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Chapter 18: The End

Pai stared down at his newest results. He had did just what Mai told him. What he discovered was amazing. Mai was right, he could save Lettuce. How could he not notice this before? Pai stopped. If he had noticed it, Lettuce would've immediately been objected to the plan. He couldn't tell Lettuce these results. There was no time to argue. He and Lettuce were due to be in Capsule in less than an hour. Pai balled up his results and threw them in the trash. He knew what he had to do.


Lettuce sat up in her hospital bed. She look to Ami, who was sleeping beside her. A smile came across her face. She looked to the empty chair and her smile faded. She looked around. Pai was gone. Lettuce sighed. She assumed he was setting things up for later. She wished he was here with her and Ami these last few moments.

Lettuce heard a click as the door to her room opened. She looked up and saw Ichigo and Kisshu enter. Lettuce felt tears in her eyes as she looked into Ichigo's. She could tell Ichigo had already been crying. Lettuce moved off the bed and ran to embrace her friend. Ichigo let out a small sob she had been holding in. She held Lettuce close to her.

"I'm gonna miss you so much," Ichigo cried.

"I love you so much, Ichigo," Lettuce whispered, still clinging her to friend, "You were the best friend I ever had."

"You too," Ichigo whispered back. Lettuce pulled back to look at her friend. Tears were streaming down her face. Lettuce wiped her tears with the back of her hand. Lettuce looked over at Kisshu.

"Take care of her, okay?" Lettuce said with a small smile. Kisshu nodded then smiled.

"I will," he answered. Lettuce walked over to Kisshu and hugged him. Kisshu hugged back, he couldn't recall ever being hugged by Lettuce.

"Please take care of Ami," Lettuce whispered.

"I will, I promise," Kisshu whispered back.


Lettuce pulled away from Kisshu and saw Pai standing in the doorway. Lettuce walked over and immediately hugged him. Pai wrapped his arms around her. Pai looked up at Kisshu. His eyes were shiny with tears. Lettuce looked back at Kisshu and moved away from Pai. Pai walked slowly to Kisshu. They hugged. Lettuce and Ichigo smiled at each other.

"I'm gonna miss you, Pai," Kisshu whispered.

"Kisshu," Pai started.

"You were always like a brother to me," Kisshu said, pulling away to look at Pai.

"You too, Kisshu," Pai whispered, touching his shoulder. He looked to Ichigo, "You take care of him," Pai started, he lightly pushed Kisshu towards Ichigo, "Keep him out of trouble." Ichigo smiled and nodded. Kisshu turned and put his arm around Ichigo.

"We love you," Ichigo said for both of them, tears continued to stream down her face. She smiled. Lettuce returned her smile with one of her own.


All four of their eyes turned to the bed. Ami had just woken up and was rubbing the sleepiness from her eyes. She looked up at her family sleepily.

"What's going on?" Ami asked?


Katsu walked into Pai's lab. He had knocked twice, but no answer came. He turned the lights on. No one was there. He figured Pai was getting Lettuce and saying his goodbyes to Kisshu, Ichigo, and his daughter, seeing as they were due to the capsule in less than half an hour. Katsu sighed. Pai had so much to live for, not like himself. He had nothing, not even a person who loved him. Katsu looked up and saw that he had walked deeper in the room.

He turned around. He needed to be at the Capsule to see Pai and Lettuce off. He took a step and accidentally knocked over a small wastebasket. A balled sheet of paper fell out. Katsu picked it up. Curious, he evened out the paper and read its content. His eyes widened. He couldn't believe it. Had Pai discovered this? Katsu shoved the paper into his pocked and quickly left the room.


Lettuce and Pai looked at Ami with soft eyes. This would be the hardest part of all, saying goodbye to Ami.

"We'll wait outside," Ichigo suggested. She led Kisshu out of the room. Lettuce walked over to the bed and sat on the end, in front of Ami.

"Ami," Lettuce started, "Remember what we talked about earlier, about leaving? Well its time for Mommy and Daddy to go." Lettuce choked. Ami stared at them.

