto eyes wide open, still ashamed but suddenly happy.

"So it is you" Sakura said. "Finally, you came here Naruto."

"Don't push it." Naruto said with his hands in his pocket. "If you think I've come here to rescue you and take you away, you're sadly mistaken."

Sakura knelt her head down and sighed with a frown.

"Then why come here?" Sakura moaned. "What, did you come just to talk to me to? Just to rub it in how ashamed you are and that I made a horrible mistake……… haven't you already caused me enough pain, Naruto?" she said.

All was silent for a moment.

"Do you have any idea how hard it was for me to have to beat you like that…….. just for the sake of rescuing someone?" Naruto asked.

"Obviously, not hard at all." Sakura said. "Afterall, you did go pretty brutal on me. I nearly died out there in the river because of you."

Naruto regretfully starred her down.

"We both went overboard out there, and you know it." Naruto said. "I'm sorry, I couldn't control myself when it happened, but you didn't give me any other choice. You just wouldn't stop!" he was shaking a little.

"Then why did you do it?!" Sakura yelled with tears in her eyes. "Do you have any idea what it's like? Pouring your heart out and telling someone how much you love him, only to have him blow you off and beat you into a bloody mess?!"

He could see the hurt in her face, but Naruto just frowned at her.

"Oh yes, I know." Naruto said. "Now you have an idea how I felt all those days I tried to be nice around you and you just hit me and went towards Sasuke again!"

Sakura curiously looked at Naruto and saw the sorrow in his eyes from reflecting to the battle. She brought a small smile and rubbed her eye.

"So you do still have feeling for me." Sakura said. "That makes me feel somewhat better."

"That's enough!" Naruto suddenly shouted.

The yell echoed thru the hall and the paused again. Looking at each other with hurt and confusion; unknown feelings.

"I just don't understand Sakura!" Naruto began speaking. "Why me?"

"Hmmm?" Sakura mumbled.

"It just doesn't make sense to me. How could you suddenly go from treating me like dirt all this time and saying you hated me…….. to saying you think you're madly in love now, and would kill just to have me?!" Naruto was saying.

Sakura felt like breaking down again.

"You and I never got along before." Naruto went on. "Why did you suddenly become so fixated on me? What could you have possibly seen in me and not Sasuke to make you do this?!"

Sakura finally got up from the ground, now crying some.

"I told you before, I'm so sorry I treated you so badly" Sakura said. "I'd just been a blind foolish idiot all this time."

Naruto heart was pounding; he tried to hold it back.

"You were always trying to be there for me when no one else was." she spoke. "You saved my life a couple times Naruto. My crush on Sasuke I had for so long, was nothing more than that. He never loved or liked be back; he always tried to ignore me and treat me like I was nothing………… I was just too stubborn to notice. And I was too stubborn to pay attention to how much you liked me back Naruto, and what all you had to offer."

Sakura began smiling, but Naruto was still frowning, trying not to let her fool him with temptation.

"So that's it?" Naruto asked. "Just because I paid attention you and tried to help you?"

Naruto was still frowning with shame and disappointment.

"You still think I'm some kind of psychopath, don't you?" Sakura smiled with her eyes closed. "Is that what the guard told you? That I'm 'mentally unstable'?" she giggled.

"Is it really so hard to believe?" Naruto asked. "You were willing to stop at nothing to kill me and Hinata……. All because if you couldn't have me, no one could!"

Sakura sighed.

"I take it that means you're happy she's still alive." Sakura said upset. "That little peasant."

And Naruto shook with a nerve struck. But tried to calm down. His heart still racing sporadically for her.

"I'm ashamed you've let this happen to you Sakura." Naruto concluded. "You really do need to be here until you've had enough. I'm sorry."

And with that, Naruto felt like he'd had enough.

He turned and was about to walk away, when….

…..when Sakura suddenly reach out and grabbed his shirt and stopped.

"Huh?!" Naruto gasped and turned.

"You know I still love you, Naruto." Sakura said with tears in eye. "I always will. Nothing will ever change that."

Tugging Naruto towards the bars, Sakura held his shirt not wanting to let go.

"And I can see it in your eyes, Naruto. You still love me to." Sakura continued. "We both know it. We were meant for each other Naruto."

Naruto was shaking, eyes watery.

"Let go of me Sakura!" Naruto whispered.

"You really think you two will last out there? You and her?" Sakura had a strange loving expression, as if begging Naruto not to leave.. "I know deep down inside you still feel the same way towards me that I feel for you now. You'll always be here to me. I'll always be here waiting, for you Naruto."

