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So I did a poll for Christmas or Halloween at the Cullens, and Halloween won hands down. So here is 'Ghosts and Ghoulies! Enjoy!

Quick summary: Bella is still human and is engaged to Edward. Just ignore the timeline. She finds out that the Cullens always get up to no good on Halloween and that - even though there is a very breakable and sensitive human in the house - this year is no exception! Fun, pranks and good old Halloweeny fun ensues!

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Ghosts and Ghoulies

Chapter One - Friday 30th

The sound of the piano drifted through the house, sweet and innocent. I was drawn to the sound of my lullaby as a bee was drawn to a lily.

I came into the living room and leant against the frame of the wide arch as Edward's fingers swept across the keys.

His eyes were closed and his mouth was pulled up into that crooked smile that made my heart pound in my chest.

Quieter than a tiptoeing mouse, I crept across the room until I was practically breathing down his neck.

Edward was so immersed in the song, that he hadn't even noticed that I had come into the room, let alone realise that I was right behind him.

I held my breath and dipped my head so it was inches away from his neck.

The song carried on with no faults.

I lowered my head, and was about to press my lips to his stone cold neck when…

"Hello, love."

Edward brought the lullaby to a close and turned his whole body around on the stool, grinning widely.

I blushed furiously and whispered "Hi."

He opened his arms for me and I sat in his lap, snuggling into his cool embrace.

Edward pressed his face into my hair and chuckled.

"I heard you coming down the stairs, love. I knew you were in the room, but I wanted to see how far you would go."

I sighed. "Oh well. It was worth a try anyway."

He kissed my forehead and stood up, scooping me into his arms.

"Hey!" I complained.

I wriggled around for a minute, but Edward just laughed and held me tighter. I finally gave up and folded my arms across my chest, pushing out my lower lip.

Edward laughed again and walked over to the loveseat. He sat down and let me fall into his lap.

I raised an eyebrow at him "What the…"

That's when Alice danced into the room.

"Hi, Bella!" Alice seemed very hyped up about something as she was jumping up and down on the spot.

"Erm…Alice? What's going on?" I bit my lip, thinking about what she could be so excited about.

"Bella, what's the day and date?" Alice asked. She folded her arms and frowned at me. She seemed annoyed and very impatient. Edward chuckled under his breath.

"It's Friday 30th." I answered.

Alice sighed, obviously exasperated. "Of what, Bella?!" she yelled. "Friday 30th of what?!"

I shrunk back into Edward - I was starting to become slightly scared of Alice - and mumbled "Friday 30th October. Why?"

"It's the day before Halloween!" Alice started to jump up and down again, but she was clapping this time.

Edward laughed and I realised that he was in on it.

I scowled at him and he scowled back, but his version was mocking.

Alice sighed, impatient again. "Bella! It's Halloween tomorrow and therefore we need to go shopping to get you a costume!"

I panicked at the thought of a shopping trip with Alice. "Oh, no! No way. I don't like Halloween and you're not making me dress up."

I felt Edward's cool breath on my ear and my already racing heart sped up another notch.

"I don't blame you for hating Halloween, love, but we love it. It's the one time we can be vampires and have fun in public. It also includes scaring the crap out of Emmett and Jasper."

He grinned and Alice giggled, covering her mouth with her hand.

I looked at my fiancé and his golden eyes melted my resistance.

"Fine, I'll dress up, but that's all. I am not going trick or treating or anything like that."

Edward grinned crookedly and put his lips to mine. I felt embarrassed with Alice in the room, but that part was soon lost. I couldn't think straight. It was a good thing that my lips were busy, because I wouldn't have been able to form a coherent sentence.

I kissed him back, but Edward pulled away after a minute.

Stupid, morally sensible vampire.

Alice cleared her throat and grabbed her purse from the coffee table. "Come on! I want to go sometime this century."

Edward pulled me closer, pressing his face into my hair and breathing in deeply before surrendering me to Alice.

"Don't take too long, Alice," he warned. "I want to see her again before she's tired enough to fall asleep."

"Sure, sure." Alice yanked on my arm and pulled me towards the door.

"I love you!" I yelled behind me as I was tugged into the porch

I heard Edward laugh and he came to the door as Alice practically threw me into her Porsche.

"I love you, too. Hurry back to me." He winked at me and looked like he was going to say something else, but stopped and frowned at Alice.

"Alice! Nothing too revealing!"

Oh, God. What had I gotten myself into?

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