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She wanders the cloudy market and hears

Fragmented laughter

Filtering through the years.

The market.

The witch's shop

And the dark empty room above.

The Judge's manor

With the pretty china girl

So sad in the window.

She goes between the three

Listening to the laughter

And the screams

Under the slate grey sky

So she can pretend to remember

The gleam off brown curls

The edge of a smile

A voice that whispers endearments

But never a face

Or a name.

The clouds roll back

Just for a moment

And she's in the market

And the sun hits her face
And she doesn't need to


to remember.

And the market is bustling cheerfully

And there are flowers

Where there is a barber's stall

And she's holding a laughing baby girl

With sunlight hair.

And she's laughing too.

And the kind voice

Has a face to his smile

And he asks her

Does she still remember his name?

And she opens her mouth to say

Of course

And she realizes that she doesn't.

And she starts to panic

And the sun hides again

And the market is dingy once more

And the man and the baby are gone

And the name


Wanders through her tattered mind

And is instantly forgotten.

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