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Chapter Six: You Call this Bonding?!







Sasuke couldn't believe his ears. "We're going to do what?" He asked dully. "We're going to go rappelling off Hokage Mountain. I think it'll be fun." Sakura replied. "Are you insane? I can't really remember correctly." Sasuke demanded. Sakura laughed. "I'm not insane. At least my psych evals always declare me mentally competent otherwise I couldn't be a doctor or a ninja." She replied easily. Sasuke pinched the bridge of his nose much like his father used to do when he was still alive. "Sakura we're ninja. We can practically fly. Why do you feel the need to do such a civilian activity?" He asked. Sakura grinned rougishly. "Because Sasuke-kun. We're not rappelling civilian style. We're rappelling shinobi style." She replied. "This is a bad idea. I just want to go on the record saying that." Sasuke grunted. Sakura just laughed.

Sasuke glared at everyone assembled for this foray into insanity while Sakura cheerfully greeted everyone. "I can't believe you actually got him to agree Forehead!" Ino laughed. "You shouldn't even be here Ino-pig. You're gonna go into labor and have your bean on the mountain." Sakura retorted good-naturedly. "I'll aim for Sandaime-sama's face then." Ino replied. Sakura laughed and shrugged. "You're a big girl now." She said. "I'm not here to rappel though. I'm just watching to make sure none of you kills yourselves." Ino said. "Kill?! You can die from doing this?!" Sasuke practically shrieked. "Well yeah if you don't apply your chakra correctly." Sakura replied as she flexed her fingers and toes to warm them up. "There's no way in hell I'm doing this! Think of Taki!" Sasuke snarled. "Taki-kun can't do this yet. He's not old enough. When he becomes a Genin though, I'll teach him the fundamentals." Sakura said. Sasuke almost broke his vow to his mother and beat Sakura silly. Through force of sheer will the dark haired Uchiha refrained from doing so. "And just how are we supposed to rappel down shinobi style?" He asked through gritted teeth. Ino grinned maniacally behind his back. "A few years back when you left again, I was ordered to Suna to deal with the backlash. Kankuro and Temari introduced me to rappelling. Only we didn't use civilian means. We used chakra strings." Sakura replied. "So basically Sakura had a psychotic break after you ran off to chase Itachi again and Tsunade-sama shipped her off to the only other psychotic people we knew and they taught her how to go down a mountain with only her fingers and toes." Ino translated. "Basically." Sakura agreed. "Who's going first?! We don't have all day ya know! Some of us have actual missions!" Kiba yelled. "Don't be so crass." Hyuuga Neji scolded as he showed Inuzuka Hana the technique they would be using to utilize the chakra strings.

"I'll go first." Sakura announced. "The hell you are!" Sasuke bellowed. "Ok. See you at the bottom Captain!" Kiba saluted. Sakura nodded and back-flipped over the edge of Tsunade's head. Sasuke saw the faintly glowing strings attached to the fringe on Tsunade's face and sighed tiredly. "Don't be so hard on her Sasuke-kun. Sakura had to find something to do just to deal with you leaving again." Ino said quietly. "Tell me she quit when she found out she was pregnant." Sasuke begged. Ino laughed. "Actually she didn't. Not at first. When her stomach was too big to safely do it, she stopped but if she'd had her way Sakura would have given birth on a mountain." She replied. "Sometimes I want to kill her. Honestly I do." Sasuke sighed. "Ooh Neji's up next." Ino said excitedly. Sasuke watched as Neji took a running leap into the air, chakra strings shimmering behind him and dropped toward the earth. "You want to go next or last?" Ino asked kindly. "Next so I can throttle Sakura." Sasuke replied. "Ok well just stick your chakra strings where they'll stay and leap off the mountain. Remember to touch the stone every so many feet down or you'll hurt yourself when you get to the ground. Good luck and have fun." Ino said. Sasuke obeyed her instructions and dove off the mountain. Ino sighed and shook her head. "Those two are pathetic." She muttered as she waited for the others to leave the mountain so she could get back to solid ground.

Sasuke sighed as he approached Sakura. "Ok so it's pretty fun to do this." He admitted. Sakura laughed and nodded. "It's more fun in Suna." She replied smugly. Sasuke refrained from face-palming because it would most definitely look like defeat. And Sasuke did not show defeat. Not even to the girl that might just be his wife one day. 'Yeah when Madara does the can-can in full drag in the middle of Konoha.' Sasuke thought with a mental snort of derision.

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