Imagine - Brunch

There is no up or down. We're all under the same sky. Greedless, nothing to lose. In an imperfect world. Our paradise, here right now.

Their picture stared at him from the wall. He tried to remember her face when he left her. Not the joyous face staring at him now. The empty, blank, betrayed face.

(What had he done?)

Jounouchi grabbed the picture. Stiff, unwilling footsteps quickened until he was sprinting out of the building and into the street. Please let her still be here.

Mai took the plane ticket out of her purse for the umpteenth time. The light changed to green, and she hurriedly threw it back onto the passenger seat. This was it. She was leaving for good. If he wouldn't... if he didn't... then fine. It wasn't his fault. HE didn't try to steal the souls of everyone in the world and feed them to a giant ancient Atlantian monster. HE didn't deserve all the ridicule, torture, and threats that came with her. She didn't NEED him before, and she didn't NEED him now.

(Was there a place where she could live in peace?)

Jounouchi ran.

What was he going to do now?

And ran.

Where did she go?

A sign for the airport. He had to keep running.

An engine revved right next to him. Honda gestured to the back of his bike.

(Get on.)

They recognized her. She'd dyed and cut her hair. But the knew her just the same, and she heard the whispers as she walked through the airport. Someone shouted, pointed. Mai heard her name called.

She whirled around, hoping. Jounouchi clutched the doorway, panting like he'd run the whole way. Mai froze.

An angry crowd formed. She didn't deserve to leave. She didn't deserve to stay. She didn't deserve him. What was left for her? But Jounouchi ignored the crowd, and ran towards her.

No. They were right. She didn't deserve any of it. But... She was going to take it anyway. Jounouchi threw his arms around her, and she held him back, neither of the caring about anything else in the world. Just the two of them, in their own paradise. Just the two of them, and the world was paradise.

A/N: Song's from the the final step of the There She Is! videos by SamBakZa. It is my favorite song.

This is the final chapter of The Sky Held to My Skin. Look out for more (longer) drabbles in Wake Up to Dream.

With my one and only love.

That's our paradise.