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Third fanfic, this is going to be my first non one shot. Haven't been able to get Code Geass out of my mind yet (Doesn't help I've been listening to Continued Story by Hitomi 24/7), so I get dozens of ideas for C.C. and Lelouch stories. Heard a rumor that there was going to be another episode that would give really a true epilogue, can anyone confirm this? Thanks in advance if you do now. Now onto the story, enjoy!

Lelouch hummed softly to himself as he strode through the grounds of Ashford. He was in an unusually good mood. His plans for Britania were in full swing. The dominoes had begun to fall, and they were tearing through his opposition. He smiled at a group of passing girls, causing one of them to swoon and faint into the arms of her friends. Grinning to himself, he continued onward. Passing a group of boys, he noticed they were eating pizza. Immediately the thought of long beautiful green hair, pale soft white skin, cute face...Stopping, he thought "Why not?" Pulling out his cell phone, he hit #1 on his speed-dial.

"Nunally, I'm home!" Lelouch called, kicking open the door with his arms full of pizza.

"Ah, brother! My, you seem happy today!" The blind girl exclaimed.

Leaning down to kiss his beloved sister on the forward, "Why wouldn't I be? I have you." he said.

"What's that smell? Brother, are those pizzas? Did you get them for C.C.-san?"

"Yes, I thought I would decide to do her a treat today." he said, checking to see if they were still warm.

Nunally giggled, "Are you sure it isn't more than that brother?"

A light blush crept into Lelouch's face as he hastily said "N-no, of course not! I better get these to C.C., they will be cold soon. See you soon sister!" He quickly dashed past Nunally, hopping up the steps.

Nunally giggled to herself "Go get her, brother!"

C.C. lay on Lelouch's bed, reading the paper. She had recently found a section that listed local tournaments with their prizes. Browsing she stopped on a certain contest. Her eyes immediately noticed the Pizza Hut coupons as the prize. She then noticed what the competition really was. Her face turned red, and she smiled slightly, imagining. Suddenly the door burst open and Lelouch walked in, arms full of boxes. C.C. immediately squeaked and dived back under the covers, unwilling to let Lelouch see her blush.

"C.C., what are you doing?" he asked.

Regaining her composure, she stuck her head out and said calmly "nothing. You just, surprised me."

"Hmmm. Well anyway, here, these are for you." He put the pizzas on the bed and sat down. C.C. gave a small gasp and dived upon them. Opening one box, she took out a large slice, smiling happily.

Lelouch smiled back, when C.C. suddenly dropped the pizza and asked in a serious voice "All right. What did you do to them?"

Lelouch laughed, "Nothing you paranoid witch. These are for you, I'm in a good mood today and decided to treat you."

C.C. stopped, thinking. Now would be the perfect time to ask him. "Hey, Lelouch?" She asked, leaning forward.

"What is it C.C.?" Lelouch said, turning to face her.

"There's a tournament tomorrow, and I would really like the prize. Do you mind competing in it with me?" She said, eyes wide, lips slightly open.

Lelouch gulped and moved back a bit. "I have nothing to do tomorrow with the Black Knights, so I guess so."

"Do you promise Lelouch? Give me your word."

"Ok, ok, I give my word. Now what's the competition, chess or something?"

C.C. smiled and beckoned him over to the paper. Pointing to the add, she waited for his reaction. C.C. nearly fell off the bed at the boys response. She heard a strangled choke from his mouth, his face simply glowed red, and he began shaking.

Turning to face her, he stuttered "C.C., t-this is the tournament?!"

Smiling coyly, she moved closer to him, placing her hand on his, gently rubbing the skin. "Yes. Do you want to practice?" Giving a small squeak Lelouch stood and and ran out of the room, nearly smacking into the wall. Laughing, C.C. called after the teenager, "Don't forget to be there at 2!"

First chapter is done. I'll have the second one out in a day or two. Some of you may have already guessed what the competition is, but don't spoil it for others! O
As always, reviews are appreciated. Now off to buy R1 and R2 soundtracks of Amazon...Damn I really do need to get this show off my mind lol. Oh, anyone able to recommend a few good anime? I'm looking for a light anime, I need to relax and get my mind of Code Geass. Something along the lines of Spice and Wolf or To Love-Ru maybe. Thanks in advance!