The Companion's Sick Day

A/N: This is a follow up to 'Time Lord Flu' , The Doctor taking care of a sick Rose, and with help from the TARDIS, well it will be a strange time!


After refuelling the TARDIS at Cardiff, spending part of the day there with having chips or just sitting outside of the ship as she hummed in The Doctor's head as they leaned up against the ship.

"Well ready to go? I thought maybe the planet Tropicana again" The Doctor said with a grin, getting up on his feet dusting himself off before helping Rose up onto her feet and retrieved his coat that they had sat on.

"Doctor, remember what happened last time we went there? That's where you got sick and hung out in my mother's flat for over a week" Rose pointed out as she dusted herself off and straightened her coat.

"Was it really?" He asked, rubbing a hand through his hair making it spike up a little more than usual. "Oh well, how about we just randomly set co-ordinates and see where we end up?"

Rose shook her head, "How about we get in the TARDIS? It'll be warmer in there" She said, shivering a little at feeling Cardiff Bay's winds rush by them.

"Can't feel that, but for you we should get inside" The Doctor replied and opened up the doors with a flourish and bowed her inside with a grin.

Rose couldn't help herself but grin and walk in, seeing the familiar green light glowing from the central column while the coral like pattern surrounded them as the doors closed behind the Doctor.

He threw his coat onto one of the beams and danced around the controls while Rose took her own coat off and sat down on the captains chair, to keep out of the way of The Doctor's antics as he set his ship into motion.

"Well then how about I set it on random and see where we end up?" The Doctor asked glancing back at Rose from his main controls, "Or! I could take you to that market we went to one time, but this time say 100 years into that future? Be interesting to see what is there" He rambled on, flicking switches, turning knobs and pulling levers as he continued to talk about the possible places.

"Happy to go wherever you go, just let's take a break from the running on our first proper trip out" Rose replied, leaning back in the captain's chair.

"The running is only part of it, but I suppose you're right! OK, the planet ClickClack, strange planet but its fun none the less! Just one big shopping planet, and I think we both know who would love it" The Doctor replied and set the co-ordinates.

The ship shuddered as they took off, the green column falling and rising as they entered the time vortex to journey to the next far off planet in some part of space.

Hand in hand, the Doctor and Rose worked through the crowds as they browsed around several small booths glancing at the wares that they sold. They shook their heads as the attendants tried to flog off what they were selling, each one competing with the next making the noise in the street so loud that they couldn't hear themselves think.

Rose was reminded of London's Christmas rush in one of the malls, it was packed full of people all doing last minute Christmas shopping but here on the planet ClickClack. It was mixed races of all kinds, she was a little unnerved as there seemed to be few humans but with the Doctor at her side she felt safe.

Talking of the time lord, she looked around and found that he had stopped at a small booth that smelt wonderful to Rose's nose. He motioned to her, seeing a small alleyway that looked clear of the buyers and sellers of the planet sized market.

Rose worked her way through the crowd and joined the Doctor, "This is amazing but it reminds me of London during the Christmas rush" She said, feeling her ears were ringing a little from the loudness of the crowds, watching them pass by as they continued their own selling or buying.

"It's amazing isn't it? A whole world selling everything you can imagine, its amazing what you can find here including the best food but that's a fortune in itself" The Doctor replied with a grin, bending low and pointed out several cooking booths.

"It's never the big ones on the corners, its always the little ones tucked away in alleys like this that does the best food" He explained and stretched up, "Although, I've never seen it this busy... but I guess they have good days like this"

"Here, found chips and thought that you might be hungry" The Doctor offered a pack of chips, wrapped in a earth styled newspaper.

"Where did you find those?" Rose asked, slightly surprised to find chips in a place full of different alien merchandise.

"Well they have to accommodate for everyone, including humans. They're not too bad either! Prefer them in newspaper than that stuff you get on earth, old classic! Chips in newspaper" The Doctor replied and popped a chip in his mouth, chewing it as he watched the crowds.

