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Winter came a little earlier to Holy Britannian Empire this year and the expected princess was born by none other than the empress. Nunnally vi Britannia was the name given by both her parents, a blessed child to give others happiness they said. Although other consorts were not pleased to have another opponent for the throne but she was not much of a threat. Compared to her elder brother, the newly born child was only 87th in line of succession to the Britannia Throne, minimizing all her chances to be the empress. An official announcement was made to the empire about the birth of the princess but not many bother to come and have a look.

The empress however, did not mind that much. To Marianne vi Britannia, the birth of her second child had without a doubt made Lelouch happier than he was before. His fourth year of living in this world was like a rollercoaster ride and it pained the mother to witness her only son to suffer so much from the supposed attempted assassination. A soft smile escaped her lips as she watched her young son from the glass windows outside. Truly, she could not foresee whether Nunnally could bring joy to others but she was felt so relieved to see her son slowly recovering from his traumatic experience.

"Are you going to stand there forever, Charles?"

Though a little tired from meeting the other consorts in the gardens of the Aries Imperial Palace just moments ago, the once elite pilot's ears caught faint sounds of heels resounding behind her. Almost immediately, the confirmed presence of a particular person amused her just a little. She was waiting for her husband to say something but he just stood silently behind her. Did he think he could seriously find a bush in the garden to hide his bulky figure?

"Though this is your hundredth time visiting…do you still want to come in?"

No answer came for the question. Instead, two strong hands found themselves around the empress' waist, pulling the raven haired woman closer. "This is only the second time I am here to see my new born daughter, am I wrong?" Charles whispered into his wife's ears to reply that sarcastic statement, earning himself a small chuckle from the beautiful woman he held in his arms.

Perhaps after attending all those meetings earlier, his mind was messing with him but he could not help but to feel the warm, maternal glow from Marianne as he drew her closer to him while they stood on the porch, peering inside to the sweetest view in front of them. Nunnally was almost a month old now but he had only seen her twice. It was impossible for him to see his children everyday and he accepted that fact, though not so willingly.

"V.V came to see me once…"

The topic of conversation suddenly changed whilst the atmosphere turned into a rather serious one. Marianne's eyes were still glued towards the windows in front of her, sweetly looking at her eldest son playing with her daughter and of course, a certain prince joining them, presenting a very warm scene. She could feel her husband tensed just a little behind her when she mentioned the name. "This was just a trial, he said…" chuckling bitterly. The empress was not complaining, but somehow, she felt that she needed to release some of these stress by talking to someone. At least before she lost her patience and decided to end that immortal life of that person.

And it was more than possible to happen.

Charles did not say anything. No, he could not say anything, feeling a little ashamed deep down in his heart. He was the 98th emperor of the Holy Britannian Empire; a man with enough power in hands to lead the country which had the world's dominant military superpower and one of the largest Empire-unions that control this planet, but he could not even protect his own children like an ordinary husband and father. He knew clearly what his elder brother did. Though they showed a seemingly immense age difference, V.V was without a doubt his blood brother. Who was he to oppose that immortal person that bears the code?

"And I thought I saw you visiting my sweetheart one night…"

The woman in his grasp slowly slid away, turning around to face him with her beautiful violet eyes. Marianne saw the surprise that shone in her husband's eyes. Perhaps he never thought she was aware of his presence in Lelouch's chamber. She could swear that she saw the supposed cold-hearted emperor kneeling beside the bed of her dearest son with a hand softly caressing those raven strands of hair, comforting the child from his nightmare. Though she could not hear what the father was whispering to his own son, the contented genuine smile that was plastered on his usual cold face was more than enough to be a proof of love. If only, her young son knew he had such a father. A father, who was the most powerful man in the world but at the same time, could not even wield his power to protect his own children.

She had no reply from the emperor except the silence given. "You were thinking about using your Geass, right?" Marianne walked closer, her hands resting on the larger ones automatically.

Charles left out a sigh, knowing clearly that nothing could escape from his brilliant wife. "But I didn't use it…" he said while holding his wife's hands in his own. He was trying to use it to rewrite Lelouch's awful memories when he heard the young son of his was suffering from that traumatic event. If he could not protect him from that attempted assassination, the least he could do was to help him erase that part. But the emperor did not lie; he really did not use his power at the end, still weighing the pros and cons of casting the power on such a young child.

Though it did surprise him that his wife had found out all about his plan.

