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Spirit in the Night

My name is Jennifer Elizabeth Moore, but everyone calls me Jenny. I am fifteen years old and when I was thirteen years old my parents were killed in a car accident. Soon after, I moved in with my sister Jessica and her boyfriend Sam Winchester, who were named my guardians.

After getting over my initial depression, which lasted about 2 months and resulted in my weekly trips to the therapist, we started to become a family. However instead of having a mom and dad I had a sister and…well…I guess Sam became a big brother to me. He is always there for me and I know that he loves me. He makes sure I get good grades and that I stay out of trouble. We are happy. Not 7th heaven happy (but who really is…or wants to be), but we are happy enough.

Then Sam's brother Dean shows up to take Sam away on a trip. I don't really know what it is about, by the time I get out of my bed to see what the noise is, Sam already left and Jessica won't tell me why.

"It is Sam's business, not yours." Jessica tells me after Sam leaves.

"Well he woke me up at 4 o'clock in the frickin' morning. I would say that makes it my business." I sarcastically remark, knowing well that Jess isn't gonna tell me a god darn thing.

"Well it's not my place to say, you can ask Sam when he comes back." She says in a soft but serious voice. "Until then get your butt back to sleep girly." As she gives me a smack on the butt and walks off to her bedroom giggling.

I laugh at my sister. How she could be so sensitive one minute and completely silly the next, but I guess we are alike in that way.

The next couple days were normal. Jessica went to all of her classes. And I went to all of mine at the public high school I was enrolled in.

We had a three day weekend so my best friend Katie and I decided to have a sleepover on Sunday.

"You got all your stuff" Jess asks.

"Well lets see. The Breakfast Club, Pretty in Pink, Sixteen Candles, Ferris Bueller's Day Off , and season one of the Office." I say pointing at each one individually. "Yep. I got everything for a perfect John Hughes movie night." I smile.

"That great, but I was talking about clothes, smartass…wait…The Office isn't a John Hughes movie…it isn't even a movie."

"Yeah but the Office is amazinggg so it doesn't matter." I say with a goofy grin as I button up a pink sweater over my white tee and jeans.

"Fair enough" she laughs. "Nice sweater" she says sarcastically

"Sorry, all of mine are dirty." I put on an exaggerated pout.

"Just don't spill anything on it." she warns. "So you sure you got everything you need?" She double checks.

"Yep!" I nod. "I got my clothes, toothbrush, face wash, ipod, laptop, and of course movies! I assure her with a smile.

I zip up my bag, put it around my shoulder, and started towards the door. "Are you sure you don't want a ride?" Jess asks.

"I'm sure. It's just a few blocks over." I smirk at her protectiveness. Knowing how worried she gets about me. "Bye Sis."

"Bye girly, have fun" as she gives me a hug.

"I will, tell Sam I want to know all about what happened when I get back tomorrow".

"Sure thing" she grins.

When I got to Katie's house we instantly changed into pajamas, broke out the candy and started watching the office.

"Oh my god!" I whine. "I can't believe Pam has not dumped Roy for Jim yet."

"I know!" Katie agrees "If I had a guy like Jim that loved me I would dump that asshole and totally hookup with Jim." I nod my head in agreement totally loving the idea.

We had finished watching the whole season, devoured a whole bowl of our own concoction of captain crunch cereal, chocolate chips, and peanut butter, which sounded like a brilliant idea at the time but we soon came to regret it. We were now on our third John Hughes movie and it was 2 o'clock in the morning. Our stomach's ached slightly but that didn't stop us from dancing to "Twist and Shout" during our favorite part of Ferris Bueller's Day Off. We were dancing and singing as loud as we could with out waking up her parents. But in the end it didn't matter because they were woken up by the telephone ringing.

We look at each other both wondering who would call at this time at night… or morning rather. But our questions were soon answered.

"Your Sister." Mrs. Wilson says when she enters Katie's room. "There was a fire"

Before she could take a breath I was running around Katie's room trying to get my things together. I ran out of the house quickly without saying goodbye to Katie and with no shoes on. My mind was blank and all that mattered was getting to my home. Mrs. Wilson follows helping me get into her car. It is all fuzzy, but the moment I see the apartment it is like a bucket of cold water to my face.

There it is, my home gone. Everything gone. All of the pictures and belongings of my parents, gone.

My body is tired, I use all of my strength to open the car door and walk as far as I was allowed with the caution tape. I can't breathe. Tears are building up but I can't release them. I stood there for what seemed like hours, but was probably only seconds.

I look around through the flashing red lights and I see him. He is standing next to, who I assume is his brother, who appears to be comforting him by his car. I wait to see if he will notice me, not having the strength to call his name. It takes only seconds for him to place me.

We look at each other and without speaking I ask him the question I need to ask with a desperate look. Then with just one expression, that looks like sadness mixed with sorrow he answered my question. I feel my knees starting to turn to jello and my tears build up so strongly that I couldn't keep them down anymore.

I let out all of my built up anger with a scream of sorrow as I take off running to the only person I have left. Tears are spilling down my face and I can barely hold myself up. When I reached him he opens his arms which I collapse into. He holds me as my body heaves with sobs. "No. No! Sam Please! Why?" I repeat over and over again as he tries to sooth my cries and his own.

Dean looks on looking sorry for this girl he has never met but he also looks very uncomfortable and out of place like he doesn't know if he should do something or just sit their.

I finally back up and look at Sam. His eyes are full of sorrow for his loose and pity for mine, which I can tell he is trying to cover up. I look at him letting the reality of everything sink in. I backed up and watched all of the chaos going on around me.

As tonight soaks into my mind, my body starts to get sick. I can feel the cereal making a return and dash behind the car to an area of trees and empty my stomach.

After I finish I fall to my knees and cradle my head in my hands. Still tasting the mix of stomach bile and salty tears, I feel Sam wrap his arms around me and I soon give into the comfort of his warmth. I cry and cry until I fall asleep and when I wake up I will be in a completely different world with the Winchester brothers.

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