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Jacob's heart pounded in his chest. The thick pumping noise signaling the strong organ was overworking itself. He shouldn't be nervous but he couldn't help it. He knew Renesmee like he knew the back of his hand and paw, yet he found himself staring wide-eyed at his reflection in the bathroom mirror. Years had passed and it showed. All the boyish features about him had been chiseled away and he stood there with firm facial features that made him look distinguished and like his father. The soul inside of him didn't match that of the physical features though. He was nervous and yet he was excited. Renesmee was waiting just on the other side of the bathroom door. Surely she could his heart pounding like a drum at a metal concert. Taking off his black bowtie he'd been wearing all day, he straightened his posture and nodded to his reflection, determined to look more confident.

Renesmee leaned against the headboard, flicking her eyes to the bathroom door every now and then to see if the door had opened yet. It still hadn't. Jacob had been in there for ten minutes and she drew her lips into a tight line at the invisible werewolf. The strong thudding noise filling her ears let her know he was fine. Well, as close to fine as fine could get. Maybe he was just nervous. She couldn't blame him, because her insides were going crazy. It took a couple of breaths to push the frantic feeling back down. Everything would be okay.

Their wedding had gone off without a hitch. Everything about it was beautiful. Jacob and she had exchanged vows in the same exact spot her mom and dad had, as she requested. The ceremony had been beautifully planned by Alice, free of charge. Alice had become an event planner a few years before Jacob and Renesmee knew they'd be having a wedding. Everyone said how she had a natural talent for planning fantastic events. Apparently, before Renesmee was born Alice planned all sorts of parties for her mom. So it was a no-brainer when Jacob and Renesmee needed someone to plan their own shindig. Not that Alice would have let anyone else do it. The reception was fun and lively, even with the mixture of werewolves and vampires. It seemed to be so perfect. After that was over, Jacob led Renesmee to a limousine that led to the airport. They boarded a flight to Hawaii and they arrived only hours ago. Now, they were comfortable in their honeymoon suite, which was a wonderful and generous wedding present from her grandparents.

A flash caught Renesmee's eyes and she looked down at her wedding band, now coupled with the engagement band. It was beautiful plain silver, only a few diamonds carved deeply into the band made it sparkle when it hit the light just right. It was perfect to Renesmee. Most people frowned when they saw the rings, commenting on how they should be gold, but Jacob and Renesmee shrugged and held to their beliefs on liking the silver jewelry much more. Once, Renesmee even became snippy with a lady, and told her that she was going to be wearing it for the rest of her life, so she got to make the decision of what the damned ring was made out of. The crisp underlying tone of anger had shut the old bag up quickly and Renesmee went on her way.

Renesmee giggled as she thought back to when she and Jacob had told her parents about the engagement. Neither of them seemed surprised, though her dad didn't seem overly happy with the idea. Uncle Emmett and Jasper once told her a story while her parents weren't around that Jacob used to be in love with her mother and both men had fought over her love. The hybrid's eyes widened as the story continued. Part of her didn't want anything to do with Jacob, because she felt like second best, but another part couldn't stay away from him.

She did try to date others at first. Everyone was against the idea and she was angry that the entire family was trying to make her decisions for her. She wanted to choose a boyfriend, not be told who her boyfriend was going to be. There was a guy or two she did see, but between her father and Jacob's glares and comments none of them chose to stick around for very long. Eventually she gave in and decided to go on one date with Jacob just to appease everyone. That's when she was drawn in. The one date led to another and another. This was a decision everyone seemed comfortable with.

The bathroom door opened and not only did Renesmee's eyes shoot up but her heart rate did as well. Her husband stood in the doorway, staring at her with a lazy smile on his face. His tuxedo was completely disheveled and his hair was a mess from a nap he took during the eight hour flight to the islands. All in all, Renesmee wanted him. She had waited for this for a long time. Jacob made her wait, chiding her when things would get too far. How he stopped, she had no idea. She was his mate. His imprinted love and yet he had so much control around her.

The young hybrid gracefully stood from the bed, the white silk of her floor length dress falling around her. The tender smile widened on Jacob's face as he crossed the room to capture her in his arms. The two newlyweds embraced each other in what was their own small bubble of paradise. The musky scent of pine trees, fresh rain and soft, wet dirt filled Renesmee's nostrils as she breathed against Jacob's chest, making her head spin.

"I love the way you smell." She mumbled against the scratchy fabric of the tuxedo. The childlike comment made the huge werewolf chuckle, his chest vibrating enough to make his wife shake.

"You're cute." was Jacob's response, as he buried his head in the mass of curls on the side of her head.

"A bride is supposed to be beautiful, not cute." The tone seemed to scream offense, but Jacob knew better. He'd grown used to the woman teasing him and pretending to be angry with him. He loved it and he knew secretly she loved to be called cute. It made her feel warm and loved.

"You do make a beautiful bride and you're going to make a wonderful wife." The two pulled back slightly from their cradle to grin goofily at each other. The tension that had filled the two lovers drifted away like a bottle being carried off by an ocean's current. They were no longer caught up and worried at the expectations of what a honeymoon night was supposed to be like. Their stomachs were no longer clinched in anticipation. They found it was just their love and emotion to carry them through a rite of passage that descended through time.

The strapless white gown fell around the slim hybrid's body as she pulled the zipper down the side of her gown, letting her new husband see the pearl colored lace panties she adorned. Jacob's eyes made their way past that, filing the image away for another day, intentions of looking at his blushing bride's face, but froze when he reached her bare chest.

It had never occurred to him that she might not be wearing a bra. Didn't women have strapless bras? The shocked look made Renesmee giggle, causing the small breasts to rise and fall with her breath. Jacob let out a groan and started to step towards the nearly naked woman in front of him. However, a small, pale hand shot up to stop him.

