Chapter One -

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Chapter One -

Clambering through the dense forest, Amy came to a clearing. She stopped abruptly at the sight of the body on the ground and rushed over to him. There was not much of him to recognise anymore. The man she had once known was now just a lump of broken meat. However, he was still wearing his chain. The chain she had given to him on his 21st birthday, so it had to be him.

It pained her desperately to admit that it was her big brother lying dead amongst the twigs and sticks on the ground. She needed him, but now he was gone and Amy knew exactly who was to blame and she'd make damn well sure they'd pay for it.


"So, you didn't notice anything unusual about your husband?" asked Dean. As always, he was dressed in a dark suit, to further convince the woman that he and Sam were both insurance investigators, merely looking into a claim.

"No nothing. He was a lovely man, always considerate, very generous." The woman smiled weakly at her memories of her dead husband and the many years they'd spent together.

Dean and Sam asked a few more questions, and eventually decided to call it a day. Both were tired and Sam definitely wanted to do a little more research before his body crashed out. They'd been working this gig for days. It was starting to look like a vengeful spirit, so the boys wanted to be well rested before they had to dig up a grave.

They arrived back at the motel later than planned. Dean had wanted to make an unscheduled stop at a bar along the way leaving him rather the worse for wear. Sam had had to drive them both back and put a drunken Dean to bed.

He spent an hour or so doing some more research, until he figured he was too tired to do anymore. After shutting down his laptop he piled the papers, he'd been studying carefully, on top of it. Sam had just got settled when his phone rang.

"Hello?" said Sam, wearily. All he wanted was to just drift into a dreamless sleep. The last few days had been hard and sleep was a welcome comfort. "Hello, is someone there?"

Sam's question was met with silence. A creepy, eerie silence.

It felt wrong and Sam wanted to hang up immediately, but the strange caller got in first and hung up, before Sam got the chance. He made a mental note to himself to mention it to Dean tomorrow. He climbed back into bed, switched off the lamp on the nightstand and fell into a peaceful slumber.


Amy closed the phone. It was late, but she wasn't tired. She wanted to carry on with the task she had set herself that morning. Keeping watch. Holding Back. There was nothing more that Amy wanted to do than go right across the parking lot and into that room. They would be asleep. Defenceless. She could do anything. Kill them even. All she had to do was a little gunshot wound here, maybe a stab wound there. They wouldn't feel a thing. All of her pent-up anger and grief would be gone in a swift flick of a knife.

Amy endured the rest of the moonlight and stood at the window of her shabby motel room, looking out at the one across the parking lot. Her blank mind roamed somewhere distant. The hours passed and night turned to day. Still she stood at the window. Watching, waiting.


Dean woke early next morning. His head was pounding and he was beginning to wish that he'd never stopped at the bar. Even a dose of Tylenol would not fend off the drums beating his brain to pieces.

Meanwhile, Sam, who'd woken up fresh and revitalised, was sitting back at his laptop, clicking away at various different folklore websites.

"How can you be so happy at 9 o'clock in the morning?" Moaned Dean.

"It's called staying sober, Dean. It's what normal people do."

"I'm normal."

"Yeah, right. I don't think normal people shout Scooby doo and Sponge Bob in their sleep, Dean." Said Sam, getting up and moving towards his duffle. He picked out a towel and some clean clothes.

"I don't do that!" Argued Dean.

Sam just sniggered as he entered the bathroom and locked the door, intending to take a long hot shower.

Dean sulked for several minutes, before coming up with a payback plan. He sat down at Sam's laptop and was happy to discover that Sam had forgotten to lock it. He typed in his favourite website of all time and leant back while the system crashed.

Sam's cell rang and Dean, never one to leave a phone ringing, automatically picked it up and answered.

"Hello?" He said. "Hello? Earth to caller, I have answered your distress call."

Still there was no answer, so Dean hung up.

Strange He thought Who the hell was that and why didn't they say anything? Maybe Sammy's got himself a girl and doesn't want me to know.

If only it were that simple.