Get Me High.

Edward's P.O.V

Bella lay on the opposite side of the bed lying on her side staring into my golden eyes with her own matching pair. Life was so much easier now that Bella was like us.

We were recovering from our last adventure where Bella's hands had done a bit of exploring but it was my turn now.

I searched through Bella's eyes looking for a hint to what she might need. I sat up and forced her over onto her back, to much protest. I rubbed her legs and brought my hands slowly higher every time I pushed my hands forward. I reached her thighs and slipped my hands between her legs. She arched her back and moaned as my fingers slid over the soft flesh.

My hands retreated and continued upwards skimming over her flat, cold stomach. She watched me, her eyes hazy, and reached out suddenly for my face. Her hands closed over my cheeks and she pulled my face roughly to hers. She attacked my lips, her teeth biting softly on my lower lip.

I returned the favor by slipping my tongue between her lips. I brushed over her sharp teeth before delving deeper inside her mouth. My tongue collided with hers as we licked and sucked at each other. She moaned into my mouth as I slid my hands up her stomach and over her breasts. Slowly I slid the straps over her shoulders and down her arms exposing the bulging flesh. I pulled my lips from hers and kissed lightly across her cheek, over her jaw and down her neck before finally reaching her breasts. I slipped my tongue out and traced the pink circle my lips closing softly around her nipple. I bit and sucked ever so slightly on her breasts feeling her writhe restlessly under my weight.

I pulled away as the tension became too much for me to bear. My hands returned to her hips and I slipped my fingers inside her panties and pulled them down softly.

She gasped, not entirely sure of my intentions. I lifted my body and poised myself over her. Gingerly I lowered myself onto her feeling my erection pressing against her thigh. She lifted her hips slightly, adjusting the angle of our contact.

I pushed forward, feeling myself slide into her. She moaned and tightened her muscles around me making me gasp. I started moving inside her, a slow steady rhythm that picked up pace as the enjoyment factor heightened. I could sense it before I felt it as an ecstasy established through the rhythm washed over my body. My unorthodox (a/n not needed) breathing quickened my chest heaving as the pace slowed. Bella came then all was silent. I slumped against her, her breasts pressed to my chest.

Bella pushed me softly form on top of her and rolled off the bed. She pulled her clothes back on and left the room.

I stared puzzled after her retreating figure.

I sighed and lay there thinking for a moment, I rolled onto my back and started to sit up but stopped when Bella's voice sounded from just outside the door.

"Stay!" She ordered, her voice low, husky and sexy.

I stared curiously at the door.

Bella's P.O.V

I left the room quickly and hastened into the silk lingerie unused from our honeymoon. I slipped on the slinky silver dress and pulled on thigh length fishnet stockings and high heeled stilettos.

I teased my hair until it was messy and then pouted into the mirror. Deciding I was sexy enough I stepped back into the doorway.

"Stay." I purred as i moved into Edward's line of sight.
I heard his gasp and saw his eyes widen. I watched the gold take in my slender shoulders, breasts, stomach and legs. I smiled seductively at him and fought back a giggle at his labored breathing.

I swung my hips lightly from side to side and danced towards my husband.

His mouth hung open and his hands reached out towards me. I walked into his arms staying on my feet as his hands caressed my body.

They slid up my stomach and to my breasts.

He moved his hands over my body and he smiled.