Okay think of this chapter as more of a teaser/prologue and you'll do all right. It is a poem and yes it was written by yours truly. I hope you enjoy! R&R please. So sorry that this is so short but this is all for now.


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The Shadows Live: Prologue

Don't Look The Shadows Breathe

Don't look the shadows breathe.

Don't move the shadows walk.

Don't listen the shadows whisper.

Don't look the shadows breathe.

Beware the darkness has a mind.

Beware the darkness has a voice.

Beware the darkness has eyes.

Beware the darkness has hunger.

Red eyes that glow.

Yellow fangs that glisten.

The shadows are everywhere.


"You will burn, you will bleed."


Hearts so fragile so, pathetic

Are bleeding, bleeding, pouring, pouring, with Sickness.

"Bleed until you cannot."

"Burn until you are purged."

"Bleed until your blood is burnt."

"Burn until your blood is gone."

Beware the shadows

Don't let them near.

Beware the darkness

It feeds.


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