Rose tried one and was surprised when she tasted it, it wasn't too soaked in either salt or vinegar but the taste was still amazing. It was like something had been done differently but she couldn't put her finger to what.

"We should find mum something, I'm sure she would appreciate a gift after all that had happened lately" She spoke up after a few more chips.

The Doctor nodded and finished the chips himself, "You're right, we should go and find something. And I think I know where we can find it, come on" He said, screwing up the used paper and threw it in the trash before taking Rose's hand and led her along the street.

"I am so so sorry! I didn't realise that he had a cold, I should have thought something but nope! He goes ahead and sneezes all over you" The Doctor said as he helped Rose inside the TARDIS, shutting the door behind them.

He took in his companion now that they were inside, her trainers squelched noisily on the grated floor while her light green hoodie was now a revolting dark green and was dripping wet with what looked like slime but they both knew better while her jeans clung to her.

"That's the last time I let you haggle with a dodgy salesman, I'm going for a shower and throw these clothes away... don't think ever get them cleaned up enough" Rose muttered trying not to shake off any of the alien slime and walked off for a long hot shower, and a change of clothes.

The Doctor winced as he watched her go, "I'll fix us something to eat then" He called after her, earning a soft moan and a mutter that sounded like 'if I could eat after this'

He sighed and took off his coat, throwing it over one of the supports and walked around the central column after putting the bag of things they had brought on the captain's chair. "Well girl, where next? Think we should go somewhere quiet for a bit" He muttered to his ship and it hummed in his head in returned.

"Well if you think of anywhere, the hand break is off.. just give me a little warning before we do go" The Doctor replied with a soft smile and wandered off into the depths of the ship, wondering what to do to cheer Rose up after the disturbing turn of events of what had started off as a nice day.

A hour later they had met back up in the kitchen, Rose had changed into her pink pyjamas and thick slipper socks before curling up in one of the chairs.

"You know, that looks so uncomfortable... how do you do that?" The Doctor asked, putting a cup of tea on the table in front of her.

Rose shrugged, "Just do, think the TARDIS made the chair a little bigger though" She replied and reached for her tea, taking a sip with a grateful sigh.

"Well it still looks uncomfortable, now how about a bacon sandwich? Or a chip bun? Can go really out and make some sort of pasta dish, I'm sure that I can find something that I can cook without you two ganging up on me" The Doctor replied as he started searching the cupboards, some of them refused to open resulting in a small argument with the ship.

Rose laughed as she held her cup close, watching the antics and hearing the low hums of the TARDIS as they argued about his poor cooking standards.

It was a well known fact that The Doctor couldn't cook, he had the ship cook for him mostly or Rose took over the chore while he sat at the table with either a book or some various gadget. So with him offering to cook, the TARDIS locked the cupboards.

"Oh come on! My cooking isn't that bad" The Doctor replied and sat down in a chair, giving up the fight and pouted with his arms across his chest.

Rose raised a eyebrow looking over at him, "Are you sure? Last time you cooked we had to abandon this kitchen for a month, which felt like a year in here" She replied, remembering how he had managed to set boiling water on fire and a small explosion in the oven making it toxic for them both to enter.

The Doctor looked up, his lower lip out and sunk in the chair a little more.

"Fine, then she can cook... need to do something in the control room anyway" He muttered and got up with a stretch, glanced back at the cupboards and pounced on them but they still remained firmly shut.

Sighing, he shook his head and left the kitchen.

Rose smiled, "Be kind to him, he's been through enough lately" She replied, getting up out of the chair and grabbed the table as her head spun. She closed her eyes and waited for it to go before walking off towards the bedroom.

She heard the Doctor muttering in the control room, or at least she thought that it was where the control room was if the TARDIS hadn't moved it. Yawning and rubbing the bridge of her nose, Rose continued to shuffle off to her room hoping that she wasn't coming down with something herself.