...a few days later...

They were all traveling in the forest when a rustling sound suddenly started behind them.

"Maybe it's Saphira."Susan said, thinking logically.

"It can't be Saphira. She'd tell me if she'll come by, and it isn't even nightfall." Eragon proclaimed, in a matter-of-fact voice.

"Duck!"Lucy screamed. Everyone crouched down except for Eragon.

"Are you crazy? You'll get killed!"Peter yelled, but it was too late.

Eragon raised his palm and yelled "Brisngr!" A blue light flashed, and whatever it is started to run away screaming.

"What did you just do?" Edmund asked frightened.

"He just used magic on the soldiers."Arya said calmly.

"Magic?!"They all asked. Eragon, Arya and Trumpkin nodded.

Eragon suddenly sat down on the grass.

"Are you alright?"Lucy asked, kneeling down.

"I'm just a bit tired. Using magic can take a whole lot of energy from you." He replied, holding his aching head.

"Maybe this'll help."Lucy said, taking out the Magical Cordial she hung on her hip.

Eragon looked at the diamond bottle Lucy held in her hand. She opened it; the air smelled rich. She then let one drop fall into his mouth. In a few seconds, he felt a whole lot better.

"Wow. Thanks." He said, standing up.

"Don't mention it. I give a drop to any friend of mine who isn't feeling well."

Edmund helped him up and noticed the gedwēy ignasia on Eragon's palm.

"Whoa...that's gotta hurt. Where'd you get this?" he asked. Everyone gathered around him and Eragon.

"Oh, that's nothing. I got it when Saphira hatched from her egg." He said, a little embarrassed.

"It must be awesome to be a Rider."

"It has it's perks, but you don't know the pain and sacrifice you have to go through when you are one."

"I'm so tired." Lucy said lamely.

"Do you want to ride Saphira? I could at least return the favor."

"Oh, can I Peter?" Lucy asked pleadingly.

"Of course." Peter replied.

Saphira, come down, but be careful.

Saphira came quickly to an open space nearby where they were standing. Eragon put on Saphira's saddle and helped Lucy up. He sat behind Lucy.

"I hope it's okay with you guys." Eragon said. Saphira spread her wings.

"It's okay. Be careful Lucy, and have fun." Susan said. With that, Saphira soared into the sky.

"It must be fun flying on a dragon." Susan declared.

"Oh, it is. The wind rushing to your face has an incredible effect on one who often rides a dragon." Arya said.


"Whooo!! This is fun!!" Lucy shouted. She loved the feeling of the wind rushing to her face. The sun shone brightly on a cool, breezy day.

She's a fun spirit. Saphira declared. She flew faster and swooped down a steep cliff.

Well, she's still a kid.

I like her. She's carefree, I can tell.

Saphira swooped down a steeper cliff and Lucy almost fell off.

"Whoa, whoa. Hold on with your legs, like this." Eragon said.

Lucy followed and found it easier to hold on with her legs, but she still held on to Saphira's back.

"It's time to go back." Eragon said.

"Can't we fly just a little bit longer?" Lucy asked.

"You don't want the others wondering where we flew off, right. And besides, Saphira needs to take a little break." Eragon said.

"Okay, but I hope I could do this again."Lucy said.

Saphira, bring us down. You need a little rest.

Saphira flew down and landed near the River Rush. Eragon helped Lucy down, and the others came to them at the right time.

"So, how was your dragon ride Lu?" Edmund asked.

"It was wonderful. I had a fun time."Lucy said in an excited voice.

"I hope we get our turn."Edmund said, laughing.

"Well, you can. But, not right now." Eragon said.

"Who's up for lunch?" Trumpkin asked.