"Not yet." She breathed, her voice barely audible. He nodded in response and shaky fingers came up to his neck, where he started trying to undo all of the buttons that kept his tanned skin hidden. Renesmee carefully watched; her breathing becoming a bit heavier as her lower body began to ache with need. The black jacket came off first and then the white shirt slid off his shoulders, dropping to the floor with a small sound behind his heels. Moist heat pooled between Renesmee's legs as she stared at the half naked man. Jacob Black was truly a marvelous looking man. Any woman could see this, but now there was nothing they could do about it, because this marvelous looking man was hers to cherish and hold and love.

The black pants were next to be added to the scattered clothing all around them, leaving the werewolf in deep purple silk boxers. Renesmee's gaze faltered and she couldn't help but raise her eyebrows at the outlandish material Jacob had dawned. He seemed to take notice and heat spread over his cheeks and he started looking for anything else to gaze at in the room.

"I thought it would fit the evening." He mumbled, focusing on a generic hotel painting sitting above the small table and set of chairs. Suddenly he was in dainty arms, light kisses trailing over his chest, leaving an electric current sizzling wherever they touched.

"I love it." Jacob found no humor in Renesemee's eyes, just genuine honesty and love. An overwhelming sense of desire welled up from the bottom of his chest and Jacob couldn't wait any longer for what they finally needed.

"I love you." He whispered, not giving her time to respond, but capturing her lips with his own. His large, tan hands ran down the side of her arms and back up until he was completely satisfied he had stored the feeling of Renesmee's skin into his memory vault.

The kiss grew fierce, teeth hitting each other painfully every so often. Every time it would become too heated and Renesmee was getting too feisty he would slow down the tempo again. He didn't need her accidently nicking him with those teeth. There was no better way to ruin a honeymoon.

It was when the kisses moved from soft, swollen mouths to the crooks of necks that Jacob couldn't hold back anymore. He laid his new bride on the bed and climbed on top of her, keeping his weight pinpointed in his knees, as he used his hands to explore the flesh beneath him. He wanted the time to memorize every bump and every knot.

"So beautiful." He breathed, nuzzling her shoulder and taking in her fascinating scent. It wasn't like that of flowers, or of fruit. It was the smell of rain on a hot day, sizzling off of the side walk and making sweat bead up along skin. The scent intoxicated Jacob and made him feel as if his skin was on too tight.

"Please Jacob. I want this." Renesmee pleaded, her mouth gliding along any warm, tan flesh she could find. " I want you."

That's all Jacob needed to hear and he was ripping the boxers off of his hips, then ripping the panties off of his bride, leaving them for the first time ever completely bare to one another. Everything froze and the two breathed heavily as their eyes darted between unseen body parts and their mate's wide eyes. Though to the couple, what seemed a lifetime were only a few seconds, and the awkwardness and the hesitation faded, leaving two young, curious lovers in the wake.

Repositioning himself, so his hips were just about aligned with hers, besides the fact they almost doubled in width, Jacob breathed deeply, forcing himself to meet Renesmee's gaze.

"You ready?" His voice was low, almost a growl, and if that wasn't a clear indication he wanted this, than the appendage waiting at Renesmee's tight entrance was.

"Absolutely." She breathed, her hands steadying herself on Jacob's shoulders, as if he'd make a good brace.

Slowly he pushed himself into her, having to stop every couple of centimeters, for both fear of hurting his virgin bride and losing all self control and instantly coming right then and there. Once he was fully seated in her, he let her adjust, watching her face as several emotions passed over it.

"You okay?" He asked, his eyes closed, trying to focus on maintaining control. He'd never imagine it felt so good, so tight, so moist.

"Yes." The word was almost nothing more than a squeak, but Jacob trusted Renesmee to say something if she was truly in any pain. "Move." was the next word out of her mouth, and she jutted her hips forward, causing both of them to cry out simultaneously. The werewolf followed her orders and pulled his hips back to drive them forward again at a slow and even pace. Soft moans of ecstasy spilled from the hybrid's lips and she pleaded for more.

Picking up his pace, Jacob found a steady rhythm to thrust to. Every couple of seconds he'd snap his lean hips forward and then pull almost all the way out of Renesmee, to drive himself back into her again. He wasn't going to last much longer, and though he felt a small bit of embarrassment, he knew Renesmee wouldn't be able to either. Her cries were becoming much louder, and almost spilling out on top of each other, not even room for a breath in between them.

"I love you." Jacob whispered into Renesmee's hair as he dipped down to kiss around her temple. He picked up his pace and felt the tingle in the base of his spine, every muscle beginning to coil even tighter, waiting to spring loose with his impending release.

"Aaah, I love you…mmm, too!" With the last word Renesmee's back arched up, slamming into Jacob's stomach and chest. Her hands scrambling to find anything to keep her attached to the world, finally settling on Jacob's forearms.

The fluttering around his penis sent Jacob over the edge and he joined his wife into the utter bliss that everyone seemed to enjoy so much. After feeling every last drop leave his body, Jacob pulled out of Renesmee, trying to collapse anywhere but directly on top of her. He made it about halfway, his sweaty shoulder and chest, covering most of her left side. It was at least five minutes if not more of blissful silence, heavy breathing and the stirring of crisp hotels sheets shifting as the two repositioned themselves into more comfortable positions, the only noise.

"Wow." Renesmee's voice came out raspy and quiet, barely even audible.

"No kidding." Jacob chuckled, shifting his neck and head to watch her. They locked eyes for a moment and something passed between them.

It registered to the two of them that they were now one. Of course, the ceremony earlier that day signified that to the world, but feeling their bodies connect completely for the first time was like their own ceremony.

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