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Chapter 4: Trapped

Christan tried to cry out again, but her sound was trapped by the hand over her mouth.

Two guys were in the hall beyond her chamber, so close that that had to hear her yelp. A girl about 16 was complaining about what they had

done. Christan made a noise through her nose. The girl had to hear something, stopping in mid sentence. One guy was listening, his

attention was on her. Christan snorted, wrestling, trapped in the presence of the guy that held her. She struggled hard,kicking over a stool,

striking the chest as she swung her foot, digging her elbows into her kidnaper's sturdy body. As strong arms held her, the sounds were heard through

the wrists were bound together, a cloth was stuffed into her mouth. A cloth sack was flung over Christan s head. Even as she

struggled, kicking,crying out , she was lifted like a bundle and handed out the kicked,she jacked her shoe hard into the mans

hood. The stranger threw her down into the wet grass, two hands roughly cradled her head, and the voice hissed " do that again beautiful,

and i'll break every bone in your body. "