Naruto just looked at her full of angry and confusion. Believing for sure she was just insane and lying.

"No you won't." Naruto snared.

Naruto pushed her arm off and tried to leave again.

But Sakura immediately grabbed him back with both hands. Out of nowhere, Sakura yanked Naruto's head to hers at the caged and kissed him. As quickly and hard as she could, Sakura kissed Naruto pressing her mouth into his, refusing to let go……… shocked and surprised, Naruto shook as hard as he could and tried to push off of him.

"No! Get off of me you freak!" Naruto frantically yelled.

With that, Naruto finally ran of, having pushed Sakura away back in her cell.

Sakura felt like she finally got what she had wanted for so long. With a bizarre loving smile, she'd laid down on the ground on her stomach; rubbing her lip, kick her bare feet in the air, resting her smiling head on her arms, humming love songs to herself.

"Just you wait Naruto…….." Sakura thought giggling and smiling. "Just you wait…….."

Finally, later the next day, Hinata and Naruto had meet up again in the forest, laying down next to each other against a treeside. Their heads resting against each other, under the shade, cooling from the bright warm sunlight up above.

"So she's still a mental wreck, huh?" Hinata had asked.

"Yeah, I'm afraid so." Naruto sighed. "Oh well. She brought it upon herself."

Hinata sighed as well. "Yeah. As much as I hate to say, she really did. And it's sad because I really thought me and her would've made great friends."

Naruto had told Hinata about his depressing emotional visit with Sakura in the prison. He didn't tell Hinata about Sakura trying to kiss him, but it didn't matter since Hinata knew Naruto too well: knowing he would never let a girl as insane as her fool him. Although he tried to pretend it never happened, it still ate him up inside. He could never feel the same kind of love or feelings for Sakura as he did for Hinata now.

"There's no telling what will happen to her now." Naruto said. "Either way, there's nothing we can do about it. She can either rot in prison all by herself or try and redeem herself all on her own."

To Naruto and Hinata, it didn't matter now. They needed to put behind them for the time being.

They were back together now. They had each other back again, lying side by side wrapped around each other's little fingers. Naruto and Hinata had long lovely road ahead of them. They couldn't ask for anything else right now, than to just be able to have time with each other…….. to be in love.

"I think everything's gonna be just fine, Hinata" Naruto said with a bright loving smile.

"Of course they will." Hinata blushed.

Still holding each other, Naruto and Hinata leaned over to share a long kiss. Under the shade, Naruto rolled over ontop of Hinata, both wrapping their arms around each other making out and French kissing in love for a good long few minutes, not wanting to stop, not wanting to let go.

And it was somewhat of a similar scene the next day.

Sitting under the sunlight on a bench in the sitting. Naruto and Hinata visiting, holding hands, enjoying what little time they had left for the day.

"You sure you'll be alright Naruto?" Hinata asked.

"You betcha." Naruto said smiling. "I need to go on this mission and see it thru myself. To see if it's really worth anything."

Naruto had just learned and was being sent away on the mission with team Guy along with Rock Lee, Tenten and Neji, after being told about the guy who might be connected to the Seven Swordsman of the Mist, and after being talked into the interest of possibly finding a lead to Sasuke. Naruto had reluctantly agreed to go with them.

He had to leave Hinata for now, so he could meet up with them to leave. The two got up off the bench.

"We'll be back before you know it Hinata. Believe it!" Naruto smiled brightly.

Hinata giggled. "I know you will……… I'll be here waiting for you."

They hugged and kissed each other for a good long moment.

Finally Naruto left, and Hinata watched him leaving with a bright lovely confident smile on her face.

Naruto was out of sight.


Walking with his hands in his pockets, Naruto walked thru the crowd……. Thru the city……. Towards the city gates. The bright sunlight still shining. The wind picking up slightly. Naruto couldn't wait to see Hinata again. He knew it was gonna be a long, smooth but bumpy road ahead for the two of them.

"No matter what happens………." Naruto's subconscious was saying. "I'll always love Hinata…….. forever…… no one can ever change that!......I'll always regret what happened……. with me and Hinata in the past……. with me, Sasuke and Sakura……….. I know there'll be lots of obstacles……….. lots of hurdles in the way………. People and things trying to separate us………. Who don't love us……… me and Hinata………and they'll always fail……….. never able to break our love apart. Me and Hinata……."

"………..but I'll always wonder……….. can we really face them together………. Can we really hold all this back forever………….And live to love another day?..............."

Naruto continued to walk. Darkness up above him. A dark pair of eyes looking down looming over him in his head.

"Hahahahahahahah--- AAA hahahahahaha!"

THE END……………………?