Dark Water

Dark Water

Cecilia Williams dropped her backpack in her purple colored room. It had been eleven years since her mother Dahlia Williams was found dead in their apartment. No one knew what caused her death but Ceci; it was the ghost of Natasha Rimsky whose parents had abandoned her just like Dahlia when she was a child. Natasha had been haunting them since they moved into that new apartment above where she used to live. The day after Dahlia found her body in the water cans Natasha decided that she wanted her to be her mother. She tried to drown Ceci in the bathtub but Dahlia begged her to stop saying she would be her mother so Natasha agreed, water flooded everyone until Dahlia drowned. Cecilia was now sixteen years old; she lived with her dad, stepmother Carmen, eleven year-old brother Tommy and nine-year old sister Jamie. Even though she had a good family she still missed her mother. A part of her didn't like Natasha for what she did but the other part of her understood. I mean with her father being abusive and her mother a drunk no wonder she wanted new good parents and her mother was one of them.

Cecilia sighed and sat on top of her bed to push her long brown hair. Tomorrow would be the last day of school for her, she couldn't wait till the summer started going shopping with her friends hanging out helping with chores around the house. The door opened quietly, Cecilia walked out of her bedroom to see Carmen coming in with a bunch of groceries in her hands. It took her by surprise "oh Ceci" she said "I didn't expect to see you home so early".

"I got off school early teacher's meeting" Cecilia replied as she took a bag "let me help you with that".

"Thank you" Carmen smiled pushing her long black hair out of her face and taking off her coat. "You're father is working late today so it's just going to be the kids and us tonight".

"Alright" Cecilia nodded taking out a bag of carrots and putting it in the fridge.

Carmen came up behind her "you know you should go study for your last exam tomorrow''.

"Oh yeah" she groaned putting two bags of frozen peas in the freezer "man I'm not so sure I'll do well on this math exam".

"Oh of course you will" Carmen said cheerfully "that is if you study hard enough".

Cecilia put the rest of the food in the fridge "ok I'll be back when dinner is ready".

She skipped to her room and shut the door.

Three hours later Carmen called "Ceci dinner's ready". Finally she thought as she closed her red notebook to hurry at the table. Tommy and Jamie sat at each of their seats smiling at their big sister. "Hey guys" Cecilia said as she planted kisses on each on their foreheads "when did you guys get here?"

"About an hour ago'' Carmen explained "I didn't want them to bother you so how's the studying coming along?"

"Good" she replied " just some parts are hard for me to memorize'.

Tommy tapped lightly on the table with his fork "can we please get some dinner here".

"Yeah" Jamie agreed, "We're starving".

"Ok settle down you two" Carmen said placing a tray of grilled chicken and a bowl of salad on the table " now let's have some dinner".