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From the journal of Shirabe, Ministra of Fate Averruncus, Day 4 since we arrived, Month unknown, Spring

It is evening since we gained access to Spree. Our progress is going well, but Tsukuyomi and her band of minions has gone missing. Either the Halfling village is very far away, or she's run into trouble. Though after seeing her go wild last night, I doubt the latter.

From what I've learned from a guide I've managed to find out here in Mellow Hills, according to him, there are several villages working together in these Hills. Spree is apparently responsible for the main food production. My guide, Bob, specialised in making meals out of pumpkins, but after being tied up in the sun by Halflings, he now believes that the pumpkins want revenge for the pies he made, along with the soup, the jelly and the ice-cream. How do you make ice-cream out of pumpkins?

The Halflings are only plaguing Spree, but Bob informed me of a Hobgoblin band living somewhere in Mellow Hills. They are marauders. They take whatever they want, and those who get in their way are either killed or enslaved. I have yet to report this to Fate-sama or Gnarl.

I intend to return to the Tower tonight and see the extent of its repairs. Hopefully, there will be more rooms available for us to use. I for one have no intention to sleep with Shiori again, since she tends to snore loudly.

"Oh no, it's night already." Tsukuyomi said to herself as she and her group of Minions gazed at the moon when they were leaving that big Halfling burrow where they had found a VERY big pile of food, which was Spree's. "Fate-han is going to kill me for taking so long."

Well, considering the fact that she and her group had looted weapons, armor and food not to mention Life Force, which was needed to make more Minions, not to mention heaps of gold, one could say that Fate wouldn't hurt her. Just a nudge on the head for taking so long, maybe.

"I must say, you are quite good with your 'martial arts', Tsukuyomi. I'm sure that the Dark Elves would be jealous of your movements." Gnarl's voice echoed in her head, still unfamiliar with the term 'martial arts', it seemed. He was just as familiar with the term as a troll was familiar with the term 'taking a bath'.

"Thank you, Gnarl-han." The sword girl responded back. "I just wish that he wasn't that much a slave driver sometimes. Okay, he may be rewarding when I do well, but he's also very restrictive." She ranted to herself about Fate. "'No, Tsukuyomi-san, you can't kill these people. Were you even listening, Tsukuyomi-san? Observation only, Tsukuyomi-san, no killing permitted.' Argh! It's so frustrating sometimes, I can't stand it!"

"Uh, Miss… It just occurred to me, but… are you in some way… romantically involved with Master Fate?" (1)


"WHAT!?" Tsukuyomi's voice could be heard all the way to Spree and a tied up farmer scared of pumpkins, not to mention a cow turning its head towards the direction of the scream, mooing in curiosity.

"I was just wondering, really!"

Shall we move to other perspectives, okay? Let's leave Tsukuyomi to her misery for now…

"I'm bored." Homura said as she and Koyomi kept walking along the road.

"Come on now, Homura." Koyomi said whilst their Minions followed tightly behind. She wondered why at fact. "Seeing all the other villages according to what Shirabe said is not so bad."

"It is when every one of those villages has names that rhyme. Spree, Dree, Kree, Pree, even Eree (pronounced Eh-reeh) if we come across another village with a name that is short and ends with 'ee', I'm going to burn it." Homura said angrily, with her hair starting to act up again, making Koyomi wonder if it was a wise decision to add her along on this trip.

The fourth village wasn't too far ahead. It seemed a lot like Spree, only that the inn's name was different. Instead of the 'Happy Mule', the inn's name was 'Prancing Pony.'

A/N: Hold on. Isn't that the inn in Lord of the Rings in…?

"Welcome to the village of Bree, girls!" A happy villager, obviously drunk shouted out to them as they entered the town.


Let's do something else for 20 minutes, then come back! She should be done by then.

We now return to the village of Spree, population; you're kidding right?

"Great. Now who's going to be in charge of the beer production?" Gnarl wondered as he observed from Koyomi's eyes as she overlooked the ruined and burning wreckage that once was Bree. Where there were once kids playing happily drinking beer along with their parents (2), there were scorched bodies of adults littered across the streets. At least the children down there were alright. Koyomi watched in horror as to what her fire conjuring, unconscious friend being carried gently by the Minions had done.

