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"How did we not figure that demon mongooses were going to be so much bigger than regular mongooses?" Hellboy scowled. "Mongeese?"

Abe leaned back against the cool wall of the truck as it shuttled him, Hellboy, Liz, John and Johann back to the BPRD. It was storming outside; hard, pounding rain that carried down from New York, slamming the metal roof of the truck in a deafening roar. Abe was not looking forward to the short run from the underground garage to the auxiliary building where Manning was waiting for them.

The truck rolled to a stop, and Hellboy was up first, jerking the doors open. Grumbling about the "goddamn weather and goddamn New York", he booked it to the shelter of the building, Liz, John and Johann close behind. Abe stopped to grab his respirator, then ran after them.

As he moved towards the other building, lightning struck ahead of him, and the icthyo-sapien's eye caught something in the flash. A dark shape, curled up against the wall. Abe skidded to a halt—trash? Hellboy turned to him as he crossed the doorway. "Abe! You okay?"

"I—" Lightning illuminated the courtyard as Blue started to speak, casting the wall into a harsh relief—just enough for Abe to realize that the lump on the ground was anything but trash.

It was a girl, her hoodie and jeans matted to her body, and a pair of ruined leather gloves lay beside her.

"So...now what?"

Abe sighed as, yet again, Hellboy voiced exactly what they all didn't want to say. They stood outside the study, all fixated on the girl. They'd brought her inside, and now she sat on the couch with her knees pulled up to her chest; her soaked clothes traded in for Liz's robe and an enormous pair of fuzzy slippers that Hellboy vehemently denied were his. Her black-blue curls still dripped water, but she didn't seem to notice or care. She'd been staring at the wall with her bizarre violet eyes and hadn't said a word. The only things she had insisted on keeping on were her ratty leather gloves.

Abe jumped as Hellboy spoke to someone behind him. "What's the news?" Turning, he saw that Clay making his way down the hall to them.

Clay shrugged. "Needless to say, Manning's pissed. He wants you to figure out who she is and what she wants."

Abe arched a non-existent eyebrow. "Hellboy? Manning wants Hellboy to talk to her?"

"Thanks for the vote of confidence, Blue."

Clay grinned, but it was weary. "Hell, I'm not one to mess with Manning at four in the morning."

Red yawned, stretching, before stomping back into the study to loom over the girl. "So, where ya from?"

The girl looked up at him, silent.

"Oy! Where are ya from?"

Still no response. Liz placed a hand on the demon's arm. "You're probably scaring her. Let me try." She turned to the girl. "Where are your parents, sweetheart?"

This time, the stranger made a face, and Johann observed her curiously. "You know, I don't sink she can speak," he said.

Finally, a nod. "You're a mute?" John asked.

Another nod.

Hellboy scowled. "Well, fuck a duck. Now what?"

The girl moved suddenly and the team reacted, drawing guns. Rolling her eyes, the stranger exaggerated her movements slowly, reaching into her bag to pull out a small dry-erase board and a marker. Do any of you happen to read lips?

They shook their heads. She scowled. Well. This is lovely.

"Hey!" Hellboy stone hand clapped Abe on the back a bit too hard. "Abe reads minds! He just has to touch you!" He paused. "Wait, that's—that's not what I meant!"

Liz smacked him. "What he means it that Abe can tell things about from just touching your hand."

The girl paled. That's not the best ever idea.


It just isn't.

John eyed her cautiously. "Um, okay. How old are you?"


"Really?" Liz asked. "Wow, I'm getting old. What's your name?"

The girl paused for a second, debating whether or not to answer, before scrawling, Six.

"Your name is Sechs?" Johann repeated.

Yes. Only not in German, Mr...?

"Oh!" Johann shook his head. "Forgive our manners. I am Johann, zat is Liz, John, Clay, Abraham and zat," he pointed at Red, "is Hellboy."

Her smile was wry. I know.

"How did you find us? And why aren't you scared?" John jerked his thumb at Hellboy. "He's red!"

Hellboy growled, grabbing John by the collar and yanking him out into the hallway. "'Scuse all of us."

From the hallway, they watched as the girl stood up and walked the walls, skimming her fingers over the spines of books. Johann drummed his finger against the wall. "Vhat are ve going to do? She can't be human—she found us."

"I say we keep 'er," Hellboy said.

Liz yanked his topknot. "She's not a pet! You're just saying that to piss Manning off. Besides, where the hell could she stay?"

"S-She could stay with me." Head turned to eyeball Abe. "In t-the study, I mean. One of the new couches...converts to a bed, and...and she has nowhere else to go!" he finished awkwardly.

John and Clay exchanged glanced and groaned. "Fine," Clay frowned. "But she stays only until we figure out what to do with her."

Hellboy grinned. "Manning's gonna be so fuckin' pissed!"

"Sweet! Roast beef!"

John grunted as he wheeled the heavy cart into the library. "Glad you're so happy, Red. Want to give me a hand?"

Red grinned and took the piled-high plates from the tray, putting one on the table and taking one for himself. Johann looked at him oddly. "Zere are fourteen sandviches on zat tray."

"Yeah, and?"

"You're going to eat all of zem?"

To make a point, Hellboy took a sub and stuffed it in his mouth. Six laughed silently, showing her teeth. She had spent the night in the study, and now she'd joined the team for lunch. She'd taken off her leather gloves earlier—they were literally falling apart at the seams. Now, she was keeping her fingers twined together in her lap.

John took a sandwich from the plate on the table and turned to Six. "Want one?"

She reached for her board, only to realize she'd left it in the study. Pen?, she mouthed.

"Yeah, sure. Here." John reached into his shirt pocket, ignoring Hellboy's whispered "Nerd!"

Six took it from him and wrote on her arm. Abe noticed that her hands and the skin halfway to her elbow weren't nearly as tan as the rest. Did she always wear those gloves? No, thank you. I don't have my gloves.

Hellboy stopped halfway through taking a bite. "Ya can't eat without gloves?"


"Why not?"

Her lips twisted into a frown, but before she could respond, Manning's voice surged through the room.

The Director stormed into the study. "What's she doing here?"

Hellboy bit off a hunk of sandwich, mumbling through his full mouth, "Wasit look like? We're keepin' her."

Manning glared and reached for Six. "We're not a home for wayward teens, Hellboy. She goes out!"

Six shot backwards, her momentum sending her side of the couch back, the wooden legs screeching against the floor. A switchblade appeared in her hand as she stood, putting distance between herself and Manning.

Manning stopped cold. "You let her in here with a knife? She was going to kill me!" He fixed his gaze on John and Clay. "I want her out. Now."

Johann motioned for the mute to sit down. "You can relax," he told her, "Director Manning is just full of ze hot air. He vill varm up to you."

The girl arched an eyebrow, looking dubious and Johann chuckled at her reaction. "Or perhaps he vill not. Vone vay or anozer, you vill not be going anyvere against your vill."

Hellboy grinned and stuffed another roast beef sub in his mouth. "Damn straight," he mumbled.

Six sat in one of the stuffed armchair of the study, flipping through a book, her fingers hovering over the pages. Abe sat across from her, turning the pages of his favorite blue poetry book. Suddenly, he looked at her. "Is your name really Six?"

For as long as I can remember.

Abe's eyes widened. "Why were you named Six?"

She looked away from him, her expression unreadable. I'm not sure.

"Do you like it when we call you that? Is there any other name you would prefer to go by?" Abe had noticed how her face clouded over whenever Hellboy or John had called her name.

Six thought for a moment before writing, I've always like the name Isabelle.

"Isabelle it is, then."

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