Author's Note/Disclaimer:

I did not create Henry, Vick, Mike, or Coreen. Tanya Huff did and I envy her. I don't know who currently owns the rights to them, but suffice it to say, it's not me.

I really just wanted to claim this title. Hopefully, this fic will be the second season that looks like will never come to pass.

I promise lots of Vicki, Mike, Coreen, and (of course) Henry (how could I not?) along with the appearance of some new faces.

This is my first fic, and I'm hoping to get used to the posting process soon (hence the note). Please forgive and alert me to formatting faux pas so that I may fix them in the future.



The triumvirate had shattered.

Though those involved in it would not have been pretentious enough to call it that, if not for their combined efforts the earth would have fallen a year ago. Brought together by necessity and held together by something stronger, the three, with the aid of a fourth, fought the forces of darkness. They did a through job of defeating these threats, that is, until an emissary of darkness breached their defenses. The shadow compromised their inner circle, driving them apart and destroying their cohesion.

It was then the triumvirate shattered and scattered, leaving each of the members to rebuild their lives and unlife as the case may be. Too busy wallowing in their own sorrows, they did not see the challenges facing them. Nor could they possibly have comprehended the chain of events that had been set in motion.

All the while, the shadow given human form traipsed across the mortal plane.

And so our story begins…