This is my first ever HanaKimi fic. I accept criticisms. I hope you like it.

For Brother

"Princess! Princess Mizuki! There you are!"

Mizuki turned around to see her lady-in-waiting hurrying towards her.

"What's wrong, Mary?"

Mary, looking frustrated, replied, "I've been looking all over for you, Princess. Where have you been?"

"Nowhere but here," Mizuki replied, stretching out her arms to indicate the garden in which they stood.

"You are too carefree, Princess. Anyway, your elder brother, His Highness, has returned and he has excellent news. He-"

"Brother is back at last? Is he safe? May I go see him? What is the news about?"

"Don't rush. He is perfectly fine. Your brother will tell you the news himself. Go to him. He is waiting for you in his room. Oh, how exciting. We're going to be very busy," Mary replied with glee.

"Yes, we will be."

Mizuki and Mary looked up and found Mizuki's older stepbrother and only family, King Shizuki Claude Ashiya of the Kingdom of Sakura, smiling down at them.

"Dear brother!" Mizuki exclaimed and threw herself onto him. "I am so glad you are back. I missed you."

"So did I, Mizuki. Every single day I yearned to see your cute little face."

Shizuki turned to the guards and Mary and said, "Leave us. I wish to talk to my sister alone."

The guards and Mary bowed and left.

"Brother, how was your journey? Were you able to make peace with the Kingdom of Osaka? Did they hurt or insult you in any way?"

The noble Kingdoms of Sakura and Osaka had been enemies long since before Mizuki had even been born. She didn't know why they fought but she didn't like it. Shizuki didn't like it either. As soon as he had become King – about three months ago – he had set out to Osaka in an effort to make peace with them.

"So many things happened. At first, the King didn't believe that my intentions were not of the evil kind. Nevertheless, I was able to convince him that I wasn't there to fight. They let me into the castle and we decided to unite both Kingdoms through marriage."

"Marriage?" Mizuki blinked. Then, understanding what he meant, she hugged him tighter. "Mary was right. It is exciting! Congratulations, brother! I'm so happy for you. I can't wait to meet my future sister-in-law!"

Shizuki laughed. "Oh, Mizuki, you're not getting a sister-in-law - at least not yet. I'm getting a brother-in-law. You're getting married."

Mizuki pulled herself from Shizuki's arms.

"What? Brother! How could you decide something like that without even asking my consent? This is my life!"

"But, Mizuki, I thought you would agree with me that this was for the best. You-"

"How can I agree with you, brother? You want me to marry a man I have never even met in my whole life. Besides, I'm only sixteen! I don't want to get married so young."

"Please, listen to me, Mizuki. I don't want you to leave me so soon, either. But think about it. You are going to bring peace to both lands. So many people have died in the battle between our kingdoms. You can put an end to it all."

"Brother, I do love our kingdom but sacrificing my future for it is-"

"Do you really think I would let my precious sister fall into the hands of someone I thought unworthy of her? I would never do such a thing. Why do you think I stayed there for so long? I was researching on him. Of course, the King didn't know what I was doing. I've learned that the Prince is a very honest, kind, caring, gentle, smart, brave young man of nineteen who suits you perfectly."

"Just 'cuz he has so many good qualities doesn't mean that I would agree to marry him. I want to marry someone I love."

Shizuki grinned.

"I thought you'd say that. Your dear big brother has considered everything. We're leaving to Osaka as soon as possible."

"What are you-?"

"The King wants to meet you. We'll stay there for as long as necessary. You can meet the Prince and see what an amazing person he really is. What do you think of that?"

"Stupid," she answered without hesitation.

"Come on, Mizuki. Just give him a chance. Do it for your brother who wants to see you happy. You don't have to marry him if you really really hate him."

"Meaning that you'll force me to marry him even if I like him a teensy weensy bit."


Mizuki sighed. "Okay, fine. I'll come, for brother. But that does not mean I'm agreeing to marry him. It just means that I'll see what he does to my heart. If I do fall in love – although I don't think that that is possible – I'll marry him. If I don't fall in love, and you try to make me marry him anyway, I'll hate you for the rest of my life and never speak to you again."

Shizuki looked hurt, "Isn't that a little too harsh?"

"Be glad that I agreed to come," Mizuki grumbled.

Shizuki smiled and placed his hands on her shoulders. "Trust me; you'll fall in love."

So how was it?