Summary: She completely fell for him. But he didn't even flinch.

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Dana watched from a distance. The happy couple. She glared in anger and confusion.

Anger, because they were being so sappy, it almost made her barf. She couldn't stand his girlfriend. She was everything she thought that he would hate. It was the worst relationship in her opinion. Dana did everything to avoid being a cliche, this relationship, was just that. A perfect Cliche. An inspiering Actress, falling for a Director's sun. It killed Dana to see how completely obvious it was that she was just using him. Using him for his Daddy. How pathetic.

She would always denie it when confrunted. It may have been enough to trick her other room mates, but not Dana. She had known this girl for to long, and nothing that her acting skills could do, would ever trick Dana. Not again. She's been in this exact situation, one to many times. She wouldn't stand for this again.

As she watched them, she became more confused. He would never be this nice to anyone, not even his past girlfriends. It made her stomach twist in knots. She wanted to know, more then anything, what was so impressive about this. All she was doing was reading him a dumb poem she took from Zoey in Language Arts, claming it was her own. She wasn't even smart enough to write a simple 10 line poem by herself. He sat their smiling, and telling her to read it again. If he was smarter, he would have noticed that the poem had nothing to do with him. He had none of the same features as Chase, and he never would. Confusion set in more then ever now. How could he be so blind?

Confusion, because she couldn't figure out what she had that she didn't. Their had to be something. They had the same everything. Hair, eye color, and they were even the same height. This wasn't right, nothing about them could have been any more alike, except for thoes personality trates, she was an actress. Dana was a tomboy. Yet, he adored every thing about her. Dana had a better body, at least she wasn't flat chested, like her rival.


Before PCA, they were the best of friends. They came from the same neighborhood, and even their parent's knew each other. Then, it all came crashing down for Dana. She completely feel for him, when he didn't even flinch. Dana had confessed everything to her. Everything, then the next day. Guess who his new girlfriend was. It sure as hell wasn't Dana. Dana had done everything she could, not to let it bother her. According to her, he asked her out, not the other way around. She'd liked him for a while, she just felt bad for him. Bull shit. Dana knew better then that.

She couldn't bare to watch it anymore.

Dana quickly got up and threw her empty Blix bottle away. She went back to her table and grabbed her backpack. She quickly wrapped it around her shoulder. She did this just quick enough to notice they had already left.

Before she could react, a chorus of "Hey, Dana." was heard from next to her. She turned slowly, in enough time to see Logan and Lola, walking away, hand in hand.