It's late-- nearly a month late, in fact. But it's here. For everyone who died on September 11th, 2001. Both figuratively and literally. God bless.


He fights. As he fights, he chokes, and as he chokes, he's dying. But it means nothing. Because if he fails in this, he forfeits any desire to live.

"No, Bella… NO! BELLA!"

The smoke is thicker now. It draws him in. It's terrifying. And if it is terrifying for him, he can only imagine what it must be like for the woman he is attempting to rescue.

The woman he loves.

He can hear muffled cries from elsewhere in the building, but he can't stop. Any other time, he would, but not now. Someone will come. Someone else must save them; he can do nothing for them now. They watched as the first tower fell. They knew a second plane would try to do the same to the second tower, but they never imagined it would be like this.

An explosion. It seems far away, though the heat of the flame curls the hair on his neck. It burns, but he is uncaring, as he staggers drunkenly towards the door. He can hear her now, and he knows she is terrified. The thought of her rendered so utterly alone and petrified sickens him. The pain of losing her would be a thousand, a million times worse than the burn of his injuries. They do not hinder him. He walks on a broken leg, splinters of glass shredding the soles of his bare feet. He feels no pain, other than hers.

He reaches the door, and does not hesitate. The blow that his fist delivers sends the already-weakened door crumpling away, and her high-pitched scream pierces his ears.

"Bella… Bella, it's me… BELLA!"

She is in his arms, and they are choking together. Dying together.

Tears run down her face, as she grips his forearms, her lips desperately seeking his. They meet, and share a passionate kiss. His right hand comes to rest on the curve of her stomach, and she rests her hand on his, his ring sparkling morbidly in the firelight. It seems to burn, burns on the fourth finger of her left hand.

"Edward… you came…"

"Of course I came, love… How could I not?"

"I… I love you…"

It's too late. They're dying. As the force of an aeroplane smashes the side of the building, all he can do is whisper his final words to her.

Somehow, above the noise of the explosion, she hears him.

"I love you, my Bella…"

Their world explodes.