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Bella P.O.V.

I woke up and immediately realized Edward wasn't here. He probably went home to get changed for school. For once I was glad he wasn't here to see me get sick in the morning. I knew for sure he would overreact and insist that I see a doctor. For the past week or so I wake up every morning and puke my guts out. I am pretty sure it's just a bug because after I empty my stomach I feel just fine. Maybe I'm over it. There is only one sure way to find out.

I tossed the covers back and sat up on my bed. I slowly stood up. Almost immediately I had to make a mad dash for the bathroom. For the sixth day in a row I threw up everything I ate the previous day, which wasn't much.

About ten minutes later I was feeling better so I got up from my position over the toilet and went along with my usual routine. Once I was dressed and ready for school I grabbed my bag and my keys, then headed out to my truck. I got into the truck put in gear and drove the familiar route to school.

When I arrived at school I parked my truck and slid out cautiously, remembering my near death experience the other day involving my knees and gravel. As usual the Cullen's were waiting for me. What was unusual was the look on their faces. Especially Edward and Alice. To say the least they looked pissed and Edward intently watched me as I closed the distance between us.

"Good morning everyone!" I said in the most innocent voice I could muster. Neither Alice nor Edward seemed phased by my sweetness.

"Bella why did I see you not eating breakfast or lunch or even dinner for that matter." Alice said intent on getting a straight answer out of me.

"I don't feel all that well." I replied. Withholding the vomiting part in my explanation.

"Bella is there something you need to tell us?'

"No. I just don't feel well today. If you haven't noticed it is normal for us humans to get sick every now and then." My words came off a little harsher than I thought. I didn't want to be mean, I just wanted them off my back.

"Bella we are just concerned as to why you are not eating." This time Edward spoke. He spoke in a kind and sincere way as if to coax the answer out of me. I can see straight through their "good cop-bad cop" bullshit. Just as I was about to retaliate the bell rang meaning we had exactly three minutes to get to class. Without another word I ran into the brick red school building. I could tell they weren't happy with the limited information by the angry murmurs I heard behind me.

All my morning classes flew by like a gush of wind. And next was lunch so I knew this wouldn't be pleasant. I sat at our everyday table and awaited the Cullen's arrival. Literally four seconds later they all showed up with their trays of food that none of them were going to eat. I knew what was coming when I saw Alice with two trays of food. I knew one was for me. I love food but vomiting it all up in the morning isn't the ideal wake up call.

"Here Bella, eat!" Alice said as more of a demand than a request.

"I'm not feeling good!" I swear this is the fourth time I've said this today. You would think that five vampires with super hearing would've heard me the first time.

"Bella if you eat something maybe you'll feel better. Not eating can only make it worse." Edward said to me in his usual angelic voice.

"Edward its no big deal. So what if I skip one meal it's not going to kill me." I said stating the obvious.

"Probably not but Alice sees you skipping several meals and that can't be good for you."

I was about to speak when Alice cut me off.

"Bella I'm going to ask you some questions and I need you to answer yes or no. OK?"


"OK. Are you anorexic?"

"Of course not. What would make you think such a thing?" I almost screamed out. How could she ask me that when she knows me more than most people.

"Calm down Bella, I'm only guessing by your symptoms."

"SYMPTOMS! What symptoms Alice? There is nothing wrong. You want symptoms Alice? Well I've been puking my guts out for almost a week, I feel bloated like a whale and I'm having a sever case of PMS. Are you happy now? You got your symptoms now you figure out what's wrong with me because I don't know." With that I stormed out of the cafeteria got into my truck and drove. I didn't know where I was driving to and right now I didn't care.

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