The Demon Inside Seeking for Love

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Natasia: Been awhile huh?

Asuna: Yup, it sure has been.

Setsuna: So what's this story about this time?

Konoka: Is it about Secchan and I?

Natasia: You'll see just read.

Prologue: The Meeting

Exiled from her tribe at the age of 3, Setsuna Sakurazaki was lucky to be found by the Shinmeiryuu. There she trained day in and day out, taking in every drop of information that would make her a spectacular swordsman. Two years later she was already the best out of the 5 year old division. Soon she and two of the masters went to a far off estate in the mountains.

This estate was called the Konoe Estate, where a young princess lived. She was isolated from other children and never had someone she could really call a friend, until today.

"Konoka…Konoka-Ojou-Sama, the leaders of Shinmeiryuu are here." Said a maid. Konoka Konoe was in the courtyard when the maid called her. Looking back Konoka saw one man and two girls before her. The man looked to be in his early 20's, he had black hair with yellow highlights, he was rather tall and had a pair of reddish-yellowish eyes.

As Konoka's eyes wandered from the man, and than to the first girl. She looked up to the rather young teenage girl. She smiled and looked at Konoka with green eyes. Not much taller than the man she looked to be a nice and good-hearted girl.

Soon Konoka's eyes drifted downwards to see a girl that looked to be the same age as herself, hiding behind the taller girl. When the girl peered past her companion she would blush shyly and hide once again.

This made Konoka stifle little giggle. The other girl heard Konoka laugh and peeked out of her hiding place to face Konoka's smiling face.

The man and teenager left the two youths to talk and get 2 know each other, while they talked with Konoka's father, Eishun Konoe. The two were left alone at the fish pond.

"It's nice to meet you, I'm Setsuna Sakurazaki!!" Exclaimed the girl to Konoka. Konoka laughed at Setsuna's energy and shyness, which cause Setsuna to laugh along with her.

From a far off distance Konoka's older sister, Himeko was looking over the 2 children laughing.

"Hehe, she finally has a friend." Spoke Himeko. Watching Konoka and Setsuna happily laughing, she smiled in delight. Back where Konoka and Setsuna were, Konoka stopped laughing as she looked around. She had felt as if she was being watched, but she knew who was watching them.

"Ahh I haven't introduced myself, my name is Konoka Konoe." Retorted Konoka. Thinking of what to say, Setsuna got a brilliant idea. "Konoka? Kono-chan!"

Konoka grinned and saw what Setsuna was planning and counter acted. "Hai, Secchan?"

The young girls burst into laughter at the new nicknames that they had given each other.

Later that same day, Konoka and Setsuna were both still at the fish pond. It was around 12:00 noon when Konoka and Setsuna had begun their little game of badminton.

"Here it comes Secchan!" Konoka yelled striking the birdie with her racket. Gracefully flying through the air, the birdie flew towards Setsuna.

Attempting to strike it, Setsuna brought her racket up to whack it. But alas she missed the birdie which ended up in direct contact with Setsuna's forehead. "Owie!"

"Secchan!" Konoka exclaimed running towards Setsuna. Setsuna was kneeling down tending her wound when Konoka reached her.

Setsuna rubbing her head was feckless that it made the red imprint worse. "This is bad!"

"Pain, pain go away!" Chanted Konoka, over and over again. "Kono-chan?"

Setsuna looked at her worried friend with confused eyes. Stopping her chanting, Konoka kneeled down so that she was eye level with Setsuna.

"Does it still hurt? Should I do it again?" Asked Konoka in a concerned voice. Looking at Konoka's cute expression she smiled slightly and shook her head no.

"No it stopped hurting, thank you Kono-chan." Replied Setsuna. With a sigh of relief, Konoka placed her hand over her beating heart. Finally when satisfied and calmed down, Konoka sat next to Setsuna.

Ever so slightly without realizing it Setsuna had placed her hand over Konoka's. "Sorry!"

Konoka looked at Setsuna's blushing face, which cause her to turn a light color of pink.

