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It had been four days since Gabriel had come to her window and taken her away under the stars. Now they were in the cave she had hid in when she ran away from the Ordeal. It seemed ironic that she was now with the thing she had been running away from the first time she had stayed here.

She had thought that since she was letting him catch her this time, she would lead him somewhere away from the house. She let him think he was catching her, smiling her wolf smile when he nipped at her tail. She swished it back in forth in a very seductive way, she was sure he had had to stop to catch his breath. She felt him fall in behind her again, and sped up. She heard his footfalls echo hers. She decided to sneak a glance behind her as she went around a boulder on a hill. Bad idea. She knew what was happening before it happened. He had caught up with her and cut her off. She skidded into a graceful stop before him. His toothy grin made her shake, he had caught her. He attacked, and it half changed her. The fierceness of his lips on hers, her hands quickly entangled themselves in his hair. They tumbled down the slope in each others arms. He was hers, and she was his. That was all that mattered. Not Esmé, Aiden, the Five, just Gabriel and her.

Vivian awoke in the early morning. She was lying with her head on Gabriel's chest. He was clearly still sleeping. She could feel his slow deep breaths.

They were nestled in the tall grass somewhere at the base of a hill. She lay there, listening to Gabriel breathing, deep in thought. She had more responsibility than she knew what to do with. She had mated the pack leader, she was queen bitch now. She thought that over. Aiden was nothing compared to what she had. Like he was practice for what she felt for Gabriel now. She thought she loved Aiden, but now could see it was nothing compared to her feelings towards Gabriel. Maybe Esmé was right, it was just a phase. She went back to the fact that she let Gabriel catch her. The person she had been running from, the person she had not wanted till a few hours ago. She couldn't believe she had changed from being a stuck freak, worrying about a human, to this new leader who had mated with the person she thought an arrogant, power hungry fool. She had of course been completely wrong. He could relate to her more than her own mother. He had known the feeling of loving a human, and losing it.

Suddenly his arms wrapped around her. She hadn't noticed him waking up. His hand pulled her chin up so he could look at her in the face.

"You are very nice thing to wake up to."

"You're not so bad yourself," I smiled as his eyes started to wander.

"So now that I have caught you, will you leave and say it never happened, or will you be my Queen?"

"Hmmm…" He actually looked worried. She let her words work into him a little longer before she reached up and kissed him. He met her with more force than she had believed possible. His claws slivered up and down her back, her hands found his hair. They were soon intertwined.

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