"Please! Can't I just come with you?" Ami cried out. Lettuce reached out and touched her cheek.

"No, sweetie, you can't," Lettuce whispered. Pai walked behind Lettuce.

"We need you to grow up and be the best you can be," Pai spoke up. Ami looked between both of them and started crying. Lettuce scooped her up in her arms.

"We love you so much, Ami." Lettuce whispered, "Don't ever forget that." Lettuce stood up. Pai lifted Ami up and hugged her, tightly. Lettuce couldn't hold it in anymore. She began to cry and grabbed onto Pai, her head in his chest while he held Ami. He wrapped one arm around Lettuce. He felt his own eyes burn with tears.

Ichigo looked up as the door opened. Lettuce walked out of the room, behind her was Pai and he was holding Ami. Pai walked up to Ichigo and place Ami in her arms.

"Please take care of her," Pai whispered,"both of them." Ichigo looked up at him confused. He walked over to Lettuce and took her hand. They began walking down the hall.

"Please, don't go!" Ami screamed, she fought to get out of Ichigo's arms, but Ichigo held on tightly to Ami. More tears fell from Ichigo's eyes. "Mommy, Daddy! Please, don't leave me!" Ami yelled. Lettuce squeezed Pai's hand and held her head down as she tried to ignore her daughter's pleas. Pai, thinking it would be easier, teleported out of Ami's sight. Ami gasped before yelling out another scream.


Pai and Lettuce appeared in an unfamiliar room.

"The Capsule is through that door," Pai said, pointing towards a door on the far side of the room. Lettuce nodded and took a step towards the door. Pai grabbed her wrist.

"Pai?" Lettuce asked looking back at him, confused. Pai smiled down at her and pulled her into his arms. He tilted her chin up and kissed her. Lettuce felt a deep blush crawl on her face. She slowly closed her eyes. This kiss was like nothing before. She wanted it to last forever and was sad when Pai pulled away. He pulled her into his chest. Lettuce could hear his heart beating really fast. "Pai?" she asked again.

"I love you, Lettuce," Pai responded, "You and Ami are so important to me." Lettuce looked up at him. "You deserve to be with her."

"Pai, what-" Lettuce tried to talk.

"I didn't want to tell you before," Pai explained, "Because you would've argued about it, but ,Lettuce, you aren't coming with me."

"What?" Lettuce gasped, confused, "B-but you said-"

"I can save this planet without you, Lettuce," Pai whispered pulling her back into his chest, "I know that, now." Lettuce tried to pull away, but Pai held her tigher. "Take care of Ami."

"Pai, please don't," Lettuce pleaded, she felt tears in her eyes.

"I love you," was all Pai said. Lettuce didn't even have time to react. Pai pushed her away. Caught off guard, Lettuce fell down. She looked up to see a transparent Pai as he faded away. She had seen Pai teleport before, but he seemed to move in slow motion now. He had a calm smile on his face as he slowly disappeared. Lettuce quickly got up and reached for him, but all her hand felt was air. She ran to the door, Pai had motioned to earlier, but it was locked. She pulled and yanked but her efforts proved to be in vain.

"Pai!" She screamed banging on the door. She slowly sunk to the ground, and wrapped her arms around herself. She started sobbing, "Pai, don't!"


Pai looked back to the door. He was on the other side now. He had locked the door earlier. He sighed, he couldn't imagine the pain Lettuce was in right now, but it had to be this way. At least she would be able to be with Ami now.

Pai turned and took the Mew Aqua Rod down from its platform. He had discovered that Mew Aqua itself held animal DNA in it, along with a special power. The same power that was inside of the Mews, and the power that was passed on to Ami. The Mew Aqua by itself was a substitute for Lettuce. Pai looked over the rod. He could see the Mew Aqua glimmering within the crystal. He looked down. It was time.

Suddenly his ears perked up. He wasn't alone.

"Pai, you're services are no longer needed."