"We can fix this, right?" Koyomi wondered openly for Gnarl to hear. "We can fix this? Without anyone finding out? Yes? Can we fix this?"

"Unless you got a spell book that contains all the world changing spells that was ever made, I'm afraid that would be impossible."

"Mou, Fate-sama is going to kill us for this! This time for sure!"

"You know, you're the second one to say that today."

"Not helping!"

Let's move to Fate and see what he's up to…

"Oh look. Seems something went awry back over at Bree." A villager named Áedh observed the cloud of smoke rising to the southeast of the main gate. Every able bodied man who was off duty from watching after Halflings had gathered in the village centre where Fate could teach them how to fight properly. As in soldier like style, not like a drunkard who stumbles upon a group of Hobgoblins, all armed to the teeth while he's carrying a knife for peeling fruit, belches and says that he could all of them at once.

"I think I have a fair idea of what happened there." Fate stated, the memory of a certain girl's temperament sprung into mind. "But let's not worry about Bree for now. Any one else before we call it a day?" He asked to the awfully and utterly beaten up peasants, who moaned in pain and hissed in agony whenever they tried to move. Now how are they supposed to impress that hot circus girl who comes by every now and then with their good looks? If you could call it good looks before Fate happened…

"I'll take you on this time." The voice of a young boy came from behind the magi's back. He didn't seem to be more than fifteen summers old, and wore quite neat clothing, with a leather jacket covering his white shirt. He also wore brown pants that weren't in rags along with matching boots in the same colour. He had black hair, the same as the old man standing behind him in matching clothing, and blue eyes. Finally, he wore an old but sturdy sword in his hand, so far the only sword that Fate had seen in the whole of Spree. But it was too large for the boy's size.

"Old man, what is your name?" Fate turned his attention to the boy's apparent father.

"Lóegaire." The old man responded.

"Are you to old to fight me yourself, or is your son looking for trouble?"

That seemed to make the boy angry and you could see it on his face. The old man named Lóegaire didn't react at all to that question at first.

"You'll have to forgive Cadeyrn. He is strong, I assure you of that sir, but also overconfident. He wouldn't back down despite what I told him. Besides, you should have noticed my own walk." Rannek tried to walk, but ended up limping instead.

"I see." Fate responded to that. "Cadeyrn, was it?" He turned to the young boy. "I want you to come at me with everything you have. There is no reason to hold back."

Cadeyrn tightened his grip on his father's sword, clenched his teeth and charged, roaring at Fate.

Shirabe should be back at the Tower by now.

Shirabe walked among the construction sites and rubble that was being cleared. The Minions were working vigorously despite the fact that rubble, small or very big was falling down on them. She had ditched Bob behind at his farm, still tied up, because he had forgotten about it in the first place when he saw the pumpkins. How come that a man who used to grow pumpkins is now suffering from Cucurbitophobia? Never mind that question, it was stupid anyway.

"Since we got the crane back, we've been working constantly to clear up the rooms here, Lady Shirabe." Gnarl reported as he walked next to her. Knowing fully of what she could do, since she was a disciple of Fate, he didn't even attempt to look up her skirt.

"How far are they done?"

"We've focused mainly on clearing up the private quarters for the Master, as well as for the servants. Those rooms used to be single quarters, all ten of them, plus the Master's room. But since there are five Mistresses in the Tower, we have to rearrange them to suit you beautiful ladies. I recommend you take a room now while the others are out." Gnarl responded to her question, to which she only nodded in return. The portal glowed brightly white as Koyomi hiding her face in her palms emerged from it, along with an unconscious Homura carried by the brown Minions, designated by Gnarl as the fighters in the Minion army.

"What happened to you two?" Shirabe asked Koyomi, who looked at her and then returned her face to the hands.

"I don't want to talk about it."

"Does it have anything to do with the smoke at Bree?" Shirabe asked her this time. Unbeknownst to them, the portal glowed white again. But Koyomi was too mad to notice it and Shirabe could not see.

