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Wind Scattered



Naruto turned over again, facing the ceiling. Sleep was impossible tonight. His eyes were still wet with tears. This day had been the worst in his entire life.

Sasuke was now with the Akatsuki. Another failed mission to bring him back. But what was the worst, was the fact that Jiraiya was dead. Killed by Pain, the leader of Akatsuki.

The blonde boy began to cry again at remembering his dead sensei. The sobs racking his body shook him, making him hug his knees to chest, trying to make the pain stop.

He'd blamed Tsunade for it. Told her it was her fault because she sent Jiraiya. Naruto didn't mean it. His heart was in shreds. Jiraiya had been what held him together the last three years. And now he was dead. His body was rotting somewhere, Jiraiya had died all alone. That's what Naruto couldn't forgive himself for. He should've been there with Jiraiya. Not chasing after Sasuke. The Uchiha wasn't coming back, but Naruto just couldn't, no he wouldn't see it.

Now it was all to painfully clear.

Jiraiya had done nothing but protect him, train him, love him even. And Naruto had let him die. He kept berating himself, over and over.

Naruto kept hugging his knees, trying to stop all the memories from coming back. It was no use. They flooded his mind, making his heart ache in his chest.

He just let himself be taken back to a month before they came back to Konoha. It was there, there in that time when this all really started.

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