Title: Five Times Lois Knew Dean Was IT For Chloe
Category: Smallville/Supernatural Crossover
Rating: T
Genre: Romance/Humor
Pairing: Chloe/Dean, hints of Clark/Lois
Word Count: 1,182
Series: Five Times Chlean (5 Times Chloe Knew Dean Was In Love With Her, 5 Times Dean Knew He Was In Love With Chloe)
Author's Note: At the awesomely brilliant suggestion of bellajennza, I've decided to add to my Five Times Chlean series with this little gem. Hope you like it!
Summary: Lois Lane, being the incredible investigative journalist she is realized in only five instances that Dean Winchester was the guy for her favorite cuz, Chloe.


The day Lois Lane met Dean Winchester, she wasn't sure what she was expecting, but him running around shirtless in Chloe's living room probably wasn't it.

"Uh... Did I not get the memo that you were inviting strange men over?" Lois asked, brows lifted.

"He's strange but he's not a stranger," Chloe replied, hands on her hips as she glared at the tall, dark and handsome man who stood on the other side of the couch, ready to run in whatever direction meant she wouldn't catch him.

"And this is one-on-one Duck, Duck, Goose, or...?"

"Saint Chloe over here wants to heal me," he said, voice low and rough.

Lois glanced at him once more. Huh... She could accept strange if they all had a bod like that. She stared a little too long, she was sure, if the smirk on his mouth was anything to go by. But really, could anybody blame her? He wasn't Clark, but he was certainly built. He had that trucker look to him, mixed with mechanic and something all too dangerous... If she wasn't already hot for the oblivious farm boy currently playing her disappearing reporter partner, she'd definitely be interested in just what this guy could offer.

"He's not a piece of meat," Chloe said, amused as she rolled her eyes. "Find a napkin to wipe the drool and maybe when you're done you can help me talk sense into him."

"Maybe, just as soon as I find out who him is," she said, lifting a brow.

"Lois, meet Dean, Dean, Lois," Chloe said, motioning back and forth. Her cheeks were flushed and she was slightly out of breath, as if this little game of theirs had been going on awhile. While there was a glint of mischief in her eyes, it was obvious there was almost some concern on Chloe's part.

"Oh... Thisis Dean." She nodded. Definitely heard about him during a few girls' nights. Her eyes widened with emphasis. "The Dean."

He grinned. "What'd she tell me you about me? It was my good looks, wasn't it? Gets the chicks every time."

Chloe snorted. "I said you were a stubborn, overconfident friend of mine who had a complex with accepting help in any shape or form."

That had been included in the mix of "good looking" "kind hearted" "sexy as hell" "devil-may-care" "smirky" descriptions Chloe had given. So far, he fit the bill in the looks category. She felt the need to whistle at him and chuckled inwardly. Where was Clark when she could so easily embarrass him?

He frowned. "Totally not true... I told you last week I would eat whatever pie you made me... That is obviously helping to stave off hunger!" He shrugged, lips pursing. "I win."

"It's not a game you win or lose," she replied with exasperation. "Now will you just come over here and let me heal it?"

She looked ready to stomp her foot and Lois knew she was used to eventually getting her way. Most men would sigh, flattered at her concern and sit down and take what she had to give. But this one was adamant on not being healed. It was rather baffling.

"If you're going to refuse medical help the least you can do is..." With a glared, Chloe started chasing him once more and Dean was quickly out of her way.

And that was when Lois realized there was another good looking man currently occupying Chloe's apartment.

He raised a hand in greeting as he sat awkwardly on the couch. "Hi. I'm Sam."

She nodded. "And apparently uninjured."

He shrugged. "Yeah." His brows furrowed. "And if I wasn't, I probably would've already given in to Chloe's helpful nature."

"Yeah, well, putting her hands on him is probably an upside to her evening." Crossing the room, Lois plopped down on the couch. "I'm the cousin and you are?"

"Brother to the guy currently being chased," he motioned to Dean as he laughed, hopping over the coffee table and bypassing the arm chair. "Friend to the woman chasing him." He half-smiled, watching as Chloe continued her pursuit, easily avoiding any and all distractions.

"Why do I get the feeling this is a normal every-day thing?" Lois wondered, briefly looking up to see Dean running past, just barely avoiding tripping with Chloe hot on his heels. Well, this was one way to get their cardio in, she was sure both of them could've gone for something a little more horizontal...

"Because it sort of is." Sam shrugged. "We just got back from... business and stopped in to see Chloe. Soon as she realized he was injured, the shirt was off and, well..." He motioned to the shouting match as they continued to run around in circles all over the apartment.

"Just put the glow stick touch away, sweetheart. Save the big guns for something serious, all right? I don't need you to heal every goddamn paper cut!" Dean half-shouted, brows furrowed.

"Paper cut?" Chloe scoffed. "It was a nine inch blade, Dean!"

He shrugged. "Same difference."

"Business, huh?" Lois asked, looking at Sam skeptically.

He shrugged, eyes turning away.

"Hey, just stop, okay?" Dean motioned with his hands to keep her on one side of the table while he stood on the other. "I'll make you a deal... If I ever get gutted, maimed, or I'm on the verge of death itself, I will gladly take whatever meteor power thing you got to save my ass. But if it's something like this then you don't have to waste your time, all right?" He shifted side to side with discomfort before admitting, "I saw your face last time..." He frowned.

She sighed, eyes falling.

"She winced," Sam told Lois, glancing over. "Admitted that it actually kind of hurts when she heals someone."

Lois nodded. Nine inch blade; she wouldn't want Chloe to feel that either.

"It didn't hurt that much," Chloe murmured stubbornly.

"Yeah, well, this hurt like a bitch," Dean motioned to his shoulder. "So you're gonna keep the glowy, save the world, heal the sick and wounded thing to yourself tonight, right?" He stared at her expectantly.

She sighed. "Fine... But the next time you start whining about anything injury wise and expect me to just sit by and take it," she shook her head, "I'm never baking you a pie again!" Turning on her heel, she started walking to her bedroom, arms crossed over her chest.

"Ah, come on! That wasn't part of the deal!" Dean chased after her then, following her right into her room and closing the door behind him.

Lois snorted, shaking her head. "Well... That wasn't the entertainment I was expecting when I came over to visit my cousin."

Sam nodded, smiling. "Yeah, they'll probably be occupied with each other for the next while." He motioned with his thumb to the muffled talking in the other room.

Amused, she nodded. "This happens a lot, doesn't it?"

He chuckled lightly. "He's finally met his match."

Lois grinned, sitting back on the couch. Maybe her cousin finally had too.