"Charles di Britannia, you do realize that you could only cast that to one particular person once, right?" of course, Marianne realized this situation would only occur without someone to cancel it out. And there was indeed someone out there who could have canceled that power in a blink of eye. She was not being harsh and she knew very clearly that her husband understood the restrictions of that power deemed as The Power of the King. But still, the empress wished that her husband used in only at desperate moments.

"Marianne, I-"

"It will be your only trump card…" she interrupted his sentence, looking at him with almost pleading eyes. "So, please promise me…if you must use it…" swallowing a lump formed in her throat, Marianne continued her request. "Use it only to keep Lelouch and Nunnally from harm…" it was a demand rather than a normal request, coming from the worried empress and a mother of two children. No doubt she would never want her children to have their memories altered or erased forcefully from their lives. However, if it was a measure to save their lives, to let them lead a different life and break free from the chains of destinies, Marianne would have no hesitation to do so. The glowing red sigil was the only thing that could keep her children safe. They could deem her to be a selfish mother, a cruel woman that did not consider her children's opinion.

But she would go to any extent to keep her children safe.

As a husband, things he did for his wife and children were so little that he could count them with only his fingers. "I…I promise you, Marianne," he hated himself for hesitating even a split second before replying his wife. Perhaps he could not keep his word after all. Charles knew his elder brother was practically in charge of everything in the empire, even posing an almost threat towards his wife and children. Yet this time, he would give his words to protect the two innocent children.

"Though I'm not sure whether how I could protect them, I'll try my best, my dear..." the emperor chuckled, trying to lift the atmosphere around themselves just a little. His big hand tucked a stray wavy raven haired behind his wife's ear. "Well, worse come to worst, you could always strip their status away and banish them to Japan. The Ashfords would be more than glad to take care of them…" she knew this was supposed to be a joke but Marianne really meant what she said to her husband now. Charles' face went blank for a few moments when he heard her talking like this. Nevertheless, if it was a choice to be made and it could keep both her beloved children from that someone, she would gladly comply with it. Moreover, as a mother, she had confidence that her children could manage even without the royalty status.

"Nunnally…she has light brown hair just like yours and perhaps one day, she will grow up to become a very attractive princess…" the mother chuckled once again, talking to her husband like this was not something that would happen everyday. "You better be prepare because when the entire world sees her beauty, they will most probably start a war just to try and court her and win her hand," Marianne realized two muscular hands once again found themselves resting on her waist, pulling her closer. "Ah, so should I start producing more Knightmare Frames for the upcoming battle?" Charles teased, nudging her wife closer to him and pulling her into an embrace. Just a look at his young son, Lelouch, and he had no doubt that his and Marianne's children would have good looks that could mesmerize every pair of eyes in the world. Especially those captivating pair of violet irises they had.

He knew he had to leave soon, back to his position as the cold-hearted emperor who would conquer any country without a hint of wavering in his heart. Resting his head on top of Marianne's and inhaling her sweet scent, this could just be the things he had desired the most, more than any areas or the new Sakuradite mine in Japan. It had indeed been a long time ago since he last hugged the sweet, kind-hearted woman like this. And somehow, it made him wondered when the next time would be with the high possibility of war declaration from the Chinese or Europeans.

"What's wrong, Charles?" the ever tender voice rang in his ears.

"Nothing's wrong, Marianne…"

The emperor held the empress tighter. Although being together forever was just a fairy tale and would only be a dream in this chaotic reality, he wished he could stay longer in this imagination forever, holding those dear to him close in his arms.

At least, he still had the trump card that could save his children's lives.


"Is she asleep?"

Big violet eyes stared at his elder brother while he whispered in a soft tone, trying his best not to wake the small baby in the crib. Schneizel smiled at Lelouch's childish innocence that he seldom showed to anyone. "Yes, I think she is sleeping, Lulu…" the small boy could not even reach the crib with his height. He was kneeling on a chair placed next to the crib to get a better look of his newborn sister. A big genuine smile plastered on his face as he continued to gaze at the newest sibling he had. And it pleased the elder brother to see the young prince look so relax and happy. It had been a while since an attempted assassination occurred and that incident scarred so deeply into the young soul. But he was more than relieved now, seeing how Lelouch was slowly recovering and even happier when Nunnally, the youngest princess was born.

