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Chapter 10: Pervert!







Tokiya, I....I love you.....

Don't go....please......

Tokiya just stared at the talking-while-sleeping Fuuko. 'She's dreaming, maybe a bad one.' He thought to himself. Fuuko really looked like she was having a nightmare. She's sweating and tears are coming out of her eyes. Tokiya wanted to wake her up but all he's doing right now is just stare at Fuuko and remain as a statue. Fuuko will survive the nightmare she's having anyway. (Lolz.)

But what bothered him the most was the 'Tokiya, I love you' that she said. Was it for real? He's not sure. He himself also isn't sure if he loves Fuuko or he just purely sees her as a friend and just misses Yukari.

"HA!" Fuuko finally woke up and she seemed really scared.

"So you finally woke up."

'What happened? How did I got home?' Fuuko thought then stared to Tokiya.

"Mi...." She cut herself and thought for a moment. 'What if I pretend that I lost my memory? What will he do? Ohh, that will be exciting!' She thought to herself and started acting like she really did lost her memory. She first stared suspiciously at the room and eyed Mi-chan with a suspicious look then blurted out, "Who are you? Me? Who am I?" She tried to cry but damn, she's not an actress and there was no tears coming from her eyes.

Tokiya just rolled his eyes at her and said irritatedly, "Fuuko, stop pretending."

"Wha-what do you mean young man? I don't even know my past, oh how cruel!" She said and continued crying again. Tokiya sighed.

"I know you're pretending and the 'Mi' you said a while ago, which I'm sure means 'Mi-chan' gave it all away."

Fuuko gave him a defeated sigh and spoke, "Okay, I give up. I just wanted to know what you'd feel if I lost my memory." After a pause, she spoke again. "Oh my, what time is it now?! I forgot to go shopping and...." She stopped and eyed the blanket covering her. Yes folks, Fuuko's currently naked and the white blanket is just the only thing that's covering her. She peeked under it then looked back at Tokiya. She looked really red and was like a volcano ready to explode that moment.

She was about to open her mouth when Tokiya beat her to it. "Shut up. I know what you're going to say so I'll answer you in advance. I just did that because you were really wet and you're...."

"So you mean....you.....me....you.....me....." Fuuko was blushing at that time but was also embarrased about it.

"Yes Fuuko, there was no one else here so I did that to you." After a pause, he continued, "I don't want to call and disturb Yanagi just for the purpose of undressing you!"

"You.....me.....you undressed me?! Why, you perverted ice blo....!"

"Calm down, Fuuko! I can explain!" He said when he saw Fuuko carrying the lamp that she was about to surely throw at him. "First, I didn't actually wanted to do that...."

"Liar, pervert!" Fuuko interrupted.

"....Just let me talk first before you accuse me of being a pervert! And hour ago, I saw you lying under a tree and it was currently raining so you're soaking wet. You were knocked out at that time and I'm guessing you got robbed....because,

1: When I looked at your wallet, there's no money left, not even a single 1 yen coin.

2: The sapphire necklace you always wear was also gone.

I took you home and to keep you from getting sick, I undressed you." He explained. (That was a long speech.)

"But I think you were under the rain for so long so...." He stopped and put his hand on Fuuko's forehead then declared, "confirmed, you have a fever. Rest and don't do any stressful activities." (Oh my, he sound like a doctor!)

He stood up from the chair and walked to the door. "You didn't eat lunch, did you?" He asked.

"No...." Fuuko looked at her grumbling stomach. "I'll cook then." He said, then left.

"Even if you told me that you didn't wanted to undress me, there's at least a 1 percent chance that you liked what you saw!" Fuuko stuck her tongue out at Mi-chan, (even though he's not there anymore.) then walked to her closet to get dressed. She wore a green Hello Kitty pajamas and went back to bed. A few minutes later, Tokiya came with a tray of chicken soup, an apple, water and medicine.

"Oh! Thanks Mi-chan!"

"Can you eat by yourself or do you want me to help you?" He set the.....mini table on Fuuko's lap. (Is that what you call the thing? I don't really know know what to call it...)

"Uh....yes, I can do it by myself and besides, I'm not a baby anymore, Mi-chan." The moment Fuuko finished talking, she devoured, yes, devoured the lunch Mi-chan prepared for her ungracefully like a wolf who hasn't eaten for months. After her yummy 4 o'clock late lunch, Fuuko drank her medicine and smiled to Tokiya signalling that she's finished and he can now do his job......wash the dishes.

