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"inverted commas" - talking.

italic - thinking, dreaming or communicating mentally.

As for different languages, it should be understood that whenever Eragon converses with elves, he uses the Ancient Language. If it is dwarves talking without any human or elves present, they are speaking in dwarvish. Sorry, but I have a very limited grasp of the different languages in Alagaesia.

Seven asterisks () - Another character's POV

Two dashes ( -- ) - after some time or later that day.

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Eragon looked up to find Saphira and Arya looking at him with looks of concern etched on their faces.

"Sorry, I was just thinking…" said Eragon, his mind a thousand miles away.

It has been three months since Eragon and the Varden attacked Uru'baen. Arya and the twelve elf spellcasters had managed to separate Galbatorix from his entire supply of Eldunari, a dragon's heart of hearts leaving Eragon and Saphira to duel with the king and his black dragon.

Brisingr was wet with blood from his fallen foes; Eragon brought it above his head to block a slash from Galbatorix. He then took the opportunity to slash at Galbatorix's ribs. The king blocked it with ease. Sweat dripped down Eragon's forehead. Eragon frowned, trying to find a weakness in his enemy.

Although Galbatorix had been separated from the Eldunari, he still more skilled and powerful than Eragon. Eragon knew that if he did not defeat Galbatorix soon, his supply of energy will run out and he would fail to kill the king. Above their heads, Saphira and Shruikan continued to batter each other with strong blows.

Shruikan let out a shriek as Saphira clawed through his armor and flesh. Galbatorix winced as he felt Shruikan's pain through their mental link. Eragon seized his chance and stabbed at Galbatorix's ribs. He expected to feel Galbatorix block his stab but none came. Brisingr plunged through Galbatorix's armor and embedded itself in his flesh.

"Curse you, Eragon!" shouted the dying king. "Curse you and your loved ones to never find peace as long as you remain in Agalaesia! Curse you to leave this land and never return!" With a final breath, Galbatorix fell forward and died.

"He's dead!" Eragon exclaimed. Feeling exhausted, he lost consciousness.

Eragon woke up. His forehead and shirt were full of sweat. He frowned, remembering the king's curse. He shivered as he remembered the consequences of a curse in the Ancient Language.

"We have to leave, Saphira, you heard Galbatorix's curse. Neither us nor the ones we love can find peace if we stay," said Eragon, forgetting that Arya was still there.

Arya frowned. "A curse made in the Ancient Language is not to be taken lightly," she cautioned. "I will speak to my mother and Blodgharm about this but I doubt there is a counter-spell to this."

Thank you, Arya Svit-Kona, Saphira replied for Eragon.

Do you think we will be forced to leave Alagaesia? Asked Eragon.

It is possible, but where shall we go? We know not of any lands beyond the sea, replied Arya.

What about Alalea? Brom told me that was where elves came from.

Arya shook her head. The knowledge of Alalea's whereabouts has been lost to all but the oldest of our race. Even they might have forgotten the whereabouts of Alalea.

We shall see, but I think it's certain that Saphira and I are destined to leave Alagaesia and never return, said Eragon.

With a pang of sadness, he thought of everything he would miss. Roran and Katrina and their newborn baby, Eva, Murtagh, his half-brother who was released from his vows when his true name changed, Orik, the king of dwarves, his clan chief and foster brother and the villagers of Carvahall.

"Eragon? Why don't we go for a walk?" asked Arya. Eragon nodded and got up to follow her.

They strolled past the Menoa tree and greeted the elves they met on their way. Eragon kept silent, for he could tell that Arya had something to tell him.

"Eragon… I …" Arya seemed at a loss for words. "I have something to tell you. I… Well, it's easier to show you."

Eragon felt the familiar touch of Arya's consciousness brush against his. He let his barriers fall, allowing her into his mind. He gasped as her thoughts and emotions crashed upon him.

He was now looking at her memories, looking through her eyes. A familiar face filled his vision. It was the face of Eragon before the Agaeti Blodhren, before he was changed. His chocolate brown eyes full of secrets. His light hair ruffled by a breeze. His lips were curved in a slight smile, irresistible and perfect looking. The vision changed, to show not only his face, but also his shoulders and arms. His shoulders were broad due to the hard work on the farm and his arms were tanned and hard, his lean muscles were very obvious.

Her feelings came next. An urge to kiss those irresistible lips, to wrap her arms around him, to run her hands through his hair. A longing for those arms to be wrapped around her, to jold her close and make her feels safe and loved. A pang of loneliness.

Arya loves me, he realized.

Before he knew what was happening, Arya cupped his face in her hands and kissed him. It took him several moments to comprehend everything. Eragon started kissing her back.

They stayed locked in an embrace, watching the blood-red sunset. Eragon sighed, everything seemed perfect. Finally he got up, brushing the leaves off his tunic.

Arya shot him a look of confusion. "We have to attend the feast, remember?" He explained.

"Yes, now I remember. My mother would not be pleased if we were late so we better hurry."

The mounted Saphira who took them to Tialdari Hall where a long table was set up outside for the feast. Queen Islanzadi was already seated at the head of the table. She motioned for Eragon to be seated at her right. Arya took the seat directly opposite of Eragon.

After the traditional greetings were exchanged, about a dozen elves carrying plates of food arrived and placed it on the table. Eragon immediately dug into the food, which consisted of fruits and vegetables only.

"Eragon, Lady Nasuada just contacted me just now. She requires you and Arya to be present when they search Galbatorix's castle. She hopes you will fly to Uru'baen as soon as possible," said Queen Islanzadi.

"If that is so, we will leave at dawn tomorrow," replied Eragon. "There is another matter I wish to discuss with you…"

Eragon explained everything that happened in Uru'baen, including Galbatorix's curse. He also told her about sailing to Alaea. The queen listened intently, not interrupting until Eragon was finished.

"I will have several elves search through records and determine the location of Alalea. I will talk to my advisors about this, but I too wish to return to Alalea," she said.

"I will update you on all information we discover but for now, concentrate on the task at hand which is to search Galbatorix's castle for anything important and restoring order to Alagaesia. Alagaesia needs a new king, please make sure someone suitable ascends to the throne."

As you wish, replied Saphira.

"Eragon, Arya and Saphira, you are excused. Go have a good night's rest. You will need it, "said the queen.

Eragon got up, to the disappointment of the elves gathered around the table, which were hoping to share a conversation with the famous rider. He accompanied Arya to her room in Tialdari Hall and kissed her goodnight before heading to his tree house.

Eragon found it hard to slip into his waking dreams due to his excitement. He felt Saphira's warmth as she snuggled beside him. He felt happy and content. His worries were banished to the furthest corner of his mind.

Sleep well, little one.

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