"Listen up, Shirabe! It is absolutely necessary that Fate-sama doesn't find out about what happened at Bree! We'll be in…"

"What happened at Bree?" Fate asked from behind the two girls. He was standing next to a floating boy in mid-air while holding a sword that was a bit big for his hands.

"AAAAH!" Koyomi shrieked at the sight of her master. Then she bounced away at a surprising speed, before hiding herself behind the throne, which was still being repaired. Fate noticed Homura being carried.

"What happened to Homura?"

"Um, Sire…" Gnarl started, getting Fate's attention to him. "It would seem that lady Homura is responsible for the destruction of Bree. She started to burn everything she saw there. Ah, the screams and flames acting up, the smell of death heavy in the air, ah, I've never felt so happy about it before. Lady Koyomi managed to stop her just before she burned the children."

"Big bulge! Big bulge!" One of the Minions exclaimed, poking at a spot on Homura's head.

"Giblet! Don't do that to the Mistress!" Gnarl shouted smacking Giblet on the head. "Or else, I'll throw you into the fire pit by the throne."

"Guess it can't be helped." Fate said calmly. The boy floating in mid-air stopped floating and fell face down on the floor next to Fate. "Homura has a rather short temperament, and little can stop her once she snaps. Koyomi did a good job. Where are Shiori and Tamaki?"

"Oh, let me check, Master." Gnarl said, going to the pool. "Þykja stúlka af Gnæfa." He instructed it. The pool glowed gently before it showed Tamaki and Shiori, hands tied up and sitting on their knees in front of a large shadow, which seemed to laugh. "Oh dear, it seems that they have been taken captive by Hobgoblins."

"Hobgoblins?" Fate inquired. "Do you others know about them?"

Cadeyrn decided to rise up, since the fall had apparently woken him up, it seemed. "Marauders. They take what they want and we can't do anything about it. Eree tried to stand against them and almost got itself wiped out."

Fate noticed that Shirabe was a bit stiff. "You found out and didn't report it, Shirabe?"

Shirabe jumped at his question, but managed to kneel down. "I, Shirabe, intended to report it when you returned, Fate-sama, but the commotion about Homura seemed to take up the time, so I could not as you just returned, Fate-sama."

"Eh? Feito-sama?" Cadeyrn wondered, since he wasn't familiar with Japanese honorifics. What was Japanese anyway? That odd language they spoke?

"Understandable, Shirabe. I didn't ask for a report and Homura and Koyomi made a bit of a ruckus. You're forgiven, Shirabe." Fate responded calmly. "Now to the task at hand. Shirabe, when she has calmed down, tell Koyomi to fetch back Tsukuyomi-san from Spree. She should have delivered the food to the village by now. Gnarl, I want you to keep an eye on Shiori and Tamaki, keep me informed on their situation. Homura is unconscious, so we'll put her in a room for now. Are the rooms cleared?"

"They are, Sire." Gnarl responded.

"Then put her in one. I don't care which."

"And you, Fate-sama? What will you do?" Shirabe asked him.

"Cadeyrn and I will go after the Hobgoblins to get Shiori and Tamaki back."

"What!?" Cadeyrn's shout was loud enough for the Minions to stop repairing and look at the conversation, but a glare from Gnarl sent them back to work.

"You wanted to prove that you are strong, didn't you say so back in Spree? Your father had no objection when I brought you here, so you are under my service until I say otherwise." Fate responded to the young warrior's question.

"Even so, how do you plan on fighting Hobgoblins? They have military training day and night. They have excellent weapons and armour, formations and strategy thinking unlike…" Cadeyrn stopped talking about the dangerous things of Hobgoblins, when he could have sworn he saw a very faint smile on Fate's face.

"Sounds like just what we need."

What have I gotten myself into!?

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Tsukuyomi was at a table outside the Happy Mule, the party of celebration because food has been returned to them, was in full swing. But Tsukuyomi didn't seem very happy at it.

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2 They really did drink beer in the Dark Ages. Beer was more nutritious than water, as water could be contaminated back then.