"Gochisou-sama, Mi-chan! You're a good cook!"

"You should remember that this is the 4th week. 3 days more and I'll finally be free and escape from being your 'servant'."

Fuuko frowned. Yup, he's right. Just 3 days more and the 'deal' will expire. (I'm actually not sure if 'expire' is the right word for it but...nvm.)

-0- ToFuu -0-

A few minutes later and Fuuko heard an 'eek'-ing sound. It was the sound of the door opening and Tokiya came in with a thermometer to check Fuuko's temperature. "38.7" He whispered.

He soaked the cloth in the water, squeezed it then put it on her forehead. Fuuko opened her eyes and smiled at Tokiya. "Thanks for taking care of me, Mi-chan." She held his hand and looked at him, teary-eyed.

"Don't mention it. That's what friends are for." He kissed her cheek then left the room.


"............" Fuuko sighed and wiped her tears. 'I really can't understand that piece of ice block! Does he really love me or what?' She thought to herself and went back to sleep.

Inside Tokiya's room....

That's what friends are for....

He recalled the words he said before. 'Is she really just a friend?' He thought for a moment then sighed. "I have enough problems already, I don't need more. There's Yukari, who's not even calling me and now she (Fuuko) enters the scene!.....Gotta rest."

Just when he finished complaining, his phone rang. "Now wha....Yukari?" He just stared at the ringing phone. What should he do? Answer it? Or just stare at it all day long?

A few seconds more, he finally answered it. "Hello?"

"Tokiya! I miss you so much! I'm sorry I'm not able to call you for a week....I'm really busy here and uhh...I'm here at a coffee shop near Hanabishi-san's house....I....I just want to tell you something in person so can you ple..." She was cut short by Tokiya saying "Okay.". He knows that Fuuko is still sick and he didn't want to leave her but he had no other choice. He went to Fuuko's room to 'ask' for permission. (:P)

"Fuuko? Are you awake?"

"Huh? Oh....yes, why?" She opened her eyes tiredly.

"I don't want to leave you but I have an appointment to attend to so I think I'll call Ganko to take care of you while I'm gone."

"Oh.....there's no need to, I'm sure I can handle myself."

"Are you sure?"

Fuuko nodded in reply. Still, he was worried about her so he sent a message to Ganko, telling her about it.

"I'll go now, don't worry, I'll be back soon." He said, then left.

At the said coffee shop......

Tokiya entered the coffee shop and immediately saw a brown-haired girl sitting alone at a table near the window. He walked to her and tapped the girl's shoulder.

"Hm? Oh....Tokiya!" Yukari hugged him. The two sat down and Tokiya asked, "So....what was it that you wanted to tell me?"

"Uhh....a problem." She answered nervously.

Back to Fuuko's house.....

"Ganko, where do you think Mi-chan went? He just told me that he had an 'appointment' but he didn't tell me exactly." Fuuko said. It's already 7 in the evening and Mi-chan hasn't come back.

"Why, you've already asked that question 5 times now?! You shouldn't worried about him, it's not like you're his wife and have to know every detail on where he went."

"Wife...." Fuuko repeated the word and blushed.

"Oh! I'm gonna call Yanagi!" Fuuko clapped her hands. (Just 1 clap. :P)

"Dame! I believe she's having a date with Recca-niichan so you shouldn't disturb her."

To where Recca and Yanagi is....

"Hey Yanagi, where do you want to go?" Recca said while holding hands with Yanagi and walking with her near a coffee shop.

"Oh well, it would be nice if.....hey, that's Tokiya, right? And he's with Yukari-chan."

"She's crying......I wonder why."

"Should we tell Fuuko about this?" Yanagi whispered to Recca.

"Uhh....I'm not really sure and I think it doesn't concern Fuuko, you know." He said as they walked off.


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Japanese Translations:

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Dame = No / Useless / Bad (Well....the meaning of this one actually depends on the whole sentence itself. Like for example the one I wrote above, it means 'no' there but on Flame of Recca's opening theme song it means 'useless'. It also means 'bad' at some occasions. It's pronounced as "DAH MEH". Like....the DAH in DART and the MEH in....Mexico.)

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