Soi Fon considered the orders she had just received with some, not entirely suppressed, satisfaction.

"I am ordered to carry out an thorough investigation of Sousuke Aizen's treason," she repeated, rolling the words around in her mouth. They tasted sweet.

"That is correct," Yamamoto confirmed, smacking the butt of his stick down on the floor. "This treachery within the Gotei-13 must be rooted out."

The Captain of the Second Division nodded thoughtully to her superior and then paused. "Naturally I will need authority to arrest anyone involved," she said thoughtfully. "Anyone involved at all."


"In or outside of the Soul Society."


"And, of course, extreme measures may be necessary in their interrogation so that their degree of guilt may be determined."

Yamamoto scowled disapprovingly. "Degree of guilt? There is no degree to guilt, Captain. I am disappointed to hear you suggest such a thing. There is guilt and there is innocence."

Soi Fon's eyes narrowed speculatively. "So if someone were to claim that, given the alleged nature of Sousuke Aizen's bankai, that they were deceived...?"

"Guilty. If not of treason then of criminal incompetence."

"Or that, despite any other crimes that they had commited, that they had contributed materially to the conflict against Aizen and his cohorts...?"

Yamamoto glared. "Contribution to an unsuccessful plan of action in no sense excuses other offences."

"Oh really," Soi Fon purred. "So to recap, I am to apprehend and interrogate, for the purposes of establishing any further conspirators, anyone who has contributed to the treason against and subsequent escape from the Gotei-13 and then..."

"Justice," declared Yamamoto, "Will be done."

"No matter how high an office such an individual may hold or once have held?"

The Captain Commander of the Gotei-13 nodded once more. "You have my complete support in this, Captain."

Soi Fon bowed. "I shall require permission to draw upon other divisions for personnel at need then," she requested humbly. "The manpower requirements to apprehend certain... highly placed suspects... will be formidable. I may require the aid of other... loyal captains... to arrest some of these malefactors."



"Somehow," Yamamoto grumbled from his cell, where Soi Fon and eight other Captains had confined him on charges of criminal negligence and treason against Seireitei, "This isn't quite what I thought that I was telling her to do."

The new Captain Commander of the Gotei-13 sat on her neatly folded haori outside the cell and meowed disparagingly. "Would you like some cheese with that whine, old man," Yoruichi Shihoin smirked.