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Anyways here we go Return of the Aliens: The Sequel

Chapter 1: 17 Years Later….

Lettuce stared out of the window. Hmm looks like it's going to rain today. She thought to herself. She placed two more plates on the table next to her own. One on either side. One with waffles and strawberries the other with scrambled eggs, bacon, and toast. On her own plate she had one waffle. She didn't like to eat much in the morning. She filled two cups with coffee, one with apple juice and placed them on the table.

Lettuce sat down at the table and sighed. She smiled to herself after she took a sip of her coffee. She couldn't believe what day it was. Time had went by so fast. She couldn't believe that 13 years from this day-

"Happy Anniversary," a voice murmured in her ear. She smiled and sat the cup of coffee down. She turned around and stared into the dark eyes of her husband for 13 years. Then she threw her arms around him, standing up.

"Pai! You remembered!" she squealed.

"Don't I always?" Pai asked returning the hug. She looked up at him.

"Yeah, I'm so lucky you're not one of those husbands that forget," Lettuce said with a smile. Pai smiled and leaned down towards her.

"I'm just lucky," he whispered. Their lips met. Lettuce tightened her grip around him while he wrapped his arms around her waist.

"Ewww!" a small voice said, "Mommy, Daddy that's nasty!" Lettuce and Pai pulled away and looked down.

"Ami," Lettuce started with a smile, "what did we say?"

"I know I know, it's okay for mommies and daddies to do that," the little girl answered.

"And?" Pai asked.

"I'm not allowed to do that till I'm," she paused to think, "until I'm old like you," she pointed at Lettuce and Pai. Pai bent over and stroked her light green hair.

"That's my girl," he said.

"Hmmph I resent that," Lettuce said, "I'm only 35."

"And I'm 6," Ami said proudly.

"We know you're 6 Ami. Now c'mon and eat your breakfast Aunt Ichigo should be here soon to walk you to school," Lettuce said. Ami walked to the seat with the waffles and strawberries and sat down. Pai sat at the spot with the eggs and bacon and Lettuce took her seat.

"Do you think you get off work early today?" Pai asked Lettuce.

"I think I can. You know they really like me over there at the hospital. I don't think they would mind me missing one night," Lettuce answered. Lettuce is an official doctor, It took her 11 years to graduate.

"Good because I'm going to take you somewhere special tonight," Pai said, "I already got the night off from the computer company." Pai designs computer software since he's really good with technology. He designed a small device to hide his, Kisshu's and, Taruto's ears and make them look like regular human ears to blend in.

Kisshu and Ichigo still lived in Tokyo. Unlike the other Mews, who had all went their separate ways, Lettuce and Ichigo stay close together. Same with Kisshu and Pai. Taruto had left with Pudding to travel the world. Mint had taken her dancing to a professional level and was on a world tour. Zakuro was still doing a little modeling but had moved on to acting and was doing a movie in America. Ichigo had changed her mind and is a veterinarian instead of a doctor. Kisshu was a journalist for a local magazine.

"Can I come?" Ami asked. Lettuce and Pai glanced at each other.

"Honey tonight is just for me and Dad," Lettuce said, "but you get to stay Aunt Ichigo."

"Aww why can't I go?" Ami whined.

"Because," Pai started, "Tonight me and Mom are want some alone time," Ami pouted, "oh c'mon you love staying with Aunt Ichigo. She's going to take you back to the vet and you get to help with the animals." Ami stared at him still pouting, "Because tomorrow we're taking you out for ice cream." Ami's dark eyes lit up.

"Double scoop?" she asked. Pai nodded. "Yeah!"

"Knock knock," someone called opening and closing the door. A smiling red head with her hair pulled back in a ponytail tied with a pink ribbon walked into the kitchen. "Morning!"

"Hi Aunt Ichigo!" Ami called turning in her chair.

"Hey kiddo you ready?" Ichigo asked.

"Yeah let me get my bookbag!" Ami called. She jumped out the seat and ran to her room.

"Lettuce, thanks for getting me my own key," Ichigo said, "It's much better then having to wait for someone to open the door."

"No problem," Lettuce said standing up from the table. She started to clear it off.

"Oh Ichigo thanks for keeping Ami tonight," Pai said.

"No problem," Ichigo said, "So 13 years…It seems like just yesterday we were fighting you guys," Ichigo looked over at Pai.

"No that was 21 years and can you keep it down? I don't want Ami to hear you," Pai said.

"Yeah," Lettuce said, "She doesn't know about the whole us being Mews thing," Lettuce sighed, "she hasn't even met Zakuro or Mint and she was too young to remember Pudding."

"Oh well, I'll try and keep my mouth shut about it around Ami," Ichigo said. Ami walked in.

"I'm ready!" she called.

"Okay c'mon," Ichigo said leading her towards the front door.

"Bye Mommy! Bye Daddy!" Ami called.

"Bye sweetie!" Lettuce called before the door shut.

"Auntie Ichigo, why is Mommy and Daddy going out tonight?" Ami asked Ichigo as they crossed through the park.

"Well Ami there's this thing called an anniversary and it's when a mom and a dad celebrate when they got married. Kinda like a birthday," Ichigo explained.

"So they're celebrating the birthday of when they got married?" Ami asked.

"Right! Ami you're so smart you-

Suddenly a flash of bright light interrupted her words.

"Ahhh what's going on!" Ami screamed. Ichigo tried to stare up into the bright light. All she could make out was a huge floating object.

"A-a spaceship?" Ichigo called.

"Auntie Ichigo!" Ami screamed. Ichigo looked beside her. Ami was being raised into the air, but Ichigo wasn't.

"Ami!" she yelled she reached and grabbed her hand. Soon her feet weren't even touching the ground. They were both being lifted into the air.

"What's going on!?" Ami screamed she had tears in her eyes now.

"It's an Anti-gravity ray!" Ichigo yelled but then realized Ami probably wouldn't know what that was.

"Don't let go!" Ami screamed.

"I won't I promise!" Ichigo called. Ichigo looked up and saw a door to the spaceship open and a figure with elf-like ears stepped onto a platform. They were raised higher and higher until she could almost fully see the figure. "Who are you and what do you want?!" Ichigo screamed. The figure teleported to them and grabbed Ami. "Hey-"

"I want the girl," his deep voice rasped. Ichigo stared right into his dark green eyes before he pulled Ami out of Ichigo's grasp.

"Auntie Ichigo!" Ami screamed as the alien floated back to the ship.

"No! Give her back!!" Ichigo screamed. The bright light disappeared and Ichigo plummeted to the ground. "Noooo! Ami!" she screamed. She hit the ground with a loud thud and heard a crack. She looked back up into the sky and saw the ship disappear. "Ami," she whispered before drifting into unconsciousness.

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