"Hush now." Bella whispered into Renesmee's small, stirring figure. She laid her gently into her bed and then met Edward back in the living room. He was staring into the fireplace, and Bella smirked before leaping onto his back. He steadied himself against the mantle, laughing at her playful growls and kisses. A chain reaction occurred as Bella wrapped her legs around Edward's waist. Bella's mood only heightened his mood and he hastily flipped her off of his back and underneath him onto the floor. His granite lips, now soft in comparison to when she was human, devoured every inch of her uncovered pale skin. Bella reacted in the same way, as the desire ran between them like they were a complete circuit. In less than a second Edward was on his back, and had no chance of getting up, since Bella's strong, newborn hands pinned his wrists above his head. Top or bottom, Edward didn't give damn. Either way he was getting his love.

But, it'd be interesting to see how this played out if I did fight her. he thought, as the couple's lips hastily crashed together again. Claw shaped hands tore at the weak clothing that separated the vampire's wintery-cold skin, and that wasn't enough to keep neither Bella nor Edward apart from the other. Edward shrugged out of the torn fragments of his shirt as he rolled Bella over, hitting, and making a dent in the wall as they rolled. The loud crash caused a moment of panic between the new undead parents.

"Renesmee." Edward breathed. Bella froze for a second, her red eyes hazed with desire. Those dazed eyes turned to the half closed door right across from where both of them lay in a half naked heap. Seconds passed and the house was as quiet as a tomb, leading both Edward and Bella to believe that Renesmee had not even been fazed by the noise. Still, caution was in order if the two wanted their precious time together.

"Bedroom." Bella solved the problem, focusing her attention to her mate on top of her. No words flowed from Edward's mouth, but instead he picked Bella up and started off towards the bedroom. The vampire speed didn't help as it usually did, because Bella scraped her sharp teeth along Edward's jugular vein, looking for a weak spot. She found it. Edward didn't have the concentration or the patience to make it all the way to the bedroom and ended up having Bella pushed up against the hallway wall, a nice imprint of her back making a permanent picture for the cottage. Bella smirked, as she slid her venom-glazed teeth along his skin, and marked an 'X' on his shoulder, before biting down on it. A strangled cry escaped from Edward's throat as his body bowed forward, and his knees got weak beneath him. Trying so hard not to wake the sleeping babe not even thirty feet from them, Edward buried his head in the crook of Bella's neck and bit down to keep from screaming out. The stifling movement only encouraged his female companion and she suckled on his neck, changing the pressure of her teeth every now and then to vary the feeling. He wasn't going to be able to take much more of this in one round. The more practice Bella and he got helped lengthen the sessions, but the sessions only got rougher too. Not that Edward was complaining. He found himself attracted to the wild, passionate sex they started up every now and then. There was something different about this feisty meeting that left both Edward and Bella craving for more. That was the way it always was. Making love left each one satisfied and lulled them into a calm state. Oh, they were both satisfied regardless of what type of sex they felt suited their mood that day. One left the couple loving and peaceful while the other left them panting, smiling and groaning happily as they rolled around in the bed like kittens. This is what this was and Edward couldn't wait another second. Bella's cotton dress was off and in shreds on the floor in a new record for them.

There was a pause in all movement to make sure the ripping sound didn't wake their daughter, but in was stretched out further when Edward couldn't help but stare at the naked woman in front of him. A wicked grin reached his face and he let out a low whistle.

"You weren't wearing underwear today."

"Oops. I forgot." Bella feigned innocence and shot a bolt of delicious excitement through her mate.

Edward managed to pin Bella to the wall while he stripped himself of his pants. His boxers followed, to be added to the pile of the floor. Bella stole a glance and hummed in appreciation, her eyes glazing over again as the site of Edward hard and ready, burning a permanent image in her mind. Their lips found each other as Edward thrust himself into his mate. Bella cried out in his mouth, and her hands wound themselves in his bronze, ruffled hair. Each distinct movement of hers only gave him more motivation. The rhythm was soon discovered and the pace only got faster and deeper the more Bella tried to not to cry out. Edward's hands busied themselves, just as his lower body did, and found Bella's chest. Bella thrashed against not only his hands, but his pumping as well. Even the slightest of touches ripped a cry from her throat, and she pulled him closer to her body to muffle the sound into his neck. This movement made Edward pump harder and faster, and Bella kept moaning into his body in response

Though neither was human, both felt the heavy, burning sensation swirling at the bottom of their stomachs, and both knew they weren't going to last much longer. In an attempt to feed as much of the desire as he could, Edward pounded into Bella harder, driving her into the wall, changing pace when he heard the cracking noises behind them. After a few more pumps, Bella mouth fell open and her head flew back, a strangled cry escaping her throat, her fingernails scraping down Edward's back, where sweat should have been pooled. Edward followed only a few seconds afterwards, letting out a low moan as he lowered them both to the ground, still inside of his love. Bella smirked at him, in between the pants and deep breaths that weren't necessary. Edward met her gaze with his smoldering golden eyes, and then shifted his gaze to her lips. They shared a short kiss and Edward slid out of Bella, and picked her up, carrying her to the bedroom, where they would go for another couple of hours.