"That's ok!" Squeaked Konoka. Silently Konoka continued to watch Setsuna blush until….. Bang!

Startling the girls, Konoka grabbed onto Setsuna's arm. Setsuna quietly stood up holding her bokken in one hand, Konoka's hand in the other.

"I'll protect you, Kono-chan." Proclaimed Setsuna. Konoka coward behind Setsuna, while Setsuna raised her bokken as if to smack something.

Whapam! Setsuna swung her bokken and deflected an attack from an unidentified enemy. "Who are you?"

"Sorry, that was may fault!" Yelled Himeko. Konoka and Setsuna turned their tiny heads to face a tall 13 year old girl, with brown hair and blue eyes.

"Onee-chan, baka you almost killed Secchan!" Admonished Konoka. Laughing hysterically, Himeko placed her bow and quiver of arrows against a tree and went to comfort her fuming little sister.

"Sorry for frightening you, Neko-chan." Replied Himeko. This name cause Konoka to puff her cheeks out and start to smack Himeko with her tiny fists.

"Don't call me a cat!" Yelled Konoka. Smiling brightly Himeko looked over at Setsuna's bewildered facial expression.

"Neko-chan here is a good friend; make sure to stay close to her." Himeko said giving Setsuna a wink. This little sentence cause Konoka to turn tomato red, while Setsuna just smirked and nodded her head.

As Himeko gathered her equipment she glanced one last time at the pair before disappearing in a white puffy cloud.

Konoka was still blushing when Setsuna grabbed her attention.

"Kono-chan!" Shouted Setsuna. The yell made Konoka jump back, apparently too far back that she was on the verge of falling into the pond.

Setsuna reacted immediately by jumping onto two stepping stones in the pond and caught the little Konoe princess.

Expecting to fall into the pond and ending up wet, Konoka was surprised to feel warm arms catch her.

"Kono-chan are you ok?" Setsuna asked. Looking at the girl with worried eyes she was happy to see no effigies on Konoka's skin.

"Thank you Secchan, you saved me!" Konoka exclaimed giving Setsuna a peck on the cheek. This caused Setsuna to lose her balance, and fall into the pond.

Laughing slightly, Konoka reached her hand out to her soaked friend.

"Secchan, are you ok?" Asked Konoka. Giggling lightly Setsuna nodded her head and took a hold of Konoka's hand, hoisting herself to a standing position. Konoka had underestimated Setsuna's weight and was ended up being pulled into the fish pond.

Splash! In went Konoka, laughing along with Setsuna. "That was so much fun!"

As soon as the two were back on the bridge, Setsuna took her hakama and placed it over Konoka's shoulders.

"Secchan you'll get sick." Replied Konoka. Setsuna shook her head in a feverish "no".

"Kono-chan you're more important than I am, I don't want you to get sick." Said Setsuna. Konoka tried to protest against this how ever, but was told wise each time.

"Kono-chan you are of higher class than me, you are more important than I." Contradicted Setsuna.

Knowing that she wouldn't be able to reason with Setsuna, Konoka got an idea to keep them both warm. What Konoka did was very funny that it made Konoka laugh and make Setsuna turn red as a cherry.

Konoka tackled Setsuna so that she was on top and Setsuna was on the bottom.

"Kono-chan!!" Yelped Setsuna. Setsuna was blushing badly and franticly wiggling beneath Konoka's body.

"This is the only way for both of us to stay warm, so stop struggling!" Scolded Konoka.

Right away, Setsuna stopped moving and just looked up and noticed Konoka was blushing as well.

The two ended up falling in each other's arms. Later at 7:03 P.M, Himeko and Eishun found the two squirts in the middle of the pond's bridge, asleep.

"Hehe, sleep tight you two." Giggled Himeko.

This was when Setsuna and Konoka met, the hanyo and the princess. Half-demon and mage, they came from different worlds.

Natasia: Well there you have it. The Prolouge.

Asuna: This doesn't seem very long.

Natasia: Shut up, I haven't been able to get on the computer lately.

Konoka: So it was about Secchan and I!

Setsuna: It would seem so.

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