Silent Hill: Halls of Blood

By Andy Prosser

James was a courage, brave, and a muscular man. He went to Silent Hill for a trip to see him girlfriend Vicky, but he couldn't see her because it fog.

"Vicky I can't see you!" he shouted.

"I am here!"

But it was no use.

James reach out for the hand to grab onto a hold of, but there was no Vicky.

James walked a few more hours in the fog but he got lost. Just then Pyramis Head come from the bathroom and swings a blade attack. So James does a backlip and doges it just in time. Then James uses a ninja ability and stab in him the eye.

But Pyramid Head did not die so quick!

Later after the boss fight James was in the haunted Church looking for Vicky. There were ghosts there but he is not afraid of them! James shot the ghosts with his gun attack and beat up the evil cult that kidnapped Vicky. On the way out James blew it up the church for being evil.

But then on his way home James found out his keys were missing.

"Oh no, my daughter Erin has them!!"

"NO!" says Vicky! "You left her in the church!"

But hte church was gone. And his keys was blew up. And now he was stuck in Silent Hill.