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Lelouch slowly opened his eyes, brushing strands of his dark hair from his eyes. Yawning widely, he sat and and rubbed his eyes. Looking toward the clock, he saw it was already 12 PM. Glancing at the bed, he saw it empty.

"C.C. must have gotten up already..." he muttered to himself. Then it hit him. There was the contest. Today. At two. A slight red tinge spread over his cheeks as he stood up to get ready. "Well, I did promise." He said, sighing deeply, pushing open the door to the bathroom.

C.C. strolled through the park, watching the area being set up. She glanced around at the hundreds of people walking around.

"Wow...There are more people than I expected" she thought. Noticing a nearby mall, she decided to wait until two in the pizza hut. "Assuming Lelouch had the balls to show up of course" she chuckled to herself.

Sighing wearily, Lelouch walked into the park, hands in pocket. Immediately he was attacked by girls looking for a partner.

"Hey there, you need someone for the competition?" a pretty blond said, winking at him.

Lelouch walked by her, "I'm ok. I already have a partner."

The blond stuck her tongue out and walked away, leaving a rather shocked Lelouch. Lelouch soon met C.C. standing under the shade of a large tree.

"So you did show up" she smirked.

"Let's get this over with, okay?" he said, rubbing his temples. C.C. hooked her arm through his and they walked to the stage, where a large number of people had gathered waiting for the tournament.

"C.C., you don't need to hook your arm through mine..." Lelouch muttered. "I didn't even know they held these type of contests anymore."

"Oh stop complaining. This is a tournament for couples, we need to act like one. And besides, these tournaments are actually rather popular. You just don't know anything about romance" she whispered back.

Lelouch had to agree with her on that last point. A tall man in a black suit walked onto the stage holding a microphone. Immediately the talk died down.

"Welcome, couples!" he shouted, sweeping his hand over the large group of people. "Today you will be competing in one of the most loved and time honored competitions the world has ever seen! A chance for couples to get to know each other (Or rather the interior of the opposites mouth)! Yes, a kissing contest! Whichever couple can last the longest kissing shall win the prize!" There was a roar or approval from the crowd.

Meanwhile in the middle Lelouch merely shook his head. "This is why I need to topple Britania and save the world..."

"Now couples! Please spread out! We will have multiple judges walking through to make sure no one cheats! Get ready and good luck!"

Lelouch and C.C. walked toward a large clearing. "C.C., I need to tell you something before we begin" Lelouch said nervously.

"You had plenty of time to go to the bathroom before we began. Hold it you wuss." she said dismissively.

"Not that! I've just never kissed a girl..." he said, looking away.

"Really? I would have thought you would have at least kissed quite a few, seeing how popular you are." C.C. said, surprised.

"I never bothered, they were just a distraction," Lelouch muttered, a blush creeping onto his face.

C.C. grinned, a small blush creeping onto her own face. "Well then, get ready you arrogant teen. I'm going to teach you a lesson."

Suddenly the announcers voice echoed around the park, "BEGIN!"

Turning to C.C., Lelouch said "all right, lets get this over wi...mmf!" He was soon cut off by C.C.'s lips. Her tongue pressed against his mouth, seeking entrance. Still a tad dazed, he opened, allowing her in. "She tastes good...Like pizza..." he vaguely thought. She wrapped her arms around him, pulling him even deeper into the kiss. "I could get used to this..." Lelouch thought, before he lost himself to C.C.'s sweet embrace.

"Hey, you two. Snap out of." The announcer said, poking Lelouch on the shoulder.

Lelouch separated himself from C.C. and turned to face him, hair ruffled, dazed look in his eyes. He then noticed the hundreds of people gathered around them, giggling, swooning, and acting rather disgruntled.

"You won kid. That was one hell of a kiss. Here's your prize" he said, holding out a bag filled to the brim with coupons for free pizzas.

"Oh, it's not mine. It's hers. C.C. go collect your prize. We need to get home soon." C.C. looked at the bag for a second, then looked back to Lelouch.

"I've already got my prize though." she said. Lelouch blinked, suprised. "Really? What is it?" She smiled at Lelouch, grabbing him and pulling him close to her. "You" she said, before drawing Lelouch into another deep kiss.

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