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Chapter 6


DATE #4:

Ugh. I had been sitting at this diner for almost an hour listening to Irina Johnson go on and on about her "poor little kitty" and I was starting to fall asleep.

"And you see, she'd blind in one eye, so no one else wanted her, but I did. My family and I are very giving and I love all sorts of animals and I don't care that she's blind in one eye because she's still an animal and she's still really cute and-" Irina repeated for the fortieth time.

While she continued talk I began to observe her face. She was pretty, high cheekbones with the silky hair, and wide set eyes. But there was nothing in her head. No opinion, no personality, just her cat.

After a few more minutes I couldn't take it any longer. I pulled out the two ten dollar bills needed to cover the cost of our breakfast and rose to my feet. "This has been lovely but I just realized I need to run home before school starts so I really must go." I turned, just about to walk out when Irina grabbed onto my arm.

"Does this mean I won?" She smiled hopefully, sounding quite sure of herself.

"Uh, no. I'm sorry Irina, you're a great girl but not the one for me." I was so glad I had learned to lie as a child.

"Oh, I understand I guess…" Irina replied as I turned and walked out of the diner and to my car. This had only been date number four and already I was tired and annoyed of dating girls with no real personality.

When this entire bet had started I hadn't taken the time to think of how vigorous this whole "dating mass amount of girls" thing was. Usually I would just find a few to make out with here and there, come to think of it, I hadn't gone on an actual date with a girl in a very long time. Dating should really be an Olympic sport; it's certainly tiring enough.

On the way to school I consulted the list that resided in the glove department. I had at least two more dates today, and hopefully neither of them would be too bad.

"Hey! Edward, my man!" Emmett approached my car just as I was stepping out. "How was the date with cute little Irina? Did you forget her somewhere? Because I see and empty seat—"

I cut him off just as he was about to lean on the Volvo. "Hands off the car Emmett."

"Gee, wouldn't want to leave a fingerprint or anything it might lower the value of your car by a whole quarter!" Emmett rolled his eyes in annoyance. However, I was immune to his sarcasm by now so this had no effect on me.

"Whatever Emmett. I've got things to do." Brushing past him I made my way towards the school entrance.

"Don't you mean girls to make out with?" Emmett winked, he knew me all to well.

"Always Emmett, always." Rosalie stepped in before I had a chance to reply.

"Actually Emmett, I'm pretty girl-ed out at the moment. This dating crap is harder than I thought." Emmett's grin grew.

"Does this mean you fold?" He gave me a hopeful look.

"Never Emmett! Never!" Chuckling I ran off to my first class as the block rang, leaving a thoroughly disappointed Emmett behind. Pulling out my phone and list I dialed the numbers of the next two girls on the list. I had a bet to win.

DATE #5:

Later that evening I took the seat across the booth from what had to be one of the smallest girls I'd ever seen. I racked my mind but I had no idea if I'd ever even seen her before, much less how she happened to know me.

She looked to be about four foot eleven. Her build was almost anorexic looking, her skin stretched across her tiny frame, accenting what little muscle she had. Not to sound shallow, but I couldn't help but notice that her chest was almost completely flat, an abnormality at Forks High School. Almost every girl at least had something.

"Edward Cullen." I held my hand out, trying to keep at least a half smile on my face. It had been a hard day at school with nothing but a pile of homework and a couple dates to look forward too.

"Um Kate, uh, um, Kate Smith." Her shaking hand grasped mine and I could immediately feel the sweat seeping onto my hand. I pulled back quickly, trying to indiscreetly wipe my hand on my jeans.

"So, what do you want to eat?" I picked up a menu and began surfing the choices, trying to find something appetizing to distract me from what I was now sure was going to be another disastrous date.

"Um, uh, um." Kate looked dumb struck like she couldn't make the thoughts in her brain come to her mouth. Nervously she licked her lips then picked up her complimentary glass of water and took a sip. Next thing I knew she was coughing and sputtering on it.

"Sorry." She apologized between coughs, it was obvious that she was very close to having a mental break down, or hyperventilating, or both.

"Um, well, Kate, it's been great but I really must go now." I got up to leave, not bothering to toss any money on the table, knowing the girl couldn't eat if she tried—and since we hadn't ordered anything besides the waters I was sure she could leave a tip.

Out of my peripheral vision I saw immediate relaxation come over Kate's face, then I remember seeing her running towards the bathroom as I exited the restaurant. I felt sympathetic for her for a tiny moment then I turned and headed for my car.

Tired, I got in and leaned my head against the steering wheel. Ever so slowly I finally raised my hand and put the key in. I wasn't going to let Emmett win, no matter what.

DATE #6:

The ice cream parlor was only a few blocks from the Mexican restaurant, so I arrived within minutes.

My eyes were immediately drawn to a brown haired, curvy looking, teenage girl that looked as if she could be of Hispanic descent. And it wasn't her curves that drew me to her, not this time; it was the cigarette she held between her middle and pointer fingers.

Stepping out of the car I approached her, praying silently in my head that this wasn't my date.

No such luck. "Hey Edward, I know you don't know me, I'm Nicole MaCafery." She didn't even bother holding out her hand, all she did was take out another cigarette and hold it out to me.

I wasn't an avid smoker and I wanted to live beyond the age of 49—but I can't deny that I had smoked a few times in the past with my friends.

"I've never seen you around our school." I concluded, knowing I would have surely remembered her if I had.

"That's 'cause I don't go to that dump. I dropped out a year ago. My friend told me 'bout yer bet and she gave me yer number so I could call ya." Realizing I wasn't about to take the cigarette she pulled her hand back and lit up. "She told me you were a real party animal."

In my mind I scoffed, sure I'd been to parties before, but I wasn't really that much of a partygoer. Either way, besides a little drinking and making out there was really no draw for me to go to parties. I had no idea where this girl had gotten all this information, but whoever told it to her had been lying.

"She also said you could get me some good stuff for cheap—"

I stopped in my tracks. Drug? What did I look like a dealer? I'd barely been there two minutes and already I found myself back in the car, my tires squealing against the pavement. With the speedometer pushing sixty I drove back home, glad that I had survived yet another day.

Six down, eighteen to go.

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