"Nunnally, from now on, I'll protect you from everything…"

Soft words were murmured by the eleventh prince while he slid his fingers between the small palms of his sister, letting the small fingers curl around him. "So, you don't have to worry…I'll make sure you will get to live in a very gentle and peaceful world…" promises were made by him as an older brother and a guardian of his younger sister. Smiling contentedly, Lelouch ran his hand in the few strands of still growing light brown hair of Nunnally, imagining his sister with beautiful wavy hair just like his mother's.

Schneizel's heart ached a little when he heard his younger brother's words. His father, the emperor let him planned some strategies for several battles sometimes and he was more than aware of the current world's status. Though there were no major wars happening, the world was nothing near a gentle and peaceful state. Moreover, since the discovery of the Sakuradite mine in Japan, more countries were fighting to land their hands on those valuable resources, knowing clearly whoever who had them could have easily gained enough military power to strike another empire. Nothing evident was did or declared at the moment of time by either countries including the Chinese Federation and European Union. However, eruption of wars was just a matter of time.

The peace Lelouch mentioned was so fragile. For now, Schneizel knew he need not tell his young brother that cruel fact. When it was time, the raven haired prince would eventually had to face this cold world and stand on his own to counter all upcoming problems. The blonde prince could not protect him forever, not even Lelouch's mother and the ever-protective Cornelia. Yet, if it was in his power, Schneizel hoped to solve everything diplomatically, avoiding wars and casualty of innocent people in the country. In the meantime, he should just indulge himself in spending time with the person he loved most, protecting him with all his powers and keeping him from harm.

"Lulu, do you have in mind about what you want as your birthday present?"

Winter was already here even though snow flakes had not yet fall in Britannia. Schneizel walked closer towards the chair which Lelouch was kneeling on, helping the boy down from the chair and placing him on the carpet floors. The latter seemed a little surprised when he heard his brother's question. It was the first time someone asked him what he wanted for his upcoming birthday. And it made him felt so delighted that so much attention was paid to him by his ever busy elder brother. His elder brother was always there for him, and now, was kneeling in front of him with one hand ruffling his hair. But there was really nothing on his mind at this moment.

"I don't need anything more, Schneizel-aniue. Nunnally is my best birthday present…" he flashed a satisfied smile towards the blonde prince. "But perhaps, a little something for the children living in Area 10, I don't think they will have enough warm clothes for the winter…" an image from one of the books he read flashed through his small mind, recalling how children living in Indochina suffered from warfare and some even starved to death. And of course, unaware that most of those events were caused by the Holy Britannia Empire conquering their countries and making them a colony of theirs. "I already have Nunnally with me…" he smiled again, subconsciously showing how his younger sister brought love and happiness to him.

The innocence showed by his younger brother was indeed something that pleased him. Schneizel was pleased to see Lelouch so contented to what he had, not letting greed of power or territories to guide him in his life. On the other hand, his heart ached upon hearing his brother's sentence, knowing how the young prince must have not realize that almost all wars involved their own empire under none other than their father's direct power. He knew Lelouch was far too young to understand the current situation and if he had the power, not wanting to see his brother's innocence disappeared, he wished that his little brother would never have to face this cruel world.


Lelouch's big violet eyes stared at his elder brother with utmost concern; pondering whether he had said something wrong to make his Schneizel-aniue had such deep thought. But he was not that worried when he was suddenly pulled into an embrace with two stronger hands, holding him so dearly as if he was going to run away or vanish into thin air. He could felt the warm radiated from his elder brother and it made him felt so safe and secure in this person's arms. Lelouch relaxed in the grip, small hands found themselves holding the kneeling figure in front of him, responding to the given hug and resting his head on the elder's neck.

"It's okay, aniue…I'm okay…I don't hear those voices very often now…"

The sentence Lelouch muttered surprised Schneizel. Perhaps his young brother thought he was worried about him so he tried to convince the blonde prince that he was getting better now. The current situation he faced amused the second prince of the Imperial Family when he realized Lelouch was just comforting him, assuring him everything would be fine. How could he let his 4-year-old brother to worry about him? Musing about himself, Schneizel chuckled a little and pull back to let his eyes fall onto the eleventh prince's face, gazing into his beautiful violet irises.

"I'm sure it will be okay, Lulu…" he smiled again, brushing a few silk strands of raven hair back from the forehead. If the young prince must one day grow up to face this world, he would still cherish the opportunity to hold Lelouch so close to him while he could. When he grew older, the elder brother could foresee the young prince looking annoyed when he called him by his nickname or ruffle with his silky soft hair. It was all a matter of time and the blonde prince made sure he would not waste any time given to him. Looking at the small figure in front of him, Schneizel planted a soft kiss on Lelouch's forehead, earning him a small blush and a faint smile from his beloved brother.