Mai ran down the long hallway. She had looked everywhere for him. She was going to leave the palace, seeing as she was surely a wanted fugitive now, but she couldn't leave without seeing him one more time. She knew it was a huge risk being there, but she had to. There was something she had to tell him. But where was he? She had looked everywhere in the palace and she couldn't find him. The lights flickered. She stopped short. The Capsule was being activated! Of course he would be there! She felt like such an idiot for not thinking that in the first place. She teleported.


"Katsu, what are you doing her?" Pai asked, staring at Katsu. He was blocking Pai's way to the Capsule. Katsu took a step towards him.

"I'm here to stop you, Pai." Katsu answered. Pai stared at him confused.

"Katsu, what are you saying?" Katsu walked up to Pai.

"You can't do this, Pai," Katsu whispered, "You have too much too lose." Katsu took the Mew Aqua rod away from Pai, "I don't have anything to lose." He said quietly. Pai's eyes widened.

"Katsu...you...you can't-"

"Yes, I can!" Katsu interrupted. He pulled a crumpled sheet up paper out of his pocket. "I found your results. The Mew Aqua will take care of the animal DNA and special power side of Ami and you will take care of the alien side. However, you only need alien DNA not a specific alien DNA."

"Katus," Pai said softly, "I can't ask you to do this."

"You're not," Katsu responded, "Pai, you have a family and a life on Earth. You have a wife who loves you. Here, I don't have that." Katsu eyed the rod. "I never did." He inhaled, "Besides, this is my kingdom, my planet, I should die for it." He looked to Pai, who didn't know what to say. "It's better this way, Pai." Katsu started walking towards the Capsule.

"Katsu!" Pai called, Katsu looked back, "Thank you." Katsu nodded towards Pai and continued down the platform to the Capsule.


Mai teleported. She looked around the room and saw Lettuce on the floor crying. Lettuce looked up and her and Mai's eyes locked.

"What are you doing here?" Lettuce choked out.

"There's no time," Mai answered, pushing past Lettuce to the door. She pulled, but soon found that it was locked.

"Its locked," Lettuce told her, "I already tried." Mai saw that Lettuce was still crying. She assumed Pai had already told her that she was no longer needed to save the planet. She felt really bad for the way she treated Lettuce now, even the kiss she shared with Pai. That kiss showed her something. When she kissed Pai it was okay but it wasn't what she expected. It wasn't wonderful, or amazing. Her heart didn't even skip a beat. That kiss was nothing compared to the kisses she shared with Katsu. She had always thought that the feeling she had with Katsu was normal and dreamed about how it would feel with Pai. She had forced herself to believe she was in love with Pai for so long and so much that she hadn't realized what she had with Katsu was real love. It may not have started that way but she had grew to love him. It took her this many years to realize it. She had to tell him.

She looked to Lettuce, ready to teleport. She felt her eyes soften. She didn't have that spite towards Lettuce anymore. She reached out her hand to Lettuce. Lettuce looked up at her, confused.

"Let's go!" Mai called in a hurried voice. Lettuce nodded and grabbed her hand. Mai proceeded to teleport.

When they arrived on the other side of the wall, they both stared, shocked, at the sight before. They had expected Pai to be the one in the Capsule. However, it was Katsu who stood in the Capsule, his head down. He didn't even notice Mai and Lettuce enter into the room. Lettuce saw Pai standing in front of the platform, watching Katsu. Lettuce took a step and Pai's ears immediately perked up. He turned and saw Lettuce and Mai. Lettuce's eyes were on him, while Mai's stayed glue to Katsu.

The Capsule had already been activated. She was running out of time. She ran towards the platform screaming Katsu's name. Katsu's head jerked up. He saw Mai running towards him. Mai stopped in front of the glass Capsule and stared into Katsu's eyes. Katsu stared back at her, shocked she was even there.

"Katsu," Mai choked out, "Why are you doing this?"

"What are you doing here?" Katsu asked Mai.

"I..." Mai started, "I came to tell you, I love you!" Mai yelled. Katsu eyes widened. He had never heard her say those words to him.

"You do?" He asked. He knew they were running out of time. Once the machine had fully charged up it would be over.

"Yes," Mai told him, "I'm so sorry, for everything." Katsu saw tears in her eyes. "Please, don't do this."

