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The first week after I told Carlos that I wanted to have a child, I don't think we slept more than twenty minutes. But it turned out to be a harder task than anticipated. After a few false positives and miscarriages, we went to see doctors and they kept telling us that if we didn't conceive in the next eight months, we would never conceive. But that didn't stop us from trying. And boy did we try. Carlos loves a challenge.

Four months later, we got married in a small church wedding. Ironically, we chose the day that I decided to leave. Carlos said it was because it was the day I got my wings back and it symbolized that he would always be there to help me fly. My mother was appalled at my guest list, but she got over it when I told her that everyone else would be coming to the reception. I just wanted the wedding part to be about me and Carlos, not what my mother wanted. It was an affair to remember. I think it was the only time (though he won't admit it) Carlos cried. He told me on our honeymoon what my father had said. He told him that he knew that I would love his daughter for the rest of his life and not that scum Morelli. I think there was more, but I didn't press it.

Terry started claiming that Joe got her pregnant and believed it till she went into labor. And then she gave birth to a black baby. It's rumored that Joe is somewhere in Arizona, trying to get as far away from the Burg as he can.

Soon after we got home, Lula announced that she and Tank were getting married, but not for a long time. She was still enjoying the engagement sex to change it to married sex. I would never tell her, but its way better. She takes care of my more regular skips and all the other one's go to Rangeman and my team. Carlos gave me a small staff to help me with my skips. And when I say small, it's me and my partner, Manny. Carlos doesn't mind that I'm going after skips, but he wants me to be more careful so I can come home and be a pampered wife. Which I was happy to do because you know what they say, practice makes perfect.

And it did.

Ten months, two months after the doctors said we would never conceive, I was pregnant.

I have all ten tests.

That wasn't the only surprise.

I was pregnant with twins.

When Carlos sees a challenge, he makes sure he goes above and beyond the call of duty.

"Babe," Carlos said as he wrapped his arms around me. He kneeled down and pulled up my shirt and kissed my stomach. "Hi fellas."

"Hey, we don't know what we're having."

"I'm getting a boy/ boy feeling."

"I don't think so. I feel girls."

"Babe, we can't have anymore girls."

"You have Julie! That's it!"

He got up and shrugged. "Well, if you're right, we're just going to have to keep having kids until we have a boy. And that could take years."

"Oh, no, this is you're only shot, mister. I'm not staying barefoot and pregnant until I go menopausal. That's what Joe wanted."

"Yeah, but we'll have more fun getting there."

Boy, that was true.

"Well, we'll see, Mr. Manoso."

"Yes we will, Mrs. Manoso."

And then he kissed me.

Seven months later we were blessed with a son and a daughter. Thank god we were both right. I don't think either one of us could stand the gloating.

Ricardo Carlos and Ella Maria have been the constant blessing in our lives. Every day, they teach us something we didn't know about ourselves. Like that it's special to love one person, but completely and utterly amazing to love three.

Our parents were thrilled. My father finally got to have a grandson among girls and my mother saw it as another chance to make a burg housewife. That is, until taking her Wonder Woman blankie as her cape and tried to fly off the stairs. I don't think I ever saw my mother that white. Carlos just laughed and hugged his daughter. Boy, he was in trouble when she became a teenager.

We took the twins to see Carlos's father, and he couldn't have been more thrilled. He smiled and played with the only grandchildren he ever met. I knew a part of Carlos was happy that he took them to see their grandfather because he never stopped smiling. I think the weight lifted a little.

Unfortunately, two days after we visited, Ric passed away. Carlos and Maria set up the funeral and I called each and every sibling and wouldn't get out of their faces until they agreed to show up. Celia told me as I was leaving that she was grateful for me. Carlos had finally met his match and other half. Suffice to say that each and every one showed up.

"Mommy, mommy! Daddy's home!" My five year old daughter told me. She grabbed my hand and we ran to the door. Carlos had been in Miami on business and already had Ricky in his arms.

"Daddy!" Ella screeched jumping into his arms seconds after Ricky vacated it.

"Babe, I thought we said no more sugar."

"Oh, no, this wasn't me. I swear Ella must sneak it to her." He smiled his 200 watt smile."How's Julie?"

"Excited to graduate next month. She wants us to be there."

"I know. I already booked the flight." Julie and I have been e-mailing for the past few years.

"Missed you, Babe."

"Missed you too, Batman." He hugged me closer to his side.

"Want me to show you how much?"

I shrugged. "Maybe later." I smiled.

He smiled back and threw me over his shoulder. Ricky and Ella were herded by bigger Ella into their playroom as we went to play in a different room.

"Happy Anniversary, Babe." Carlos said as he slid into me.

Yes, it was.

And then I proceeded to fly. Twice.

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