"While you protect Nunnally, I will protect you, Lulu…"


"Lelouch, are you trying to skip gym classes again?!"

A fierce familiar voice of none other than the gym teacher, Villeta Nu echoed around the school corridor, reaching Lelouch's ears. He was an adult now and he certainly did not require someone to force him to attend classes that he did not wish to. The so called popular teacher was storming towards him with his younger brother, Rolo tagging timidly behind her. Stopping in his track, Lelouch turned around to face the teacher with a smile on his face, hoping to explain for the thousandth time that he did not need to take that unbeneficial lesson to complete his credit hours in the academy.

"But teacher…"

"No buts, Lelouch. You will attend the lesson immediately and I expect to see you in the gym within 10 minutes, do you understand?"

"I'll be there…"

Sighing in defeat as he watched his teacher walked away with his younger brother. Lelouch knew he could not escape those classes everyday though he did run away from most of them. Rolo was most probably acting as a navigator to find him within the school compound. Changing his course, the raven haired teenager walked slowly towards his locker to retrieve his gym clothes. It was without a doubt a class that waste energy running around doing nothing but he should really attend them once in a while if he was to increase his physical strength just a little.

"Good morning, vice-president!"

"Ah, good morning…"

Replying the greetings of a few students walking along the corridor, Lelouch flashed a smile and continued to walk towards his destination. Somehow, everything seemed so illusory. Students greeting him, teacher warning him not to skip any classes, a perfect younger brother and family background, these were all something that he was experiencing. A normal school life for a teenager, just like most of them said. Yet things seemed so fake to him.

The ordinary lifestyle was nothing more than a chip of memory implanted in his brain, a memory forcefully sealed within him so that Lelouch would live this normal life instead. If someone was to ask him what was wrong and which pieces were not fitting into the puzzle, Lelouch could not even mutter an answer. He knew he forgot about something very important, a vital event in his life and a very important person; that someone that he should be protecting now instead of living his usual student life.

How could he not even remember such important things of his life?

"While you protect Nunnally, I will protect you, Lulu…"

Almost immediately, Lelouch stopped dead in his track, recalling the familiar voice that resounded in his mind moments ago. Violet irises widen with shock as he steadied himself on the wall nearby, trying to evoke memories regarding that spoken voice. Who was he? Why was he so important to him? How did he forget about him? Questions continued to flood his brain as he struggled to remember bits and pieces of memories that should belonged to him. A sting of pain struck him along his neckline as one of his hands suddenly flew to that place, tracing the supposed injury. But no blood was trickling down, not even a scar was form. At least, he could not remember that he had wounded that place before.

Violet eyes squeezed themselves shut as he felt a migraine coursing towards him. He demanded so many answers and yet none came. Perhaps the current life he was living was indeed a forged one, something that a particular carved into his mind without him noticing. The warm voice just now was so tender and safe, almost as if murmured to a small child with utmost love and care. Lelouch could no longer figure out who was that person. Too many pieces were missing in his life though not literally, he did not feel like he belonged in this current life he possessed. Only one remaining question rang in his throbbing mind now.

What was missing?

"Brother, what are you doing here? Miss Villeta is screaming for you now..."

The approaching figure made him snapped out of his confusing mind. "I'm sorry, Rolo. I'm going now…" Lelouch turned and searched for his gym clothes in the locker room. It surprised him that he was not afraid when he could not figure out whom that voice belonged to. Usually, he would expect himself to freak out and search for that person almost immediately. But this time, the voices somehow sounded so warm and gentle, as if trying to tell him that he would be safe within his arms. Not many people called him by his nickname and if he wanted, he could easily search for that person in his memories.

The raven haired teen let a small smile escaped his lips. He did not feel that scared upon hearing the voice. When he recalled back the sentence, that person said he would protect him. Who was he? That question was no longer that important. Even though this memory he now have was just a mirage, an illusion, he felt safer than ever for that split of second.

If someone asked him, Lelouch would tell them a sentence that would be enough to make the student council president and the gang went crazy. He knew clearly that everyone would deem it as something ridiculous and impossible to happen upon hearing his statement of what exactly happened just now.

Lelouch felt like someone held him tightly in his arms and planted a soft kiss on his forehead.


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