Katsu looked to Pai and Lettuce, then back to Mai. "I have to do this, Mai. For our people." Katsu told her, "I love you, Mai. I always have." Katsu said, slowly leaning towards the glass. Mai nodded. She felt tears trickle down her cheek. She closed her eyes and felt the cold glass brush her lips. Katsu did the same and pressed his lips against the glass. It was as if they were the only two in the room, and the glass didn't even exist.

A bright light engulfed the room. Mai opened her eyes once the light faded. Katsu was gone and the glass kiss had ended. She closed her eyes and inhaled. She felt so much pain in her heart. She reached up and brushed the glass with her fingertips. "Goodbye, Katsu." She whispered.


Ichigo and Kisshu boarded their space ship. Ichigo was carrying Ami, who had finally stopped fighting. Now, she was completely silent and hadn't spoken since she saw her parents disappear. Ichigo placed Ami in a seat on the ship. It wasn't as big as Pai's, but it was decent for the trip home. Ichigo couldn't believe they were both gone. When they got home she would have to notify the girls. And Kisshu would have to tell Taruto.

"Ready?" Kisshu asked Ichigo, while punching in something on the main computer. Ichigo nodded. Kisshu sighed and hit a button. They could hear the engine start but suddenly it cut off. Ichigo looked up towards Kisshu. "That's funny," Kisshu said reading the computer, "It says the platform door has been opened, but I didn't open it." Kisshu's ears perked up as he heard foot steps on the platform. Ichigo jumped up.

"What now?" Ichigo groaned. She took a battle stance, thinking Mai was yet again up to something. Her arms dropped slowly when the intruders stepped into the ship. She was stunned and Kisshu was speechless. "L-Lettuce?" She stammered. Ami's head immediately turned. She jumped out of the chair when she saw her parents standing there.

"Mommy! Daddy!" Ami screamed. She ran to them and jumped into her mother's arms. Lettuce pulled Ami into a hug. Ami reached over and wrapped one of her arms around Pai pulling him into a family group hug. He also wrapped his arm around Ami. Lettuce felt tears in her eyes. Soon she felt more weight when Ichigo jumped in the hug. When Kisshu joined they almost feel back out of the ship.

!&&! One Month Later

"Lettuce, she's so cute!" Keiichiro commented as Pudding chased Ami through the cafe. Lettuce smiled at the compliment.

"Thanks, Keiichiro." Lettuce replied. When they returned to Earth, Ichigo thought that they should get the whole team back together for a small reunion. They realized how important family was and how much they missed the rest of the girls. So, Ichigo got in touch with everyone to schedule a weekend for everyone to come back down to Tokyo. "Its just so great to have everyone together," Lettuce continued, looking around the room.

Zakuro was as beautiful as ever. She retired modeling and had become a well-known actress. She was talking to Ryou, who was putting out the refreshments. He had agreed to have the Mew Reunion at the Cafe, even though it wasn't the pink cafe the girls remembered, anymore. Mint was sipping a cup of herbal tea while talking to Ichigo on a couch, secretly taking glances at Zakuro. She had become a famous dancer, and now taught private dance lessons wherever she was needed. Pudding was playing with Ami. She couldn't believe how big Ami had gotten since she had last seen her. Pudding and Taruto had traveled to many places. Still being young, they hadn't completely settled down yet. Taruto was talking to Pai and Kisshu, about his adventures with Pudding.

Keiichiro picked up his glass. "A toast," He announced, raising his glass. Everyone turned to look at him. "To family." He finished. Everyone smiled.

"To Family." They all cheered, grabbing their glasses, to raise. After taking another sip of her tea Mint spoke up.

"So Lettuce," She started, "When Ichigo called me she said you had some big story to tell."

"Yeah," Pudding agreed looking up, "She told me that too. That something happened with you and Pai."

"Yeah, what happened, Pai?" Taruto asked. Pai looked towards Lettuce and smiled. She smiled back.

"Well, it all started a month ago," Pai started, "It was me and Lettuce's thirteenth anniversary..."


June 26, 2010. 12:10 am.