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"Schneizel-aniue, chess?"

The sound came straight after Schneizel enters his chamber and of course, it didn't surprise him to see his younger brother present in his chamber. Lelouch has always been with him lately, demanding a game of chess from him. The small little prince of Britannia approaching his elder brother, hands holding a set of chess pieces behind him. Lelouch is hoping that his elder brother would grant him a chance to play together. A big genuine smile plastered on his face.

Schneizel who had just come back from his royal classes is already tired and drained by those babbling teachers that His Majesty hired. Seriously, those teachers are just telling what he had already known, especially regarding strategies to be used in wars. Even a 4-year-old Lelouch can come out with much more creative strategy to apply.

As much as he would like to play chess with Lelouch, he still has to attend yet another boring class after this and can only be back to his chamber before dinner time.

"I'm sorry Lelouch. I have another class after this," kneeling down on one knee to the same level as the 11th prince of the Britannian imperial family.

"But aniue, you just came back…" his unsatisfactory clearly stated in his sentence.

Ever since Lelouch learnt how to play chess, he has been challenging almost all his royal siblings for a game. Although he still needs to practically kneel on the chair to reach the chessboard, his less comfortable sitting position does not stop him from winning even the 3rd prince, Clovis. After having winning streaks against Clovis, Lelouch is dying to have a game with Schneizel, the best chess player. In order to play, Lelouch will be easily spotted near Schneizel, tagging along the 2nd prince.

"I just came back to the chamber to get some books," although Schneizel tried his best to not disappoint Lelouch and all his siblings, yet this time the strategy doesn't seem to be working.

"But I'll be back an hour before dinner time, why don't we play before it?"

"Really? Okay!" Lelouch grins happily. Well, although it is a known knowledge that Imperial Consort Marianne's son rarely talks to anyone, much less smile, this time Schneizel has definitely earn himself Lelouch's adorable smile.

"In the mean time, why don't you go and paint with Clovis? I'm sure he will be delighted to see you," Schneizel said while getting his books left on his bed.

"It is okay aniue. I'll be fine with my books. I'll just wait in here," said Lelouch while settling himself back on the couch he was sitting not long ago, waiting for Schneizel.

It is indeed strange for a child so young to love books as much as Lelouch does but being the son of Empress Marianne, the woman who Clovis, Cornelia and even Euphemia idolized; it just makes sense of Lelouch's behavior. Only this time, he has to wait a little longer for his game.

A soft knock on the chamber's door attracted both princes attention.

"It is time, your highness," acknowledged the maid after opening the door. The maid received a soft nod from Schneizel and gently closed the door back.

"I'll see you later, Lelouch," Schneizel said while flashing his famous smile.

Lelouch gave Schneizel an almost identical nod like his own before burying himself in the book on his lap again. Schneizel could see that the book is not what an average 4-year-old would read but again, Lelouch is not a typical child.

Schneizel silently closed the door behind him, trying not to cause any sound of distraction.

The 3 hours class seemed to be an eternity for a 14-year-old Schneizel today. The tutor kept babbling about the proud history of the Holy Britannian Empire. When Schneizel is finally allowed to return to his chamber, the sun has already begun to set. If it was not because of the tutor, Schneizel wouldn't be late for the chess game he promised Lelouch.

Before entering his chamber, although this is his own chamber, Schneizel made sure to knock upon entering to ensure that Lelouch is not startled by his sudden appearance.

"I'm sorry I'm late, Lelouch. We still have some time before dinner so…"

Schneizel never managed to complete the sentence. The sight in front of him simply made him lost his words.

Lelouch is still sitting on the big arm chair that seems to be devouring his small figure. But this time, instead of big violet eyes plastered to the book on his lap, Lelouch's head is tilted slightly towards his right shoulder, while the book he was reading is almost falling off the chair. His mouth parting slightly, giving out small and even breathes.

The 11th prince of Britannia is indeed sleeping in Schneizel's chamber and on his arm chair.

Closing the door behind him silently, Schneizel walks as softly as he could, approaching Lelouch's sleeping figure. He never saw his younger brother in this form before. Lelouch's face looks so childlike instead of the usual cold expression he has on his face whenever someone talks to him. Even Schneizel himself has to admit Lelouch behaves much more maturely than other children of his age and of course, including his intelligence and skills in chess.

He can't help but to notice chess board on the table in front the sleeping Lelouch. Judging from the black and white chess pieces that scatters all around the chess board, Lelouch must have been devising a new strategy by playing himself. There is also a paper beside the board where Lelouch has been scribbling something using abbreviation and codes unknown to Schneizel.


Schneizel could only let out a gentle sigh upon seeing those notes made by Lelouch. Seriously, how many children of his age make their own secret language as detail and complex as his younger brother does?

Ignoring the chess board, Schneizel moves closer to Lelouch and picks up the book on the edge of the arm chair before the book falls to the floor and wakes Lelouch. He placed the book quietly on the table, pushing the chess board a little bit.

Carefully not to wake the resting child, Schneizel slipped one hand behind Lelouch's neck and another under his legs, lifting Lelouch up in bridal style. It was by then that Schneizel realized how thin and small Lelouch is. The brilliant prince is definitely thinner than the other children of his age. After being lifted up from his cozy arm chair, Lelouch stirred a bit in Schneizel arms and leaned his head against the 2nd prince's chest.

Good, he didn't seem to be uncomfortable and he is still not awake, Schneizel reassured himself.

Schneizel carried Lelouch to the bed in his chamber and gently put Lelouch down, not bothering to pull back the covers first or taking off the boy's shoes. The maids can always come and changed the covers later. After laying Lelouch down, Schneizel moved to lie on top of his bed, using one hand to support his head, facing Lelouch's sweet sleeping figure.

"Looks like we will have to play chess next time, Lelouch." Schneizel whisper softly, brushing away few stray raven strands from Lelouch's face.

Indeed, they still have a little more than half an hour before the maid comes to his room and call both the princes for dinner. Yet, Schneizel preferred to let Lelouch take a nap for a while rather than waking him up to have a chess game that they will not possible finish within 30 minutes. Of course, Lelouch will be very disappointed if he missed the game with his brother, but they could always play after dinner time. Not to mention, it is not everyday that you get to see Lelouch vi Britannia's sleeping image.

Schneizel is surprised to see Lelouch squirming and snuggling himself next to his elder brother. Before Schneizel could think of anything, Lelouch reached out for Schneizel's arm and hugs it tightly.

"…checkmate…" murmurs the sleeping child before slipping into slumber again.

Schneizel could only smile at his brother.

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