This sort of follows on from "Through the Gloom and Doom" and "The Journey Continues," but should make sense on its own. Mostly, it's an explanation for "Silence In the Library" and "Forest of the Dead" -- and it's completely Human-ishDoctor/Rose as far as romance is concerned!

Um, CONTAINS SERIES 4 SPOILERS! If you couldn't tell.

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Chapter 1, Hey, That Looks Kinda Familiar

The Doctor walked into Rose's room in the Tyler mansion, stepping carefully over the half-filled boxes and suitcases on the floor. They'd just gotten back from their honeymoon in Barcelona--the city, not the planet--and were packing up to move into their new house.

Well, Rose was packing. The Doctor's possessions were still limited to the suit he'd arrived in (with well-stocked pockets) and the small wardrobe he'd acquired after his and Rose's shopping trip.

Rose was kneeling on top of an overstuffed garment bag, trying to work the zipper up the side.

"Need some help?" the Doctor asked, crouching down beside her.

"Yeah, pull that zip up, will ya?" she asked, climbing fully on top of the bag, lending all her weight on her hands and knees.

With the added pressure, the Doctor was able to successfully close the bag.

"Thanks," Rose told him, rolling off the bag and sitting on the floor. "Regular luggage is a pain," she said, smiling at him.

The Doctor didn't share her amusement. "I'm sorry we lost the duffle," he told her. It had been a gift from the TARDIS, when she'd packed up Rose's room for her: a nice over-the-shoulder duffle bag . . . that was bigger on the inside.

Unfortunately, it was too long to carry on the plane--yes, this earth still used airplanes; zeppelins were more for show than for speedy transportation--and the bag had to be checked. And then lost.

"They still might find it," Rose consoled, climbing to her feet, and moving to her bookcase.

The Doctor joined her as she pulled up an empty box and began transferring the contents from the shelves.

His eyes were drawn to a book that sat on top of the case. "What's that?" he asked, his throat suddenly dry.

"Oh," Rose said, picking up the blue-bound book. "This is the journal I told ya about," she said. "I think I've got just about all the places we went in here. Anythin' excitin' or important, anyway."

She recounted how she'd gotten it when she was first stuck here, and how she used to write in the journal every morning for the first couple of years she was in Pete's world. Until she got distracted by the real possibility of getting back to him with the Dimension Cannon, that is.

But the Doctor was only half listening. The journal's cover had been worked into a rough representation of the TARDIS. He'd seen it before, although he hadn't been allowed to read it.

Spoilers, he'd been told.


To be continued.