As the chapter title suggests, I'm writing some miscellaneous stuff about this fic for the hell of it.

There was a lot of stuff planned for this fic. And I mean a lot of stuff. I don't even remember much of what I planned, but it was a lot. Probably too much, because I probably would've skipped over a lot of my ideas while never expanding on them/making them interesting. That's why I've been integrating quite a lot of what I planned into other fics I've written.

Take Sweet Sweet Sweet, for example. For that fic I reused quite a lot of ideas that would've gone into this one. For example, near the end of The Other Empire, one of the Robotniks was planned to win, and create his empire over the ruins of the world. This isn't a spoiler, it's pretty much outright said by the HGTSV in the beginning of the opening chapter. "As you very well know, being citizens of the Robotnik Empire..." The idea of Robotnik winning against Sonic and friends was obviously a major part of Sweet Sweet Sweet, as it would've been in The Other Empire.

There's more too. The attack on Station Square and Angel Island hinted at and described in SSS were both ideas reused from TOE. What was planned was that Central City would be invaded by an army of robots (see the end of Ch. 5 of this fic) and Angel Island would be bombarded with a missile strike (the same missiles described with such detail in SSS). In SSS, of course, the missiles were used on Station Square as well, which I did because I didn't want to have to write about Tails fighting with the army before getting hurt, I just wanted him hurt. :P

Ch. 2 of SSS in general was actually a mish-mash of minor ideas from multiple points of TOE. Pretty much everything that happened in that chapter was inspired by something that would happen in this fic. Yes, even that horrid maiming of Chris was adapted from an event that would happen in TOE. Obviously it wouldn't have been so gruesome, and so random, but still, it's where the idea came from. Other minor ideas from TOE are planned to be used in Saccharine Sweet, if I get around to writing it.

There were four major ideas I wanted to explore in The Other Empire. One was Eggman winning, I've already written about that. The other three are: One, Eggman using that machine from Sonic Unleashed (that turned Sonic into a Werehog) to split Sonic and Super Sonic into two different people; Two, a bunch of stuff about time-travel and the resulting paradoxes; and three, the ramifications of a twist ending that I'm not going to spoil.

When I first plotted the events of TOE, I didn't know much about Sonic the Comic, so I didn't know that splitting Sonic and Super Sonic had already been done. Granted, my Super wouldn't have been evil, but still. I'm not going to be using that idea for anything else I write.

I still like my ideas about time-travel though. It's simple enough that I'm sure others have written about the consequences of the paradoxical madness before, but I haven't read any of these writings. All my time-travel ideas have been adapted for a one-shot I'm writing (still) called End the In. I hope it's good.

As for the twist ending...I'm not spoiling that. I'm still not spoiling that. Because I still plan to use it, eventually. And whenever I do, that will be my rewrite of The Other Empire. Because, like The Sixth Sense, the twist is the fic. Even if the fic that uses the twist isn't a Sonic fan fiction, that'll still be considered the rewrite. In order for the twist to be used, the fic in general will have to be very similar to TOE, because otherwise the twist wouldn't make any sense. It'd still have to be about villains switching universes...trying to take over the world in the new 'verse...etc.

Anyway, I think I've said all I wanted to say. See ya!