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"Where is it?!"

Yuki looked up from his keyboard to the door of his office. What was that brat doing? After a long moment of silence and then a crash, Yuki sighed and got up to see what Shuichi broke. He found the pink haired singer rustling around in a stack of old papers in the living room, muttering to himself.

Cocking an eyebrow, Yuki waited a moment then decided to venture out and call him. "Hey brat? What are you doing making a mess of my house?"

He frowned when Shuichi jumped, and then turned to him only enough to glance in Yuki's direction, then turned back to resume his digging.

"What are you looking for?" Yuki said, trying again.

"I have to find it Yuki! I know it's here somewhere! I can't believe I can't find it!!"

Yuki found he was getting agitated. The singer was hardly even acknowledging him, in favor of whatever worhtless thing he'd been careless enough to lose? And after he had been kind enough to see what was wrong with him.

Yuki reached out and grabbed Shuichi's arm as he was scurrying past Yuki, pulling the singer back towards him.

"Why don't you try telling me what you lost like I asked you in the first place?" he asked a bit roughly.

The threat Yuki had tried to put in his voice was ignored by Shuichi, who still looked very distracted and was glancing around the room. This disgruntled Yuki even more.


No response.


Nothing, just a frantic swivel of the singer's head.

"Brat!" Yuki had put his head near Shuichi's to yell for him and Shuichi had quickly turned his head, smacking straight inot Yuki's.

"Goddammit!!" Yuki cursed gripping his forhead.

"Ow!" Shuichi yelled, holding his own aching head.

"Dammit, brat! What's so important anyway?!" Yuki was close to not caring anymore, mere mental centimeters away from simply walking back to his study and slamming the door closed to hole himself up once more.

Shuichi looked back up at Yuki, rubbing his head. "Gah, that hurt!"

"Answer the freaking question!"

"Fine!" Shuichi froze then, his mouth held open stupidly. He held the pose for a long time, until Yuki smacked him on the head.

"Ow! Yuki! That was the place I hit my head!"

Yuki just glared at Shuichi. "What are you looking for?" he asked dangerously.

Shuichi paused, careful not to take to long, then scratched his head. "Ah, I can't remember now..."

Yuki stared blankly at the pink haired singer's goofy grin. He could feel anger bubbling inside of him, but the shock was overwhelming it for the moment.

Finally he whispered, "You mean to tell me you tore my house apart and don't even remember why you did it?"

Shuichi noticed the dangerous calm in the blonde's voice. He blinked and looked up and him.

"Um, y-yes?"

Shuichi shivered as he stood outside their apartment. "Stupid Yuki..." he mumbled, crying and nursing his head injury. "I'M SORRY THAT MY MEMORY IS SO BAD YOU JERK! And- and- and- AND IT'S COLD OUT HERE!!" he yelled up at Yuki's study window.

Up in his office, Yuki stopped typing, hearing Shuichi's outburst. He light a cigarette anf went to his closet, pulling out a blanket and then opened the window, tossing it out and chuckling when it landed fully over the unsuspecting pink head below.

He went back to his study, and just as he began to type again, he heard, "VERY FUNNY YUKI!! YOU KNOW I HATE IT WHEN YOU DO THAT!!"

Yuki laughed again as he started writing, listening to Shuichi mumbling from downstairs.