A/N: Inspired by Scribbler's "As Deep As the Sky". Put your music player on shuffle, and write a one-shot based on the song that comes up in the time it takes for the song to play. Due to the massive amount of polar (Jounouchi/Mai) one-shots I've gotten out of this, this will be for just the polar. All other one-shots will be in another fic, "You Can't Stop the Beat."

Due to the lack of time and my unfortunately loss of my mad typing skillz that I acquired from NaNoWriMo last November, there may be very amusing typos or just stuff that plain doesn't make sense. I apologize for that.

Very unlike my normal fics, the following chapters will all have very few, if any, author notes. So hobey ho, here we go: an ever-increasing number of nothing but polar chapters. Enjoy.

Twenty-Four - Switchfoot.

Twenty-four hours. He had twenty-four hours until she...

Jounouchi looked down at her pale, liefless body. Twenty-four hours. That was what malik had told him. No one else knew. It was all up to him to save her. He had to fight Malik, hopeless as it looked. Fight the man who cared for nothing but killing, with the most deadly weapon in the world--a god itself.

Twenty-four hours. One chance to free her. Jounouchi had no idea how the duels would be determine, but he would fight Malik. He couldn't leave it to anyone else. Malik had pratically challenged him by giving him the deadline. He had it coming. Jounouchi would win. He had to.

He hated seeing her like this. He'd hardly ever seen her weak at all. After she dueled Panik, and lost. But she was still... her. She was still proud, and stubborn, and alive. After magnum... but that was ridiculous. While she had been dueling... now that did come close. Malik screwed with her head, that much was obvious, and Jounouchi couldn't stand that either.

He'd get her back. He wouldn't have to see her weak again. He'd beat Malik and save her.

Or in twenty-four hours, Mai would die.