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It was a silent and peaceful summer night for the Kirisawas, when suddenly...

"Krrr krrr, krrr krrr." The phone at the Kirisawa Residence ringed.

"Ganko, can you answer it for me?" The cooking 24 year old Fuuko at the kitchen tells the 15 year old Ganko.

"Kirisawa Residence, who is it and how may I help you?"

"Ganko-chan, is Fuuko home? I need to tell her something." Yanagi said over the phone.

"Fuuko-neechan, Yanagi-chan wants to talk to you."

"Ok." Ganko gave Fuuko the phone and went to the computer to check if…Koganei sent her an e-mail or some lovely stuff.

"Hi Yanagi!"

"Fuuko-chan!! Guess what, guess what!" Yanagi seemed to be happy that moment.

"What?" Fuuko asked. She doesn't actually know what to tell Yanagi-chan, she doesn't even know what Yanagi-chan was talking about.

"Just guess why I'm happy!"

"...what? Ooh, did Recca proposed to you?!" Well, as far as Fuuko remembers, Recca and Yanagi-chan have been lovers for 8 years and she believes that Yanagi-chan is at the right age.

"No! Silly Fuuko! Mikagami-sempai is going back to Tokyo!"


"So?! That is all that you can say? Aren't you happy that he's going back?"

"Why would I be happy?"

"You know Fuuko, we know that you have this girly little crush on him."

Fuuko blushes a thousand shades of red.

"Hey th…!"

"Ok, ok. I know you'll deny it. But can you go here on Saturday for the "Hokage Reunion"? He's also coming, you know. You can take Ganko-chan with you, too."

"Reunion huh? Ok I'll come."

"Thanks! I know you couldn't say no to me. Bye Fuuko-chan!"

"Bye Yan-chan." And with that, Yanagi-chan hanged up.

"Hmm, Mi-chan's coming back? I thought he liked Fukouka so much that he's not going back, he even stopped keeping in touch with us."

"Fuuko-neechan…...Fuuko-neechan, your soup!" Ganko's call broke Fuuko from her thoughts.

"Oh yeah, I forgot!" She hurried to the kitchen and was able to save her soup from burning.

It was an unusual supper time. Fuuko kept quiet and Ganko was wondering what Yanagi had told Fuuko that made her silenced like that. Worried, Ganko decided to ask.

"Uhh, Fuuko-neechan I just wanna ask you something."

"What is it?"

"What did Yanagi-chan told you a while ago?"

"Oh, she just told me that there will be a Hokage reunion…..and you could come too if you want."

"Reunion? What for? We just saw each other yesterday."

"There's a reunion because...Mi-chan's coming back."

"Hey! That's good news! I really miss him so much. Oh and…is Kaoru-kun going to the reunion too? I haven't seen him these past few days…."

"Ganko-chan, you just saw each other last week. Are you that obsessed with him?" Fuuko gives her an I-know-what-you-feel-for-him look and the teen-ager blushes like mad.

"Well, it's summer vacation and we have no classes so we're not seeing each other, and I'm not obsessed with him!! W…we're just friends!"

"Oh, don't try to fool me, little lady! I know you have something for him!"

"Well….it's just a crush."

"See, I know you would tell the truth. Anyway, we better get our sleeping-beauty rest now. Good night Ganko-chan."

"Good night."

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