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Chapter 6

Mike made to charge the demon in human flesh, but stopped as the table's occupants stood as one, each pointing their firearm at him.

"Do you really mean to oppose me here, where I am surrounded by allies?"

Sensing the futility of his situation, Mike stood down. He searched the room for humanity, but found none. Crowley's usual ice-hearted stare was replaced by a heartless gaze, strangely devoid of personality. Even Kate's warm and trusting eyes held the same flat, piercing look.

"That's better, human. You notice I am growing stronger. Soon I will be able to summon the rest of me to this side." The chief's wizened body shuddered, then resumed its focus on Mike. "You have no idea, Mike, how much it hurts to have your very existence split in two and separated by dimensions, different levels of reality. Even I have no idea if the pieces will ever fit back together. "

"What do you want from me?" asked Mike, trying to see how his presence fit into Astoroth's plans.

"I need you to deliver Victoria a message from me."

"We're not exactly on speaking terms," he replied carefully, not sure if that piece of information would destroy his usefulness to the demon and therefore any reason to spare his life. Deep in his gut, Mike knew that any message the demon wanted passed to Vicki would be harmful to her.

The chief's body laughed. "Rejection hurts, doesn't it?" Astoroth goaded.

Mike said nothing. The hollow gaze of the board did not waver. Sensing that there was no way out of his current predicament without cooperating, Mike weighed his options. If he agreed, he'd probably get out of this room alive, and more importantly he could warn Vicki of Astoroth's new ability to possess more than one person at a time. She also needed to know that the police force had been infiltrated. But if he did that, he'd undoubtedly be playing into the demon's hands. If he didn't agree to tell her, he had a nasty feeling Astoroth would destroy him on the spot. That would leave Vicki without any advance warning, limiting her chances of destroying him.

The two factions warred within himself. Astoroth's borrowed body arched an eyebrow. Clearly he was not a patient demon.

"What sort of message?" Mike relented.

"Tell Victoria I will be seeing her soon."

With that, the elderly body collapsed.